What worthy thing can the coalition say they accomplished five years?

It came as no surprise to see the letter to the president-elect of the United States. Here again, is another window into why the previous regime lost. What is the end-game for the entire population of Guyana? Zero. The only time the US, as far as I can remember, has gotten involved with the opposing side, in a foreign country, is when there have been clear, sometimes controversial differences with the governing party, and in Guyana’s case; there are none.

Venezuela is an example of where the US government has been open about supporting the opposition party. Taking this further, Americans in general have a very strong belief in accomplishments and deliverables.

What can the coalition say they accomplished in the previous five years that is worthy? Many came into government, playing the race card and delivered little to the people of Guyana. It is amazing how some of us have no pride. Foreign governments will be hard pressed to state what was accomplished by the prior government. Can anyone in the prior government state otherwise? How many in positions of government in the past five years, left a legacy they can defend and be proud of?

The opposition letter was asking for a “briefing” with the President-Elect and Madam Vice President. It wouldn’t even be considered. An embarrassing charade. Why would a superpower meet with opposition members of a prior government with a thoroughly soiled reputation for oil contracts/competence/governance/management of funds? Global diplomacy does not work that way. The Coalition should know better, or maybe they probably haven’t realised that yet. Not surprising.

Oil and Democracy in Guyana
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