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President Ali needs to stand and deliver on oil
Reference is made to the article titled “President Ali defers to ‘ministers’ on support for Int’l oil blocks probe” (KN December 5). I regret immensely that the President chose to be pedestrian on this matter attracting the worst kind of attention, the sharpest degree of suspicion with one controversial development after another surfacing. His Exce
Exxon cheated Guyana on pre-contract costs – Christopher Ram says
Attorney-at-Law, chartered accountant and transparency advocate Christopher Ram, is of the position that ExxonMobil has cheated Guyana in millions of United States (US) dollars, claimed to have been spent by the oil major. During his appearance on the Kaieteur Radio programme, The Glenn Lall Show: Tell It as It Is, Ram told listeners that, “Their (
We are three months after the long-awaited declaration of the 2020 elections
Kaieteur News – We are three months after the long-awaited declaration of the 2020 elections, and nine after when the results should have been announced were it not for the boldfaced, senile attempt at electoral rigging and despotism by the Granger administration. While that attempt was, in retrospect, relatively bloodless, something we should be g
Success squatters and squatters in general
THERE has been a lot of talk on squatting, especially in recent times as it relates to the Success squatters. It is not surprising that those who have lost politically are attempting to use this incident, as with every other situation, to send out their scouts of evil to excite people to misbehave and cause pandemonium. One can clearly see how obvi
Avoid complex contracts – institutional reforms to facilitate Guyana’s growth
Goog Lee, P.I.
  By Bobby Gossai, Jr.October 4, 2020 Must Read NewsOctober 3, 2020 Payara investment is twice Guyana’s GDP, country must profit from closing window of O&G opportunities – VP Jagdeo ExplorationOctober 3, 2020 CGX long overdue for works on offshore blocks, has not drilled in years – Jagdeo NewsOctober 2, 2020 “We were not negotiating a prod
America came out ahead; Guyana fell farther behind
  By GHK Lall US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, came, saw, and conquered Guyana in all of less than a single full day.  As an American I am proud; as a Guyanese I shrink from the implications underlying Mr. Pompeo’s successful visit.  God has blessed, again, America; he must hate Guyana with the nonsense in which we engage. I heard
Mike Pompeo’s visit
With preparations now underway to facilitate the visit here later this week by the United States’ Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, there has been a brisk burst of chatter in some quarters over the significance of his coming here and just what the key issues on the agenda for the visit might be. The practice of diplomacy, particularly as it relate
Issues on which Guyana cannot support US
A few things are on my mind as I write this letter but I will limit it to two issues. First, the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Every Guyanese should welcome this visit. Although some of us may not be supporters of the current US Administration, we must remind ourselves that the Guyanese and American people enjoy longstanding, very goo
I think UG vice-chancellor’s appointment should be reaffirmed
THERE was a recent Letter to the editor with the odious title, “Should the UG Vice-Chancellor’s appointment be revoked?” published in the Guyana Times (September 2, 2020). In that letter, the writer called for the revocation of Professor Paloma Mohamed-Martin’s appointment as the vice- chancellor of UG on the grounds that her late husband Professor
Open letter to the APNU Leadership
I WISH to make it pellucid that a person who gives open advice must not be labelled as a source of bad news, but as a person providing sound guidance. Therefore, I am writing this missive, not as a political antagonist but as an Ambassador for Peace. As an Ambassador for Peace; peace is all that I am interested in, along with justice and fairness t
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