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15 Feb 2019 13:15 #369392 by mapoui
exactly as i predicted...the pels fiyah Dell Demps


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15 Feb 2019 18:24 #369393 by mapoui
hahahahahaha! hahahahahaha! hahahaha!
the first episode. what a woman! tall and blonde and serious

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15 Feb 2019 18:39 #369394 by mapoui
isnt she sweet :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

fuh ah minit deah I tort I was bak in de west indies! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

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24 Feb 2019 21:21 #369569 by mapoui
ok! after some checking out the state of things NBA this is my conclusion

currently the Raptors are the fourth best team in the east....headed by
Milwaukee #1
Brooklyn #2
Orlando #3

it is also possible that Boston and Indiana are ahead of the Raptors and they are really #6 in the east. and I have not listed Philly who appear also to have team/leadership problems. I suspect their problem if coaching but its too late to change their coach this year

why do I judge the Raps so low..because we have a virtually new team on the floor and there is no organized continuity on the floor, a figure that leads the team, can get it out of tight spots to win close games etc

that figure should have been K Leonard but he doe not care about that. he is here to try in the playoffs and he is supposedly saving himself for that by playing one game on and one off...50% of the schedule. that's right..Leonard is playing 50% of Toronto's game schedule

Kawhi Leonard was born on the 29 of June 1991. he is all of 27 years of age...3 years younger than Jeremy Lin, 6 years younger than Gasol, 5 years younger than Kyle Lowery. all these players play every Raptor game...but not Leonard.

I don't see how that is in Raptors best interest. Leonard is a bloody selfish player, thinks only of himself. he as done well this year when he plays but he provides no leadership for the Raptors

the Milwaukee Bucks are far and away the best east team. the Raptors have no one like Giannis who has evolved into a sound leader, who plays every game for the Bucks, making for a very solid team.

the Raps beat the Bucks their first 2 games. the Bucks won the last one. but the way the season has developed the Raptors will not beat the Bucks again this year. the Bucks will kill the Raps from now on

I expect the Brooklyn Nets to emerge strongly come the play offs and could quite well meet the Bucks in the finals given the problems now obvious about the Raptors, Boston, Philly..and the loss of Oladipo in Indiana

Masai made a mistake going for Leonard..and he shud stop trying to recruit him long term for Toronto. it is best to allow Leonard to move on ..to go wherever he wishes as long as he does not stay in Toronto.

Leonard is a very talented player..one of the best in the NBA. but it is to get him to play, to make him happy so that he would want to play full out for any dam team.

Leonard looks like an emotionally conflicted kind of fellow whom it is best to leave along..not to worry about regardless of his talent. it is too expensive trying to get his talent out of him.

write of the Raps this year..I have. our season is done. 6 other east teams have better leadership,and are more cohesive teams than the Raptors at this point. Milwaukee will beat the Raps for sure. but if Boston, Philly, Indiana, Brooklyn, Orlando flow into the playoffs, the raps will be early playoff toast

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24 Feb 2019 21:41 #369570 by mapoui
you have to have a dam team..and Masai traded away the Raptors team.

I don't care ho much better Gasol is than than Valancunis I would not have made that trade. Valancunis is a Raptor, a hard trier, played for the team, is young and full of spirit and energy. we lost a major part of the team there

we lost an even bigger part of the team with the trade of DeRozan. we had to complement Derozan and Lowry..not to break them up. we had to get a finisher..a quality finisher. we did not have to trade a real standup team man for one who plays every other night.

Masai made a lousy deal and I am getting fed up of him too. I thought he was much smarter than that. his success is prolly getting to his head.

it appears Masai got very emotional at the end of last season, fired Casey precipitously, and began to gut the team like an angry man..a man who had suddenly lost his professionalism and was moving on emotion.

he got rid of the heart of the dam team, 100 per center DeRozan, and substituted him with 50 per center Leonard..a player whom the more I see of him the less I like him.

listen! I consider the long time head coach of the Spur, Greg Popovich a truly brilliant basketball man. Pops is not going to do much to harm his players especially one like Leonard, who is clearly a brilliant player. Pops would want to get the best out of him so that he could continue winning championships

now that I have seen Leonard first hand I want to know Pops side of that story. Pops simply could not have been totally wrong there...some of it has to do with Leonard too given the guy I see here in Toronto

and why the eff would Masai make such a deal..to allow Leonard to play just half of the Raptors games? is Masai paying Leonard half salary?

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24 Feb 2019 21:52 #369571 by mapoui
this is real crap..

LeBron plays all the Laker games
Kevin Durant plays all the Warriors games

that is what all the stars do..why not Leonard?
Masai is going to have to ansah a lot of questions at the end of this season. he has lost a lot in my estimation
he as a whole bunch of bums he must let go at the end of the season. I hope he catches himself and returns to sanity and builds properly once again.

I mean I was asking questions of Leonard long before Masai traded for him. that was a sooprise to me..that trade. I never thought Masai would go for him. but he did and so I pulled back on Leonard thinking that Masai knew what I did not know given that he is GM and all that

but it turns out that I knew and Masai did not. and to coddle Leonard and try to get him to stay in Toronto he let him play only half the games. see what I mean! you cant do that. situations like that only get worse.

watch what happens when Leonard gets to one of the California teams. he will have to play every dam game or they wont sign him. if they think he is not fit enough to play every game they wont sing him at all.

if Doc Rivers signs Leonard to a deal like he has here his owner would fiyah him. same with Magic Johnson

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01 Mar 2019 08:50 - 01 Mar 2019 08:52 #369714 by mapoui
If allyuh din hear it before allyuh hear it now eh. "James Harden is sick, very unwell. if allyuh din' know it before allyuh know it now!!!"

Pheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
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01 Mar 2019 10:19 #369716 by mapoui
Golden State and OKC both loose 2 in a row.

the Dubs starting to look like an imse! no 3-peat

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01 Mar 2019 10:34 #369717 by mapoui

www.google.com/search?q=kareem+abdul+jab...imgrc=j7823nRDy3gHWM :

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21 Mar 2019 09:46 - 21 Mar 2019 09:47 #370414 by mapoui
you see when you get a good coach that fits a team and its situation what happens. the Cavs did a masterful thing when they went and got Larry drew after firing Tyrone Lue

Drew is long in the tooth in basketball, very experienced and skillful as a coach. after
while as he got to know his team and they got to know him even if the team is weak, he can focus them with plan and smarts to beat any dam team in the NBA..especially when they play in Cleveland itself

I have been watching the Cavs and they have singularly beaten every top teams over the last lil white that came into Cleveland..every single one. last night the Cavs beat the best team in the NBA, Milwaukee Bucks..convincingly

it stands to reason that if the Cavs improve that team next season they will be tearing up a significant part of the league under Drew
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21 Mar 2019 09:56 #370415 by mapoui
Boston got beat by Philly last night..another game I bet on and won..I bet on Cleveland to win as well. I stayed the hell away from the raptors! there is no way I am going to give them a chance to bust up my tickets

and they nearly lost too. the Raps had OKC on the ropes about 3 times during that game leading by up to 17-18 points then stopped scoring allowing OKC to come back every time

the Raps wud run away then for whatever reason simply could not find the hole in the bottom of he basket. during these scoreless runs the Raps looked awfully incompetent, totally inept.

and Leonard had no form..playing without any fluidity at all..missing baskets he shud be making with his dam eyes closed. he is not playing enough. he has no form and has prolly gotten out of shape

and what has gone wrong with OKC?

OKC was one tuff team before the all star..climbing up the standings. now they cant win a game..falling in the standings.

and Paul George from an MVP candidate has segued into a shadow of his MVP form to look like an ordinary impse last night..not winning games for OKC but barely hanging on

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21 Mar 2019 10:18 #370417 by mapoui
another expertly coached team, like the Cavs only better..quite exceeding their talent pool all season long, are the Indiana Pacers. Nate McMillan is that expert coach..also long in the tooth and very experienced. McMillan won an NBA championship with the Portland Trailblazers years ago

Larry Bird hired McMillan. he was also the man who picked OKC to deal with when George wanted a trade out of Indiana. Bird went into OKC's roster and selected Victor Oladip, a bench player in that trade.

all thought Bird made a mistake but he had not. in a starting role for Indiana Oladipo became an instant all-star. Bird hit the nail on its head...again!

let me say something here. Larry Bird is one impressive figure all-round especially as a basketball executive. Bird in his 2 short stints with Indiana has been sharp, decisive, straight up. he has been very smart indeed, more so than any one else in basketball decision-making I know of

He told Indiana that he would not stick around long but in the time he gave them he set them up beautifully and when he left they have not fallen down but continue to thrive.

Bird is the man but he dos not want it, he appears to be perfectly happy doing whatever it is he dos with his time..but not in the basketball strobes

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23 Mar 2019 08:48 - 23 Mar 2019 08:51 #370444 by mapoui
allyuh see..the thing about James Harden is that he is not well. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

last I heard deh were looking fuh ah psychiatrist couch to put him on and a psychiatrist too. :blink: :blink: :blink:
:silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly:

deh look hard but could't find any..or any psychiatrist who wud take the wuk. no , harm and ruin other teams rather dan cure him

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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23 Mar 2019 08:58 #370445 by mapoui
the Los Angeles Clippers is an interesting side. the Clippers have some draft picks that would be higher if deh lost a lot and finished in the bottom of the western pack but deh cyar lorse enough games no matter how hard deh try

right now now matter wat deh do deh are climbing up the standings. they are now sixth overall in the west..and their draft picks are falling through the floor

the intent at the start of the season was to tank and they built a team deh thought would tank. they cant.

Doc Rivers is just too good then...he simply cant coach down?

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