Before I leave This Disgusting Board....Look At this!

11 Sep 2021 14:13 - 11 Sep 2021 14:23 #393299 by TRINI_DADDY
Notice that Billy is again changing the topic. He has posted 3 articles, and had it explained to him why these articles are silly, but rather than address these points, he runs away and goes on another mad rant.

This rant is different to all of Billy's other rants, however, for now he is worrying about the "consequences" of LGBT people and miscegenation.

This, of course, sounds awfully like conspiracies which neo-Nazis believe in.

White Nationalists and White Supremacists fight very hard to protect the "purity of the white race" (no race mixing) and the "purity of masculinity" (no homosexuality).. They murder countless folk to prevent the "tainting of their blood" and "culture". To such folk, the past, in which it was illegal for blacks to have sex with non blacks, and illegal for homosexuals to exist, was ideal.

But Billy too seems to have these fears. While white supremacists used to fear the "darkening" and "diluting" of white bloodlines, Billy seems suspicious of the whitening of Africans ("Is it a conspiracy? Is it an evolutionary adaptation?" Billy wonders). Bizarrely, he also believes in "Jewish plots" to infect blacks with "LGBTs" (presumably Billy thinks gay people make black people gay lol?).

That's what reading alt-right websites does to even a good, West Indian class warrior. Fills you with paranoia, and a suspicion of those different to you. And it can also lead to outright bigotry, for if you purge all the undesirables (the whites, the Jews, the gays, the Muslims etc), the bigot believes, then surely you will have your utopia.
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11 Sep 2021 22:02 #393310 by Billy Shatine

Australia Bans Doctors from Prescribing Ivermectin

Australian General Practitioners have also been banned from prescribing Ivermectin to Covid-19 patients. Let us make something very clear. They have NOTHING to treat symptoms. They are effectively banning doctors from treating people with COVID-19. Politicians, I believe, have been bribed by these people to restrict treatment to only the vaccines. They are now deliberately killing people. Israel has already confirmed that the Pfizer vaccine is ONLY 39% effective. Then, nearly 50% of the people in the hospital with COVID have already been fully vaccinated. All the elderly people dying they attribute to COVID would have died from the flu

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12 Sep 2021 14:56 #393326 by Billy Shatine

TREASON: Biden declares WAR on America, threatens to remove governors who resist covid vaccine mandates

Fake “president” Joe Biden is threatening to “get out of the way” all governors who refuse his latest Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” mandate.

In a teleprompter speech, Pedo Joe said that he plans to use his “power as president” to remove every state governor who defies his regime’s imposition of medical fascism against federal, contract and large-scale corporate employees that they all get jabbed for Chinese Germs.

“If they’ll not help,” Biden mumbling during his announcement, “if these governors won’t help us beat the pandemic, I’ll use my power as president to get them out of the way.”

Were someone to say this same thing about Biden, the Secret Service would likely intervene to try to prevent a possible assassination. When Biden says it against state governors, though, liberals apparently cheer with excitement.

“The reaction from state governors made it clear that a major line in the sand has been crossed, and civil war is now officially brewing,” wrote Hal Turner from the “Hal Turner Radio Show.”

JUST SAY NO to “mandatory” Biden vaccines!
Hunter’s dad pitched a fit after numerous state governors, including South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, tweeted that they will not be complying with Biden’s vaccination demands.

“The American Dream has turned into a nightmare under President [sic] Biden and the radical Democrats,” McMaster wrote.

“They have declared war against capitalism, thumbed their noses at the Constitution, and empowered our enemies abroad. Rest assured, we will fight them to the gates of hell to protect the liberty and livelihood of every South Carolinian.”

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12 Sep 2021 15:28 #393332 by Billy Shatine


The rumors are flying because Biden has not actually released the Executive Order yet. Now it is clarified that the Post Office will be mandated to take the vaccine. Congress will be exempt from the vaccine mandate since they are not the executive branch. The rumors that Biden may be trying to deny health care to people who are not vaccinated cannot be confirmed and I think that would be way over the top.

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12 Sep 2021 15:37 - 12 Sep 2021 15:38 #393333 by Billy Shatine
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12 Sep 2021 15:43 #393334 by Billy Shatine

WATCH: Supercut Video Shows Democrats Claiming They Would NEVER Impose The Mandate They Just Imposed

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12 Sep 2021 15:46 #393335 by Billy Shatine

Japanese scientists show the “Mu” Covid variant defeats vaccine immunity. WHY do they want to vaccinate us so badly?

Ineffective neutralization of the SARS-CoV-2 Mu variant by convalescent and vaccine sera

Here is how I know the forced vaccination program is not intended to protect me and others from Covid but has some other, unspoken purpose(s):

1. People with pre-existing immunity are being required to get the vaccine, though it provides no additional benefit and only confers the risk of side effects. This is based on the totality of the evidence, not a few cherrypicked studies. Recovered people have stronger and longer-lasting immunity, which acts against many more epitopes than just spike protein.

2. People with pre-existing immunity are not being allowed to get an antibody test to use to show they are already immune, although such tests were approved by FDA for use by vaccine manufacturers to screen subjects in all their Covid vaccine clinical trials for immunity.

3. People with PCR evidence of prior infection cannot use this to avoid vaccination, even though CDC counts each one as a case. T cell tests cannot be used to demonstrate existing immunity and avoid a shot either.

4. The US government, the EU and some other countries have signed contracts for several doses per person plus the option to purchase 8 or 9 doses PER PERSON. How did they know, last winter-spring, they would need them? They didn’t. They don’t need them, because they barely work against current variants.

5. They must have contracted for them because they planned to use this many doses before they had any idea of the duration of effectiveness of current vaccines.

6. Antibody tests done in the UK suggested that over 90% of the population was already immune. Most likely we too have surprisingly high rates of immunity in the population.

7. Israel, with the highest population rate of vaccination and even highest rate of people who have received 3d doses, currently has the highest rate of active Covid cases in the world.

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12 Sep 2021 15:51 #393336 by Billy Shatine
Deaths From Covid Vaxcine are government mandated genocide

A rush of student deaths and serious heart problems since the government’s decision to roll out the Pfizer vaccine to 12-17 year olds is government mandated genocide says the NZ Outdoors Party. The rollout to teenagers only started a few weeks ago, and already two deaths and two other post Vax admissions to Starship hospital have been reported. Another two serious post vaccine injuries in students are under investigation, including a boy who collapsed in Whangarei and another in the South Island. All are understood to have been healthy until sudden post vaccine heart issues, attributed to blood clots or myocarditis. These are well known adverse effects of this mRNA injection, which is known overseas as the #clotshot.

“The Prime Minister is floundering as the community networks are proving far more efficient at collecting and sharing information than the bureaucrats” says Sue Grey, co-leader of the NZ Outdoors Party. “This highlights one of the problems we have been raising for months. With a novel vaccine that is yet to complete clinical trials, there should be active follow-up of each recipient, to check on their health and to ensure all adverse effects are reported and assessed. The devastating effects on so many families could likely have been avoided if only the government had been more pro-active and transparent about the harm.”

Information obtained under the OIA shows that Medsafe, the government regulator, declined consent for the Pfizer Vaccine in January because it was not satisfied that the benefits exceeded the risks. Since then Medsafe has acknowledged the Pfizer Vax may cause myocarditis, pericarditis and thrombocytopenia ( blood clots).

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12 Sep 2021 15:57 #393337 by Billy Shatine

Why Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates Are Now Pointless

Executive Summary:

Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates Are Now Pointless: Covid-19 vaccines do not keep people from catching the prevailing Delta variant and passing it to others

1) Excellent scientific research papers published or posted in August 2021 clearly demonstrate that current vaccines do not prevent transmission of SARS-CoV-2.
2) Vaccines aim to achieve two ends:
To protect the vaccinated person against the illness.
To keep people from carrying the infection and transmitting it to others.
If enough people are vaccinated or otherwise become immune, it is hoped that the disease will stop circulating. We call this herd immunity.
On the way to herd immunity, there is an assumption that people who are immunized can form safe clusters or groups within which no one is carrying or transmitting the virus.
3) Unfortunately, this last assumption (2.b.ii) is no longer true under the new variant of SARS-CoV- 2, Delta (B.1.617.2), which now accounts for essentially all cases worldwide.
4) Delta is more infectious than the Alpha strain (B.1.1.7) that prevailed in the UK from January to May 2021 (and in the US from March to June 2021), meaning that Delta is passed more readily person-to-person than the previous dominant strain. (see section 5, below).
b. From its origin in India, Delta has soared to nearly complete domination of COVID-19 viral strains everywhere in a matter of months, because it spreads so easily and infects both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

5) New research in multiple settings shows that Delta produces very high viral loads (meaning, the density of virus on a nasopharyngeal swab as interpreted from PCR cycle threshold numbers).
Viral loads are much higher in people infected with Delta than they were in people infected with Alpha.
Viral loads with Delta are equally high whether the person has been vaccinated or not.
Viral load is an indicator of infectiousness. [13,14] The more virus one has in the noseand mouth, the more likely it is to be in this individual’s respiratory droplets and secretions, and to spread to others.
6) Due to evolution of the virus itself, all the currently licensed vaccines (all based on the originalWuhan strain spike protein sequence) have lost their ability to accomplish vaccine purpose 2(b), above, “To keep people from carrying the infection and transmitting it to others.”
7) Vaccine mandates are thus stripped of their justification, since to vaccinate an individual nolonger stops or even slows his ability to acquire and transmit the virus to others.
8) Under Delta, natural immunity is much more protective than vaccination. All severities ofCOVID-19 illness produce healthy levels of natural immunity.

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13 Sep 2021 11:26 - 13 Sep 2021 11:27 #393361 by Billy Shatine
Dr. Ivan Van Sertima - Brief History of Origins of Man and Evolution of Skin Pigmentation

This was done long before Dr Jablonski's defining research
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