Before I leave This Disgusting Board....Look At this!

18 Aug 2021 13:35 - 18 Aug 2021 13:36 #392142 by ketchim
Asinine QUESTION !

thank goodness is only Conspiracy Theorists asking ....wwwwaaaahhhhh

I am humoring you with page 2 hahahaha
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18 Aug 2021 13:37 #392143 by chairman
we will continue the good fight

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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18 Aug 2021 13:38 #392144 by Billy Shatine
Dr. Fauci warns Americans may face having booster shots INDEFINITELY and says fully-vaccinated 'breakthrough' infections could still cause long COVID: FDA approves third dose for those with weakened immune systems


Fauci said 'there are a lot of factors' that go into making decisions such as whether people will routinely have to get vaccinated against COVID-19
He said researchers have already started conducting studies giving boosters to people who have already been full vaccinated
Those studies have shown hopeful promise that future booster shots beyond a third jab may not be needed
But Fauci said it was too early to say whether people would have to have the shots regularly, as many do with the annual flu jab
Fauci said 'the only way' the public health officials will become certain whether continued booster shots will be needed will be by conducting further studies

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18 Aug 2021 13:39 #392145 by ketchim

Adverse events described on this page have been reported to the

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

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18 Aug 2021 13:51 #392148 by Billy Shatine
My links have been discredited by whom?

A complete traitorous idiot like you and that think called daddy whatever....who cannot even reason save he sees racism that may or may not be apparent or real. just as long as he sees it in there!. enough anyway!

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18 Aug 2021 14:01 #392149 by chairman
Pope Francis urges people to get vaccinated, calling it 'an act of love'

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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18 Aug 2021 15:01 - 18 Aug 2021 15:02 #392150 by Billy Shatine

I was waiting you know chairman, waiting to see how long you would hold out this time.
it did not take you too long!

I used to aske this question years ago when I came to know examples of all west Indians; Which west Indian were the worst?

For a long time I thought Jamaicans could not be beat for that title. Previously I had held steadfastly on personal experience that Trinidadians were absolutely the worst. Then Guyanese appeared and I was stunned, Pheeeew!
So that is what you guys are eh. Shock and awe!

But there was relief when you insisted on calling yourselves South American. at First I said 'whaa! You are west Indian!' Then I let it go. 'South American' relieved the load of stupidity and backwardness the islands had to carry already.

But now I don't care at all. period! Regardless it is time for me to let it all go. I have lived in Canada for 51 years. I am not going back to the west indies. I am done! all my connections are porous now, way back when.
and this connection here is a tenuous one. and what I see here is awful. the behavior I have witnessed here of Guyanese is terrible. what in the hell could come of Guyana and the west indies with behavior like this

Its the same with all west Indians west Indies. I see them on the streets, see them behave. I see the repots of west Indian life in the west indies, see the economic reports etc and I realize that things in the west indies are actually worse currently than back in my day.

My west Indian time is done. I have nothing there anymore. and I want nothing here anymore. all I have is here. and if I still have time to leave here and go somewhere it wont be back to the west indies. For me to go back to the west indies I would need about 50 million dollars to do what the west Indian people won do...make a self sufficient life that pays for itself with a profit while consuming nothing from outside the region. which means contact with Venezuela and Cuba and any Latin region that manufactures what we cant yet in Trinidad to make up for what I wont buy from the USA, Canada, Europe and China.

I would be look into import the article if I could not source material to make it in Trinidad, after developing the design skills and design etc.

That is what I would do if I had big money and decide to o back. That is why I would go back if I had the resources...first to buy land and grow, clean natural food, easy and cost effective... all the food I eat. but I could do the same thing elsewhere as well.

look yesterday my daughter and I had an argument...about too much food! just from a small plot of land around her house. I have turned that small plot... leaving enough for a law for the children to play...into so much food she has trouble storing it and giving it away. look I got so much vegies in my house I keep them long enough grind them up and put it back in as compost.

I let some of the zucchinis grow and grow and grow to see how large they could get. Shocking 2 feet long zucchini, 15 pounds!

There is so much I have figured out now it's incredible! But I can do that anywhere I am even here in Canada where the problems are clear and so are the solution. But in Canada the only way such economic programs can be developed fully and effected, is if the people rise up and take over. they are going to have to do that or we wont make it, as we are on the down right now and it does not look like we are getting up...except the opposition now rising to Covid passes is encouraging.

None of you are talking of and therefor not thinking of a way out of all this white elite capitalist oppression which at some point is bound to turn into a massive genocide to kill off the people when the tow can go no longer like now, when exploitative society has finally transferred almost all of the wealth into the hands of the elites and the only way the people can live again is to take it back. the exploitative system can only transfer to the rich so you can't systematically change the way of life to benefit the people anymore. that is not the way capitalism works.

at this point the only way the people can survive is to change the system into a form that allows the people to work for a living that meets their needs so they can live by currently while addressing their future requirements no form of exploitative society can achieve that. no form of exploitative society can create such a society in the interest of the people. only the people themselves in social movement that results in their full control of society can create such a form of government: by the people and for the people.

that is the only way to avoid what is happening now: the rich have devised a way to save themselves to avoid the coming into being of that very thing a society that worked for the people created and run by the people.
That is what the Hungarians did in 1956 and pleaded with the world to help to keep the Russian Soviet Imperial Hegemon off them. but the all colluded...the Russian Elites with e western elites to sash the Hungarian revolution that none of them wanted. such a revolution was a threat to them all.

and that is the very thing they are trying to avoid right now. but they realize that society, global society as arrived at a stage at which their must be fundamentally social change. These are revolutionary times due to the basic exhaustion of capitalism and there are the 2 revolutionary possibilities...the popular one I just described, and the a revolution by the elites...The elitist Orwell or Huxley option. The rich are trying to accomplish exactly that option in which they are going to turn life into hell for the ordinary people starting with the vaccines.

To save themselves they must depopulate, must reduce the ordinary people not only to servility but the whole consciousness of the people, their ability to be human, to think and act, organize and fight in and for their own best interest must be eliminated permanently. as long as the people remain fully human, sentient, fight and sane enough the option of popular revolution that would change society and eliminate the rich looms/. and that they will not tolerate if they can avoid it. and to avoid it they know what they must do and they have begun to do it. that is what Covid is all about...the start of a war by the elites on the ordinary people of the world to end all social wars by elimination of our humanity and our numbers as well.

That is the story chairman. you and all here, me, everyone all the ordinary people have no chance unless they see the truth about life, how life really is, who humans are what humans are and what is required for our survival

you think I am worried about you all here...about ketchim and the daddy fella! those 2 guys are so stupid its incredible! you too chairman! Totally suicidal you all are as you are working for you enemy who is going to kill you, must kill you for he has no other option if he is going to remain rich. if he does not first sterilize your brains and kill you you will finally see though all the haze clarify you mind and move on him and kill him and take back all the wealth he has stolen from you and your people for centuries now.

that is why I call you suicidal chairman because you literally are suicidal...working in the interest of the man who is killing you. He has already sterilized your mind because as clear as day you cant think, reason properly.
right now now! look that fact exposed in all you say and do here on the board. you don't worry about ketchim and daddy. they are sacrificial...absolutely too stupid already to even be capable of saving themselves.

take this chairman and give it to someone with ability and knowledge to read and get their opinion. see if |I am wrong or how wrong I am. give it to 5 people, and more...all the better.

but this is enough of my time for this board. its dotish place featuring the dahddy fella who is even more stupid than ketchim, a pure naked jackass

you can kill my membership now chairman
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18 Aug 2021 15:20 #392151 by Billy Shatine
I should have explained the Hungarian revolution a bit more but you can do that yourself. I have a post called 'the next stage'. in there you will find links that can help you clear up that situation

the ordinary Hungarian people moved you see, took over the society and they and hey alone created the form of government for the nation, by the people for the people. it worked fine until the Russians smashed it.

you see the tossed all political parties, wanted no bureaucracy, created all sorts of ways that ensured full democratic participation of the people. there were no elite control, they were to lose their power period on all levels. and there were to be no structures like political parties that are parasitic in nature and function, which are bound to decay into bribery and political corruption that sell out of the nation and the people.

so please do some research on that to increase your knowledge of the world

you see the rich cant stand that. they would do anything to stop that. they must have hose things...banks, political parties, police forces, armies and wars, bureaucracies ..all parasitic and dependent on the working class to work and produce the wealth that they steal to pay for themselves high wages and to facilitate the corruption that enslaves the working people. that whole structure is united in the exploitation of the people

that is what and who the people must rise up against and end or they will turn us into little rats on the floor unable to think and talk and live and threaten them. that is what is happening right now, where the rich are goin with all you see developing around us all right now. that is what the dumb cunt ketchim is way to stupid to understand, to make the intellectual connections that would clarify in his mind what's actually on in the world

you see he thinks he is superior you see and that someone up in Big Pharma loves him and will look out for him...that they would save him from hanging on to the under fuselage of airplanes trying to get away and falling away to his death!!!

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18 Aug 2021 15:37 - 18 Aug 2021 16:25 #392152 by ketchim
You have gone BANANAS


Monkey see, Monkey Do !

what a JackAss ~
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18 Aug 2021 15:50 - 18 Aug 2021 16:01 #392153 by TRINI_DADDY
Billy, you have now posted an article by Sherri Tenpenny. She is a crank who has falsely asserted that vaccines magnetize people and connect them with cellphone towers. She famously went on TV and said vaccines make metal objects stick to humans. She is crazy, and is not a doctor or a scientist, but believes in a form of nutty osteopathy, in which bone massages cure illnesses.



...for more information.

And of course, like most people you mention on this forum, she has connections to the Republican Party.

Once again Billy, do you believe Trump won the last election?
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