Before I leave This Disgusting Board....Look At this!

18 Aug 2021 17:17 #392154 by Billy Shatine
ehe eh! chairman has not pulled my account as yet.

you see the prize here is chairman! you two guys behind the scene can manipulate chairman with his weak mind and urn him against me. i don't care! I have nothing to lose by chairman turning against me...what the opportunity to post on this non-entity board!

lok here lktes you and me go post on board like the Unz Review and he Vineyard of the Saker and see who survives. I have been a member of those boards and more for years and held my own. those boards are moderator controlled, and if you are not up to standard they block you and toss you.

and there are more boards as well...tip top class. when I argue for the the Hungarian Revolution as fundamental in revolutionary history people understand right away and a discussion begins pro and con. look on my post there 'the next stage' look at the links there and where they lead to. you would see all my arguments and more from those links along.

the Hungarian revolution is big world news for 65 years now, a pivotal part of world history and the evolution of socialism. but you don't know. you did not have a clue until I mentioned it that is how backward you. now you call me what demented because you do not understand a political party. every political party everywhere is in trouble. the people hate them, call the corrupt and why?

Look at the Bolshevik party of |Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin etc.! by Marxist ideology that party was supposed to usher in socialism, democracy and popular social control. what did it do? the Bolsheviks betrayed all and every Marxist principle, established a party dictatorship over Russian and the creation for a Russian Soviet empire.

They never changed. the dictatorship was forever until Russian dictatorial exploitative state capitalism collapsed leading to the current capitalism in Russia under which the Russian capitalists are barely controlled.

so you see the political party which by such experience as the Bolshevik party we have come to understand fully. the party does not make money from productive activity. the party by nature and constitution is not for that purpose. then how are they to eat? people have to pay to be members of a political party.

Political parties exist in competitive business situations in which businesses seek every advantage o succeed and survive. the bribing starts early. they all understand political parties and that they are there for power and money. and literally never is the political party honest from the start. and when they are the end up corrupt anyway. ALL of them

but I don't have to explain this fully to you. you are an idiot who clearly have worked out something yesterday, overnite, today...you and the daddy arse and the chairman and came after me. that is what I realized today when I was testing you on that shout box there.

screw yo guys. there is nothing here worth all of that. that's your level so that's all so that is what you all do.
I don't give a crap about that. take you board. I don't want it. what the hell am I going to do with it. I came back to straighten out that last situation. I have stated too long...the west Indian connection. But I have lost interest now I am certain. I was not even interested in following the cricket anymore and cricket is being played. that is the surest sign that I am cured of west Indianism.

and you kecthim you cunt! don't you understand economics! you must be independent! independence comes not from talk but form being so...independent. most importantly all the food you need to eat you must produce it if you can...or exist in a surplus position over the food you eat. that's the first step. you exist in relations with other nations and if you are not doing well then that is the first and easiest step...start to produce your own food that you eat.

there are all kinds of advantages of technological skill you develop, agricultural schools people employed directly and indirectly. you are also looking to build your own tools and machinery. once you develop a surplus that is what you want. that surplus is everything, once you plough it back in to increase your production then manufacture along with direct produce for export into markets you have long identified.

but I would not be a nation. I would be a man with some millions in his pocket who is aware economically, historically, agriculturally, generally. and I will have a nice house on lots of acreage and feed myself and region are. no doubt there would already be a market but I will likely win to because I know how to produce without chemicals, organically and cheaply. I would from the start be able to undersell my competition and out market them as well.

self sufficiency is the key. and once i get big enough that is what I am going after...the whole market by effective marketing of the truth and coopting the people with great benefit to them in the process.

but its a long story and I don't have to explain it to you. you should know already but even if you do you given that all you know is the jackass propaganda that flows out of your mouth that is all you would use it for..to attack me or anyone you find your take against who has a positive program. that's what I pointed out from the start...there is no resolution or good outcome possible with you and Trinny arse.. or is it Triddy arse

I don't quite have fifty millions just some thousands of dollars...enough to start with but I wont do it...not in the west indies. the west Indian people are arseholes, at war with each other, always lookin to bring each other down, totally hostile to each other...all groups against each other and internally all members of groups against each other. you can trust another west Indian with nothing at all. they are bound to betray you...especially with a white man or person outside the race, especially if you are Black.

if you are Black expect other Black people, those who wok for you especially to betray you with white, Indian and Chinese who may want your business and looking for your weaknesses and secrets to wipe you out

now all this talk is not really for you eh ketchcunt! I am talk to those with some sense. you are a complete idiot not even worth addressing. you are a typical west Indian totally white inside ketcham,,most likely pakistani descent. you are stupid and suicidal ketchom a waste of time

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18 Aug 2021 20:24 #392155 by ketchim

You are a LOST cause

TriniDaddy thinks it indoctrination from Conspiracy BLOGS

I think it is DNA from your Tobago side

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18 Aug 2021 21:11 #392156 by Billy Shatine
that is after you daddy arse and chairman skunt meet yesterday and or last night and decided to ban me out. so all 3 of you get after me today

I am surprised my posts are still standing, not removed yet! and why has not eh chairman taken down my membership yet though I specifically asked him to do so?

the chairman got cold feet and a weak heart. daddy arse and ketchim the bloody traitor to his own people and class pushing dangerous vaccines on them! A Jonestown suicidal kid looking to emulate that event

Ketchim I gave you credit for being an intelligent person but you are not. you and a mentally incompetent prejudiced ignoramus, a man of small IQ. daddy arse did not tell you that? is that why you went and got him. who is he really...the old frontin', pompous Wifan now as scat daddy

you are a sick old man ketchim who can fight a battel up front and take his losses. he has to degrade into all that I see here behind the scenes, suck up to the boss, use all manner of low dodge. where is Guyana going to go with people like you all?

look at chairmans board...nowhere after all these years. ketchims goes to for old Wifan back to the board to make it worse. then there is artemis who is an impse and and a beast in human form who must be watched or she will bite your head off. the only decent person here is Village Belle

so chairman you got what you deserve a dead board which should pack it in soon. I am gone and wifan daddy arse should leave as well. so you are back to VB, artemis and this total ketchim jackass who now stands exposed for the arse he is. not may people will come here to talk with him anymore especially as the vaccines continue to be exposed for the bio weapons that they are.

the man ketcham is pushing vaccines on the people which already are exposed as bio weapons. and he gloats about the vaccine levels which he claims are now 83% of Canadians. if that is the case this nation is in real trouble if those vaccines are as bad as the experts claim. and who is gong to take ketchim seriously after that...a deliberate killer or a dam fool who despite the evidence licks his chops over a bio weapon

ketchoom is killing your board chairman! with his unqualified support of vaccinations. he is making your board look the fool

anyway please remove my membership just like you decided to do yesterday. now you have my permission. give the whole board to ketchuuuum hahahahahaha!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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18 Aug 2021 21:27 #392157 by TRINI_DADDY
Billy, you're preaching Marxism, class solidarity and anti-capitalism on one hand, but linking Republican, libertarian, Big Oil/Big Business, KGB propaganda on the other.

Don't you see how these two things are entirely at odds? But your behavior is not an accident. This is what modern corporate brainwashing is designed to do. It co-opts working class resentment/activism, and directs it toward the enemies of those pushing the propaganda.

There's a good documentary about this called "The Brainwashing of My Dad" (see here, starts 24 minutes in:
), which deals with this. Please watch it. It describes a condition which affects older people who didn't grow up with the internet, and have little resistance to social media brainwashing techniques. "Fox news brain" (www.theguardian.com/media/2019/apr/12/fo...-by-toxic-cable-news) is a similar modern condition, where right wing propaganda turns people into paranoid, angry, resentful people.

In the space of one day, Billy, you have linked an article by a woman promoted by the Republican Party who thinks vaccines turn you magnetic, an article from a KGB agent hosted on a phony news site paid for by Putin, an "anti climate change" article paid for by Exxon Mobile, and another from the Heartland Institute (funded by the Kochs and Republicans).

Notice a pattern, Billy?

You pretend to be a "class warrior" but shill for the very "secret cabals" you constantly moan about.

Once again Billy: do you believe Trump won the election?

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18 Aug 2021 23:32 #392158 by Billy Shatine
Hey chairman its an hour again for me. I am finishing up some work I have here for a deadline 8 am tomorrow. its actually done already so I can fart around here.

before I go let me tell you that this daddy fellow that sketchim says is from Trinidad but I don't know about that.
anyway he seems mad as hell! seriously ill and needs help! you should try get him some help before he falls completely apart on your blog!

clearly he thinks he is is a great mind and he is stalking me as if he understands me, and has great insight into what he thinks is my own madness or condition. and ketchim brought him here for me, to get me, to do whatever to me he could. and the two of them sit and discuss me as if they are 2 professionals of brilliance and experience.

and now they have roped you in chairman. you wish to kick me off your board seemingly, prepared for me to leave, which is a sea change of your attitude overnight mind the those 2 fools don't get you and your blog into serious trouble eh! by stepping over boundaries they must not cross!

Ketchim is not mad i don't think, just a propagandistic individual pushing very hard, very problematic vaccines. But the daddy fella is mad from what I see here! totally nuts. I stopped read anything he writes for that reason. I wont dare do that for those reasons.

but this is about it chairman! I am done with the diaspora. I am not part of that any more...never was really.
I hope you last but I don't hold out much hope for you. ketchim is too compromised to help you much longer.
in this age of Covid ketchoom has nothing to offer but problematic bio weaponized vaccines. nothing more!

I am afraid the people want much more than that and ketchim has no discussion at all of anything else. he cant talk politics, economy, nationalism, class society and what that means etc etc etc. Ketcham has has little to say on any subject save triviality. and when his support for the vaccines turns out pyrrhic he has nowhere to go.

time go chairman. so long!

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19 Aug 2021 11:03 #392159 by chairman
Good morning

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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19 Aug 2021 13:33 #392166 by Billy Shatine
Chairman! He wants me gone but he wont take out my membership. and there are final notes I must leave, to clarify my presence for those who read me:

they told the chairman that I am going to attract the attention of the authorities who will punish him for anti virus proclamations...so that it is critical that Billy goes.

I am going anyway...' but what it actually is- my presence- is wood fuh dem and deh cyar take it!'

But the point is that they don't know history, sociology, Anthropology, the study of man -and woman: Humans! If the did they would know Marxism and it's historical accuracy when it analyses history and its evolutionary, epochal nature, that history has gone through and goes through stages consistent with the development of human knowledge and skills in nature and what is done with such development.

Humanity built Capitalisms out of Feudalism, which in turn had come out of the previous systems of exploitation of man by man, wars empires and all of that/ but history/society is like any life form. It comes into being, grows old with use and in the process gives rise to the potentials of social organization one of which will dominate and replace the existing dominance. capitalism, financial capitalism is currently dominant but it has run its course cannot go on much longer and the various classes are in social turmoil as a result of the stage society has arrived at and what will replace the current financial dominance.

but for the financial capitalist to prevail and continue to dominate society he has to do what he has to do.
this is no longer his time. by rights he must be defeated and socialism takes the place of financial capital.
to preempt socialism or democracy he has to kill that potential, eliminate it as an option for society to actualize which will come at his expense...an expense that natures says is fine, right progressive, the next step in human forward evolution.

how do the capitalist preempt democracy by the people for the people?

By killing the people off? can he do that! there are billions of ordinary people alive? easy by todays technology. it is happening before our eyes...and we are helping him to kill us off.


That is the point \ketchup cant understand at all! He cannot realize and accept that the capitalist is going to kill him too as reward for his all his help along the way to kill the rest of us. and that is why I call ketchum and scat daddy suicidal for they are making it easy to kill them too when the time comes. after killing off the rest of us they would have n protection at all but to depend on those who got them to kill the rest of us, to leave them alive and well.

why would the man do that for traitors? If Ketchup can betray and kill his own who will he not betray and kill again? That's the point! Ketchime will betray all and everyone in time! Those for whom he is acting now will make sure to kill him, and all such the minute it becomes necessary, when they are no longer needed

So for the Chairman and such it is too late to play games hoping to get oneself into a place where they are safe, where the capitalist man wont kill them for their support and 'good behavior!' hahahahaha!

But that is not the point at all. The point is that the very existence of ordinary people is a challenge to the existential interest of the very minority financial elites...because the interest of the rich and the ordinary and poor cannot meet. There is no possible compromise that can be achieved between the two classes. capitalism at this sage cannot be organized to keep the ordinary people even reasonable happy, in jobs making a living etc. all of that is done now...unless the people take over and work it out for themselves...how they can live with technology.

So we all will be killed off in time as the THE MAN HAS NO CHOICE SOCIALLY, EVOLUTIONARILY! He has to depopulate and turn all ordinary people he decides to leave alive into imbeciles...who can pass on to his children only imbecility...if he is allowed to reproduce at all!

Reproduction is likely to be done outside the human body in future, under circumstances that would allow the man to ensure in totality who and what the baby is going to be!

It is too late to protect yourself by any such behavior as suggested by ketchim and scat daddy chairman. ketchim can suggest such things because he is low level intellect who does not know his arse from his elbow if it nudges him in his nose. It is too late for anyone to protect themselves by that kind of arsine behavior...sucking up to the man. the only way for ordinary people to protect ourselves again is to go out in the streets and carry out a revolution deposing the man from power and trying him in a court of law for his crimes and executing him. the man knows that full well as the only chance we have. do you think he has time to play games with traitors like ketchim. The man will use such as ketchim and then execute them promptly when he needs them no more

The man has accepted reality...long time now! And he has chosen HIS side and has proceeded. that is why he is free to do what he is doing, horrific things all the way but he is not bothered because he has long accepted his role in life. it is only us who are arseholes farting around, allowing him to divide and rule to kill us ordinary people, in vast numbers and get away with it! While if we kill one elite he drops bombs on us

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19 Aug 2021 13:36 #392167 by chairman
there was a murder in trinidad today

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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19 Aug 2021 13:56 #392169 by chairman
Toronto police said a synagogue near Eglinton Avenue West and Allen Road was spray painted with anti-Semitic graffiti after receiving a call at around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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19 Aug 2021 13:57 #392170 by chairman
What do Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue have in common? Judgement, stigma, dismissiveness from many, incl from healthcare providers. Too many suffer bc they don't get the respect, compassion, validation they deserve. Let's do better.

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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