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27 Mar 2019 09:12 #370484 by mapoui

In the summer of 2017, Harrell was a piece of an enormous trade. The Rockets got Paul. The Clippers got the kitchen sink: Harrell, Patrick Beverley, Williams, Sam Dekker, Darrun Hilliard, DeAndre Liggins and Kyle Wiltjer. The trade set the foundation for what would become the Clippers culture: Being unafraid to trade away star players (Blake Griffin to Detroit, Tobias Harris to Philadelphia) for role players who fit into their system, and into their big plans for the future. They became a team without a traditional superstar, but with a team-focused tone that Harrell has exemplified. Rivers was impressed right away in that first training camp.

"Last year he was really good as well -- it just took some coach 20 games to figure he can play," Rivers said. "And then when I figured it out, he's played well ever since. He plays at a great pace. He gives us energy, gives us toughness, does the dirty work -- just does a lot of things for your basketball team."


Brook Lopez

that's the team that nobody is likely going to beat in the NBA this year. no team with the possibility of Denver Nuggets, can and will beat them including all the western teams

that team is the Milwaukee Bucks..and there is only superstar on the Bucks..and look how he became a superstar: he came up from a starting youth whose ability was seen, and whom they nurtured for 3-4 years before he blossomed this year into a star

Brook Lopez is playing great basketball but he has been around a long time, moved between a few teams. Middleton is very good still coming. and all the rest complement the TEAM the Bucks send out every time they play

the NBA with its infatuation with stars has forgotten that teams win championships..not a bunch of stars. if you get a bunch of stars together they must have the time to meld into a team before they can win..do win

Can the Raptors win with a team that has not played together long enough?

we will soon see!

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27 Mar 2019 11:14 #370488 by chairman
NFL will allow pass interference, including non-calls, to be reviewed on replay in major rule shift

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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31 Mar 2019 14:04 - 01 Apr 2019 06:16 #370556 by mapoui


the Lakers are an arsehole team aren't deh..a really stupid franchise. deh have a bad policy about them. deh are forever SHOW TIME... or looking for SHOW TIME


and Magic came in caught up in that shit..went and got LeBrong for a lot of money and no team around him...then tried to give away all the rest of the players the franchise had for 1 Anthony Davis. the Lakers would have had 2 players on the court..LeBrong and Davis.

I suppose to get to the regulation 5 players and a reserve or 2 Magic himself would have had to suit up. he wud have had to recall Kobe and a few retired old men, with some high school kids to get a roster going. that is all the Lakers wud have been able to afford

here's some advice for Magic Johnson: "Trade LeBrong skunt for draft picks and get rid of his high useless salary..the biggest basketball mistake you made in your life Magic

Keep Ingram, Randle and Kuzma and build a team around them..from the ground up. it will take about 5 years to get on top of it, but it will be the best way to go. that way the Lakers will develop a solid core, a star or two that you found in the ranks and developed yourself so he wont cost much early."

and later on when you have you solid core you can add free agents who can come and go but wont alter your solidity save to help you win when you need experience

and when you have your solid core you don't have to go spend on crazy expensive free agents like Lebrong..you can do like Milwaukee is doing now by getting cheap but absolutely solid veterans like Brook Lopez who plays for the Bucks now like A 50 million per year superstar

to be able to do that Magic you must have good sane and smart scouting that knows your plan and can work it out and get you the cost effective players you need by way of veterans to complete your team

and we now have in Toronto a man..Masai Ujiri.. who has finally revealed himself to be the same kind of Jackarse as the people who run the Lakers. Masai has sold his core players for a bunch of free agent mercenaries who don even know how to play with each other. the Raptors currently is a different team to the one they began the year with to halfway through the season

we ended up with Gasol who has not produces better than the YOUNG man we traded away JV - Jonas Valencunis, who had his whole future ahead of him..while Gasol is 34

we ended up with Leonard who is a good player if you can keep him happy by letting him do as he wants in your team..that is play when he wants to, which ensured that Toronto did not win the division with home court through the playoffs

the of course DeRozan is gone for Leonard and Leonard will be gone to California at the end of this season..no doubt about that. he has a date with Doc Rivers with the Clippers..and he just bought a terrific million dollar mansion nearby.

DeRozan and Valencunis, 2 dedicated, committed players who improved their game every year, who fought for Toronto, loved the city, fought for the Raps are rewarded by a trade away, after years of real commitment

and for the commitment and real human value of those 2 players we get Denny Green, an old tired Gasol, whom his team did not want anymore... and Leonard..hardly an equal value..even though its 3 for 2.

and to top if all off he gets free agents to complete the Raps like Jeremy Lin and some guy by the name of Caw something..or something Caw.. who are totally useless

I am pissed at Masai Ujiri. he is no different than the white guys, just as egotistical, power-mad and stupid as they are. he is not smart and patient, and broad of intellect and emotion as I thought he was.

what is Masai going to do in September after this Raptor team fails to go all the way..when Leonard walks and there is no need to keep Gasol...going on 35?

the only center the Raps will have is Ibaka and he is not a true centre..Valencunis is gone. and Green is not a very good player. he shoots a lot of 3's but that's it. he has severe limits as a player beyond his 3 point shooting

I expect the Raps to fall down next season big time..or for Masai to get back into the free agent market and begin wasting the Raps money big time..unless they fiyah him before he enmeshes the team in a lot of player related financial difficulties. Gasol and Leonard are bad enough. I hope the Raps are not committed beyond this one season with those 2

The Raptors are not certain to get out of even the first round of the playoffs. it would be nice for them to lose in the divisional final against the Bucks..if they get that far.

but the Raps have been beaten by clubs who can be considered real TEAMS this season..committed TEAMS like Detroit and Orlando..Brooklyn. and Milwaukee for certain. and Detroit and Orland in particular are very motivated when they play the Raptors.

as it stands Orlando might not make the playoffs. and if they do they will have a date with the Bucks. the raps will no doubt play Brooklyn avoiding Detroit..which is real good luck right there. the Raps best chance of getting out of the first round is against Brooklyn. the Raps will have a hard time with Brooklyn but shud beat them in 5 games..it likely will take all 5 games

I am not afraid of Boston and Philly as I am afraid of that trio..Orlando, Detroit and Brooklyn. those are real teams and on any day they will give Toronto a serious run. any of those 3 can beat Toronto in the first round

what a mess that would be. Masai may not survive that...it would be catastrophic for him and his job

Note: the Lakers already traded away Julius Randle to the Pelicans
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01 Apr 2019 06:18 #370557 by mapoui
the Lakers play a whole lot better when LeBrong does not play


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01 Apr 2019 10:52 #370562 by ketchim
Lakers are our final home game b4 Playoffs.
I don't think we can catch Milwaukee : 3 games behind !
76ers are 7.5 behind then Boston at 12 behind.

Gooooo Raptttorrrs !

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01 Apr 2019 12:18 #370563 by mapoui
as it stands the Raps will have to play Brooklyn first round..5 games..the Raps have the home advantage, they must not lose that. if they lose the home advantage they will lose the series.

I have no faith in this dam raptors team..none at all. it is a less sturdy team than last years team. and Brooklyn is a coming team..a young team one its way up. that counts for a lot..even more with Orlando..but the Raps luckily will miss Orlando first round

but if the Raps are the winners of the 7/2 first round then they meet the winner of the 6/3 first round Philly/Detroit. if that is Detroit the Raps are up a Creek with Detroit. the Raps would beat Philly easier than they can beat Detroit. Detroit is really really motivated when they play Toronto. I would like to see Nick Nurse get out of that one

I expect Boston to beat Indy in the 4/5 match-up. neither can beat Milwaukee..nor can Miami/Orlando beat Milwaukee first round

and the raps better beat those teams this year because they are all on the rise..Orlando, Brooklyn, Detroit..even Indiana. this is the last year for some time Toronto will be capable of beating those teams. their trajectories are in the opposite directions..Toronto down, those teams upwards

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10 Apr 2019 00:13 #370818 by mapoui
hahahahaha!!! a sane development in LA..Magic Quits!

Magic smartened up! he prolly realized he made a supreme mistake in grabbing LeBron. you cant build a team with an aging superstar at high cost and no one around him.

few if any stars want to play with LeBron now so no big name is going to sign with Lakers. I mean Lakers got so desperate they almost gave away their whole team for one superstar to play with LeBron. that would have been a sight to behold.

but set up to pull off such an insane trade, by his clash with the Lakers coach Luke Walton Magic realized that the situation was insane and that he had walked into the centre of it and sullied himself.

and of course there was/is nowhere for the Lakers to go but down for years to come while they truly rebuild the team and stop looking for quick fixes by spending huge money for stars. Magic prolly realized all this and decided that he could not stick around that long, that he did not want a long building job. most importantly LeBron was a huge mistake and all that can be done now is to trade away LeBron and really focus on youth

so Magic quits a truly ridiculous situation that yields to only one approach..REBUILD!

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