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16 Dec 2018 18:26 - 17 Dec 2018 10:02 #367639 by mapoui
the Steelers are one of my fave teams but I don't understand Mike Tomlin at all. the Steelers have a place kicker who was once very good but now he is missing field goals all the time..every time.

and Tomlin only rolls him up and sends him out there every Sunday and he keeps missing.

I mean what kind of standard does Tomlin operate by? when the fuck is he going to get another kicker and sit that totally out of sorts kicker down?

he does not have to cut the man..keep him but get another man to kick. send the guy on a holiday..take a week off..something. but if the Steelers lose tonight by its Tomlin's fault
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17 Dec 2018 10:10 #367652 by mapoui
Raptors coach Nick Nurse by now is fully aware of the coaching job he has to do. The Raptors get beaten consistently by certain tuff teams and Nurse has to find a way to defeat all these teams

Milwaukee Bucks, Denver Nuggets, Portland Trail Blazers, Washington Wizards when they are in form...

the Raptors cant beat these teams no matter what..especially this season so far. Nurse has to find a way to overcome these teams or no NBA championship for the Raps

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17 Dec 2018 10:15 #367654 by mapoui
the Steelers came back to win the game..but all kinds of things are wrong with my team.

they are definitely in decline..the Steelers..but less so than the Pats. Ben R.lisbergher is for sue not the QB he used to be..personally responsible for at least 3 Steeler defeats this year

Ben has to buck up if the Steelers are to go deep in the playoffs. he played a better game yesterday but still far from the level required to win a super bowl

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19 Dec 2018 19:28 #367736 by mapoui

Minnesota (-5.5) at Detroit

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET (Fox)

The Vikings beat the Dolphins last week to maintain their razor-thin hold on the NFC's sixth seed. They definitely need to win in Detroit and will probably have to beat the Bears in Week 17 to remain a playoff team. The Lions' season is effectively over; in Matt Patrica's first year the team is 5-9 after Jim Caldwell went 9-7 in back-to-back campaigns. If Minnesota can't find a way to beat Detroit it doesn't deserve to go to the playoffs, especially given its newfound interest in running the ball coupled with the Lions' 31st-ranked defense.

Pick: Vikings 30, Lions 21

this is one expert prediction for the Minnesota Lions game on Sunday. he might be right but I think Minnesota will have an easier time of it, even though the Lions are at home and usually play well in their dome

but the Lions are a perfect example of hot things go in the NFL.

in Jim Caldwell the Lions had one of the best coaches in the NFL. with the Lions Caldwell was working under a big handicap: the Lions refused to give him a balanced team. the Lions had/have a pretty good QB and wide receivers but no running game

Caldwell with that team kept bringing in winning seasons while he was there. he always around the 9-10 wins mark. had they given him a running game that would have risen to 12 wins and prolly a super bowl appearance.

but in Detroit the management always wanted to fire Caldwell not give him what he needed to go all the way. and last year the did.

the Lions GM was hot for Matt Patricia who was an assistant with the New England Patriots. he prolly though that Patricia would come to Detroit with a Bill Billichek wand, wave it and presto win a super bowl.

well he got his Matt Patricia, did not give him a running game..not that it mattered because Patricia is an eediat and wont win a super bowl with a young Tom Brady, far less with this Lions team. the Lions are now a losing team, falling from a winning team that was way over the break even mark

Patricia has achieved a 100% reversal of Caldwell's consistent results

I watched Detroit Lions with great interest in all this. the very media that is busy now pointing out Patricia's failure compared to Caldwell were all on the fire Caldwell bandwagon despite the fact that he was a winning coach every year

the media is now working over time to get Todd Bowles, another Black coach..of the NY Jest fired. the have Black coach Wilks in Arizona up a tree.

only 2 Black coaches they cant touch for the moment Anthony Lynn at the Chargers and Mike Tomlin for the Steelers

but the situation with the Detroit Lions was so obvious it was incredible..firing a top class winning coach, Caldwell... who needed a simple and obvious team upgrade to go all to way..and jumping into the unknown with a man who had never head coached before, and from whom it was difficult to expect more than what the Incumbent Caldwell had achieved

and they call me stupid

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21 Dec 2018 08:57 - 22 Dec 2018 09:14 #367750 by mapoui

now deh say Rogers is in decline....he is not the same as before.
Really? it take dem a lil long to notice dat.

make dem play the yute back-up QB this week and get wood same way. but play the yute or not.. the Jets are going to stiff the Packers this week
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21 Dec 2018 09:06 - 22 Dec 2018 09:15 #367751 by mapoui
'Karolina' Panthers sooprised me this year by winning a lot of games early. that I did not expect. I saw since last year that the Panthers are a shit team and their coach Ron Riveira has shot his bolt as a coach, is now tired, burnt out and has nothing more to offer

Riveira is now a year too long in that job. the team had to move on from him last year. they absolutely must move on this year or they will waste out the remainder of Cam Newton's career

Atlanta shud cut the Panthers arse this week. and next week shud be the last we see of Ron Riveira as a head coach in the NFL
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21 Dec 2018 22:36 - 22 Dec 2018 09:17 #367756 by mapoui
A good basketball bet to make if one can find any takers would be on the future of head coach/president Tom Thibodeau, of the Minnesota Timber Wolves

I would bet good money that Thibodeau..ot Thibs as deh call him will be be fired very soon..mid season in Minnesota
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22 Dec 2018 09:11 - 22 Dec 2018 09:11 #367758 by mapoui

Indiana Pacers: Tyreke Evans

The Pacers are in the upper echelon of Eastern Conference teams, so not much has gone poorly so far. Victor Oladipo is playing at the All-Star level we got used to seeing last season, Myles Turner has improved on both ends of the floor and Domantas Sabonis has emerged as a Sixth Man of the Year candidate. The biggest disappointment, however, has been Tyreke Evans, whom the Pacers signed to a one-year, $12.4 million contract this offseason to bolster their bench. Evans averaged 19.4 points last season with the Grizzlies, the most since his rookie year, and shot a career-high 40 percent on 3-pointers. This season he's been borderline bad, averaging 10.4 points on 36 percent field goals, including 34 percent 3s. His playmaking has also suffered, as he's nearly averaging as many turnovers (2.0) as assists (2.4). The Pacers can get by during the regular season because of their depth, but they signed Evans to be a guy who could go get them baskets, and so far he hasn't been able to do that efficiently.

A very underrated basketball executive and administrator was/is Larry Bird. twice for short stints he ran the Indiana Pacers and his work was outstanding..this last period in particular.

Bird left but in his finally decisions he traded for Oladipo who no one thought had star potential
the Bird carried out a coach search and picked Nate McMillan the old Portland Trail Blazers coach. and for last year... and this year continuing.. the rest is history

Both Oladipo and McMillan have been outstanding in their roles. have Indian in solid playoff contention and do not cost a great deal of money..of which Indian does not have a whole lot like the big franchises

Bird does not like the limelight and appears not to like a whole lot of fame and per4sonal power in anything. he does his excellent work and ducks out. then again..who knows what power he wields behind the scenes.....?
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22 Dec 2018 15:30 #367760 by mapoui

Toronto's glaring flaw

Shoutout to Nick Nurse for defending his star player after the Toronto Raptors' 95-86 loss in Denver on Sunday, but my main takeaway from that game was not about officiating. It was that the Raptors looked a lot like the Thunder.

Undermanned in that game, Toronto's defense was excellent. On the other end, though, it continually created wide-open shots and bricked them. The Raptors went 7-for-35 from deep and, per NBA.com, missed 37 of their 56 uncontested shots. Just like with OKC, it is frustrating to see a team play so well and shoot so poorly.

If this was only an issue in one game in which Toronto was without Kyle Lowry, Pascal Siakam, Fred VanVleet and Jonas Valanciunas, I wouldn't be writing about it. The Raptors went 11-for-41 from 3-point range in a loss to the same team 13 days before that, and five rotation players -- Lowry, VanVleet, C.J. Miles, O.G. Anunoby and Serge Ibaka -- are all shooting the 3 significantly worse than they did last season.

Toronto, back in action Saturday against the 76ers (7:30 p.m. ET -- watch on fuboTV with the NBA League Pass extension), spaces the floor well and runs a pretty offense, but it has been a below-average 3-point shooting team. This is not necessarily a fatal flaw, but it is a glaring one. In the playoffs, opponents will likely be willing to live with Anunoby, Ibaka, Siakam and Delon Wright shooting from the perimeter until they prove it is a bad strategy. All of this will be particularly relevant if the Raptors wind up facing the Milwaukee Bucks, who surrender the most 3s of any team in the league because they are obsessed with protecting the paint.

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22 Dec 2018 21:45 #367761 by mapoui
I doan believe this!

I so looked forward to tonight for basketball and football..the Raps in Philly and the Chargers and Ravens and both games turn out to be total shit..I get so pissed I shut dem down.

I have 3 screens going here so I am looking primarily at those 2 games. Kahwi Leonard is not playing for the Raps..neither is Serge Ibaka.

I hear Ibaka is injure but what the frig is wrong with Leonard? he was fine last night how the hell come he isnt playing tonight?

and in San Diego the referees have taken over the game and calling it for the Raven. the arsehole NFL referees are now completely out of hand. they are flagging just about every 2-3 plays. it was like a flag every play for a while there...and it wasn't much better when I shut it down. it was finally one too many flags for me

what a frigging disappointment. the Raps getting killed..No Leonard and Ibaka for the Raps..and San Diego cant score because the refs have taken away every opportunity they had while I was watching.

piss on it all. I might as well go to bed

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23 Dec 2018 08:01 - 23 Dec 2018 08:09 #367762 by mapoui


Lamar turning into a star

The one big question about Lamar Jackson heading into this week was whether or not he could beat a team by throwing the ball, and he answered that on Saturday with a resounding yes. Although the Chargers were able to keep Jackson in check on the ground -- the Ravens quarterback rushed for just 39 yards on 13 carries -- they seemed completely caught off guard by his ability to throw the ball. Jackson's biggest throw of the night was a 68-yard touchdown pass to Mark Andrews, and it came when the Ravens needed it most. After the Chargers scored a touchdown in the third quarter to take their only lead of the game at 10-6, Jackson responded with a two-play, 85-yard drive where he did nearly all the work.

First, Jackson hit John Brown for a 17-yard gain on first down. On the Ravens' next play from scrimmage, Jackson threw the 68-yard score to Andrews.


i bet the Chargers with great confidence. I got beat tens ways to Sunday.

the Ravens are back with a another murderous defense. DEFENSE TRAVELS. the Ravens shud go a long way into the playoffs with that defense
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23 Dec 2018 08:05 - 23 Dec 2018 08:11 #367763 by mapoui
Predicting these NFL games is tears. I have win just 1 ticket this year so far I am ashamed to admit. I never get so much wood in football in mih life...wood from all sides, and up and down

I have to hit a shot today or next week before the playoffs or go down in flames in 2018
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23 Dec 2018 08:16 #367764 by mapoui
and I ran into a lil shukular fight between some brown girls

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23 Dec 2018 08:17 #367765 by mapoui
Oh shit! it have more...

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23 Dec 2018 08:25 - 05 Jan 2019 21:50 #367766 by mapoui

however the Buck get deh arse cut las' night also...so the Raps din loose no ground to dem

but we have to beat them at some point.
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