There is a class war in Windies Cricket says Cricket analyst Mapoui

Mr Mapoui, cricketwindies

The totality of the consequences tabulated here by Mallet is the result of the class war in west indies cricket.

There is a class war in society general between the rich and their cohort and those who work for a living..the masses of ordinary people who must be kept in their place, homogenized in ways that neutralizes their collective revolutionary power.

In cricket in the west indies it manifested itself in the war between the admin and the players.  the admin has won and in the process they have neutralized the power of the players by producing  team so bland and un-threatening that they cannot play actual cricket to any serious level.

that is what the admin needs to ensure its control in perpetuity..a team that is incapable of rising up and asserting its place in power in the cricket reality.

it is a zero sum game really.  if the players rise it must be at the expense of the admin and vice versa.

and doh let Mallet and the rest fool allyuh.  the same equation exists in all of all of society.  this is the principle, a contradiction that drives social reality a mutually existential opposed set continues to exist from day to day in complete warfare yet evolving  its way to a resolution nevertheless..a resolution in which one side of the equation wins at the complete extinction of the social reality of other

in the developed countries there has been war all along.  that is why there are players unions everywhere.  in Oz too the players union has been compromised but not openly and egregiously as in the west indies.  it has done with more sophistication.  in Oz the captain has jets as effectively been sidelined in all aspects of the game in which he was dominant.  the captain does not even have a say in selection anymore.
you cant have a dominant captain and dominant administration. the power must reside somewhere and it is either in the hands of the captain and team or in the hands of the Bureaucracy. In Oz as elsewhere the Bureau have won and established dictatorships at the expense of the players.

and the ICC is busy become like the FIFA and the Olympic Association..under the rubric that politics has no place in sport establishing a world government in sport that no individual nation can challenge under any circumstance.

in the west indies the wicb operates under that rubric, under the protection of the ICC that is ready to pounce anytime CARICOM intervenes directly.  it does not matter the harm the wicb does to the cricket.  that is not the point.  the point is the principle of bureaucratic control..that must be maintained and advanced period.  no challenge must be brooked..all such challenge must be neutralized

in west indies cricket the wicb represents a win for the elitist side that while not yet complete is huge enough and well on its way to complete resolution..that is the destruction of west indies cricket. the wicb has homogenized west indies cricket, pasteurized it like useless milk on supermarket shelves now devoid of any nutrition milk is supposed to contain.  the process  of preparation has killed all nutrients.

the west indies team, and its re-organization of west indian domestic structure has been so re-organized to produce the worst, repetitive form of cricket in the world .  I call it neo liberal cricket a form of the game without soul and heart

by the time the west indies elites are done west indies cricket will be pass-out in the school yard, backyard wherever...and the current parasite would have morphed into another host in the elitist  destruction of west indian ordinary, developmental potential on their way to joining Brave New World, the quintessential corporate dystopia


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