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16 Sep 2021 14:36 #393515 by Billy Shatine

24,526 Deaths 2,317,495 Injuries Following COVID Shots Reported in EU Database of Adverse Reactions

The European Union database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, and they are now reporting 24,526 fatalities, and 2,317,495 injuries, following COVID-19 injections.

A Health Impact News subscriber from Europe reminded us that this database maintained at EudraVigilance is only for countries in Europe who are part of the European Union (EU), which comprises 27 countries.

The total number of countries in Europe is much higher, almost twice as many, numbering around 50. (There are some differences of opinion as to which countries are technically part of Europe.)

So as high as these numbers are, they do NOT reflect all of Europe. The actual number in Europe who are reported dead or injured following COVID-19 shots would be much higher than what we are reporting here.

The EudraVigilance database reports that through September 11, 2021 there are 24,526 deaths and 2,317,495 injuries reported following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots:

From the total of injuries recorded, almost half of them (1,126,869) are serious injuries.

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16 Sep 2021 18:23 - 16 Sep 2021 18:24 #393535 by Billy Shatine

New York Governor — ‘Two year-old toddlers must wear masks at daycare’

Anybody laffin at this then?
2 year old toddlers eh.

I am going to take a friendly bet with anyone who is willing: That Covid never goes away, that it is here to stay and that we are masked and distanced forever, and locked-down likewise.

where is ketchim and his mind games! hahahahaha!...a Muslim going to 'the pub?' Around alcohol even if he does not drink?

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16 Sep 2021 18:28 - 16 Sep 2021 18:29 #393536 by Billy Shatine

NEW STUDIES: Covid vaccines do not prevent infection, spread… they simply do not work as claimed

At least three new studies prove that the vials of mystery chemicals they are calling “vaccines” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) do absolutely nothing to stop infection with or spread of the disease.

A Yale University graduate who also obtained a PhD from Princeton University says that the jabs do not work as claimed, which only adds to the growing mountain of evidence against their continued use.

Nina Pierpont published a paper on September 9 that analyzes numerous studies showing that Fauci Flu shots fail to stop the disease from infecting the “fully vaccinated” or transmitting in and out of their bodies.

In her report on the findings, Pierpont explained how getting injected for Chinese Germs will not bring about “herd immunity,” nor will it do much of anything beyond making people sicker due to vaccine-induced autoimmune disorders and other diseases.

The jabs do not protect fully vaccinated people against infection, she writes, nor do they keep fully vaccinated people from carrying the infection and spreading it to others. Why, then, are government bureaucrats trying to force them onto everyone?

Natural immunity, it turns out, is the best way to avoid getting sick or dying from the Chinese Virus. There is no need for a lethal injection to try to magically cure it based on blind hope, in other words.

Getting jabbed is just plain dumb

The three studies Pierpont looked at included one from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), another from the University of Oxford, and the last from the U.K. Department of Health & Social Care.

Each study revealed in its own way that people who get jabbed for the Fauci Flu are actually worse off than people who skip the jab and opt for natural immunity instead.

The CDC study found that the vast majority of new “cases” of the virus are presenting in people who took the jabs. The Oxford study identified the same, though specifically in a health care setting.

The U.K. Department of Health & Social Care found that the viral loads of people who take the jabs are essentially the same as those who do not. This means that jabbed or non-jabbed, the virus is still spreading just the same.

The situation gets even worse once “Delta” and other variants come into play. These forms of the virus, which appear to be vaccine-induced, seem to have the ability to outsmart the injections, including their boosters.

“It appears to me – as in the Massachusetts study – that the vaccine is not decreasing susceptibility to infection at all, and is in reality somewhere between slightly (insignificantly) decreasing susceptibility and slightly increasing susceptibility to the Delta variant,” Pierpont writes.

“The UK study is clear that viral load (and thus infectiousness to others) is much greater with Delta than with Alpha, and that, with Delta, viral load and infectiousness are equal in vaccinated and unvaccinated infected people.”
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16 Sep 2021 18:52 #393537 by Billy Shatine

At least 39% of Australians were left unable to perform daily activities after having the Covid-19 Vaccine according to official Government data

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17 Sep 2021 10:47 - 17 Sep 2021 10:49 #393557 by Billy Shatine

I have put this here as well as its own thread. I think it is very important and I would like everybody to at lest see the link, if not read it all

“I’ll do one more mind experiment with you: If everyone on the planet were to get Covid and not get treated, the death-rate globally would be less than half a percent. I’m not advocating for that, because 35 million people would die. However, if we follow the advice of some of the global leaders– like Bill Gates who said last year said “7 billion people need to be vaccinated”– then the death-rate will be over 2 billion people! SO, WAKE UP! THIS IS WORLD WAR 3! We are seeing a level of malevolence that we haven’t seen in the history of humanity!” Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Author of The Zelenko “Early Treatment” Protocol that saved thousands of Covid-19 patients. (“Zelenko schools the Rabbinic Court”, Rumble; start at 11:45 minutes)

Did the regulators at the FDA know that all previous coronavirus vaccines had failed in animal trials and that the vaccinated animals became either severely ill or died?

Yes, they did.

Did they know that previous coronavirus vaccines had a tendency to “enhance the infection” and “make the disease worse”?


Did Dr Anthony Fauci know that coronavirus vaccines had repeatedly failed and increased the severity of the infection?

Yes, he did. (See here: Fauci on ADE)

Did the drug companies conduct any animal trials prior to the FDA’s approval that would have convinced a reasonable person that the vaccines were safe to use on humans?

No, they didn’t.

Did they complete long-term clinical trials to establish whether the vaccines were safe?

No, there were no long-term clinical trials.

Did they conduct any biodistribution studies that showed where the substance in the injection goes in the body?

They did, but the data was not made available to the public.

Do the contents of the vaccine largely collect in various organs and in the lining of the vascular system?

Yes, they do.

Do large amounts of the substance accumulate in the ovaries?


Will this effect female fertility and a woman’s ability to safely bring a baby to term?

The drug companies are currently researching this. The results are unknown.

Does the vaccine enter the bloodstream and collect in the lining of the blood vessels forcing the cells to produce the spike protein?


Is the spike protein a “biologically active” pathogen?

It is.

Does the spike protein cause blood clots and leaky blood vessels in a large percentage of the people that are vaccinated?

It does, although the blood clots are mostly microscopic and appear in the capillaries. Only a small percentage of vaccinees get strokes or suffer cardiac arrest.

Should people be made aware of these possible bad outcomes before they agree to get vaccinated? (“Informed consent”)


Did the FDA know that Pfizer had “identified vaccine-associated enhanced disease, including vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease, as an important potential risk”?

Yes, they did, but they did not demand that Pfizer fix the problem.
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17 Sep 2021 10:51 #393558 by Billy Shatine
Here’s more:

“The FDA noted that Pfizer, “identified vaccine-associated enhanced disease, including vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease, as an important potential risk”. The EMA similarly acknowledged that “vaccine associated enhanced respiratory disease” was “an important potential risk… that may be specific to vaccination for COVID- 19”.

Why neither regulator sought to exclude such dangers prior to emergency use authorization is an open
question that all doctors and patients are entitled to ask. Why medical regulators failed to investigate the
finding that large vaccine particles cross blood vessel walls, entering the bloodstream and posing risks of blood clotting and leaky vessels is yet another open question again.” (“Open Letter to the EMA and European Parliament”, Doctors for Covid Ethics)

Did the drug companies vaccinate the people in the placebo group after the clinical trials in order to conceal the difference in the long-term health outcomes between the two groups?

That is the conclusion a rational person would make.

So, they nuked the trials?


Did the FDA largely shrug-off its regulatory duties and abandon its normal standards and protocols because

a– It wanted to rush the Covid vaccines into service as rapidly as possible?
b– It knew the Covid-19 vaccine would never meet long-term safety standards?

We don’t know yet, but the adverse events report strongly suggests that the Covid-19 vaccine is hands-down the most dangerous vaccine in history.

Is the FDA rushing the “boosters” without proper testing?

Yes, it is. Here’s a clip from author Alex Berenson’s latest at Substack:

“Pfizer basically hasn’t bothered to test the booster AT ALL in the people actually at risk – it conducted a single “Phase 1” trial that covered 12 people over 65. The main Phase 2/3 booster trial (beware efforts to cover multiple “phases” of drug research at once, you want it bad you get it bad) included no one over 55.

No one.

As in NONE.” (“Are you kidding me, Pfizer, volume 1 gazillion”, Alex Berenson, Substack)

Have the boosters been modified or improved to meet the changes in Delta variant?


Is there any additional risk in taking a booster-shot after already taking two experimental gene-based vaccines in less than a year?

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18 Sep 2021 00:28 #393564 by chairman
Happy Saturday

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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19 Sep 2021 22:41 #393597 by Billy Shatine

After the GENOCIDE: Will there be enough VACCINE SURVIVORS to rebuild civilization?

The vaccine holocaust is now beginning to produce mass casualties around the world, with post-vaccine deaths skyrocketing across America and many other nations. Recent VAERS data reveal 70 deaths per day among vaccinated Americans, and reliable projections of the VAERS reporting require us to multiply this by around 40 to achieve real-world numbers. This puts the daily deaths from vaccines at 2,800 in the United States alone.

The world population currently stands at 7.9 billion people (Worldometers.info).

Nearly 43% of the world population has received at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine.

This means nearly 3.4 billion people have been vaccinated to date.

Are these vaccines now killing millions around the world? Beyond merely hypothetical, a steady stream of doctors, nurses and health experts are reporting large numbers of post-vaccine deaths that are primarily taking place in hospitals

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19 Sep 2021 23:03 #393598 by Billy Shatine

More than 15 studies now show the natural immunity you get after recovering from COVID-19 is far superior and more long-lasting than what you get from the COVID shot

Lawsuits challenge vaccine requirements that fail to accept natural immunity as an alternative to the COVID injection

Todd Zywicki, a law professor at George Mason University in Virginia, sued over the school’s vaccine mandate, which did not recognize natural immunity. The school settled out of court, granting Zywicki a medical exemption. They did not, however, change their general policy to recognize other staff and students who have natural immunity

Some of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed against Rutgers University in New Jersey also object to the vaccine mandate on the basis that they have natural immunity. This lawsuit is still pending

Since COVID shots do not prevent infection or spread of the virus, and COVID-jabbed individuals carry the same viral load when symptomatic as unvaccinated individuals, the argument that vaccine passports will identify and separate “public health threats” from those who are “safe” to be around simply falls apart

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19 Sep 2021 23:06 #393599 by Billy Shatine

The mRNA vaccine is “experimental’ and unapproved. Since December 2020, it has resulted in a worldwide upward trend in deaths and injuries.

Numerous scientific studies confirm the nature of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine which is being imposed on all humanity.

The stated objective is to enforce the Worldwide vaccination of 7.9 billion people in more than 190 countries, to be followed by the imposition of a digitized “vaccine passport”.

Needless to say this is a multi-billion dollar operation for Big Pharma. In a bitter irony, Pfizer which is playing a dominant role in marketing the vaccine at the level of the entire planet, has a criminal record with the US Department of Justice (for more details see below).

The national health authorities cannot say: we did not know. Nor can they say that the objective is “to save lives”. This is a killer vaccine. And they know it.

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