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09 Mar 2019 03:25 #370079 by mapoui

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09 Mar 2019 03:26 #370080 by mapoui
And see here: UTAH is #6 in the western standing. the Raptors are unliley to beat then. Valencunis tore them up tonight

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09 Mar 2019 10:04 #370081 by mapoui
this here with the Raptors is of the same piece piece with the west indies ODI
let me see :( :( :(

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09 Mar 2019 10:09 #370082 by mapoui
west indies mek 45

wen is the election fuh CWI president.....will Rickey Skerrit win?
Skameron mus' be busy already, riggin' the election

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09 Mar 2019 11:06 - 10 Mar 2019 14:55 #370083 by mapoui
allyuh see one of the real huge problems in basketball..indeed in all things everywhere: powah!

In LA..Lakers GM Magic doh like DeAngelo Russell. he tosses him to the Nets. Russell only turns into a terrific player with the opportunity deh wud not give in him LA

the way to have gone with Valencunis in TO was to let him play fuh christ sakes, increase his role on the court. Nick Nurse did not do tha. instead they judged him as too ordinary and they want to win now so go for Gasol..the man who was not doing the job in Memphis

so all JV is doing in Memphis is become their #2 man immediately..on the worst team in the west. and with JV there they are beating the best teams in the west

and JV is giving the Grizz what Gasol cant give the Raps...YOUTH and SCORING..and everything else a big man shud give..still clearly with upside to give...more development potential. by this time in a couple 3 years JV will be better than Gasol ever was

look here Masai shud have never given up on JV. that was quite unnecessary.

look at JV...a more ambitious kid you would hardly see. he came in from Europe and could not do a whole lot of stuff the needed from him...but clearly had the raw talent. what we did not know was JV's mind but we came to know it well:



What more can you ask of a player..what more can he give but such vast ambition and consequent improvement of his game all the time. and you do did not play him sufficiently, did not recognize and respect his ambition and lean on him in the team, give him responsibility, make him feel his leadership and responsibility for the team's success

Dwayne Casey was doing that gradually with JV. this would have been Casey's year..the year he is giving Detroit, taking them OUT FROM UNDER from the Van Gundy disaster to greater success.

what Masai had to do this year was to get the raptors some real class scoring to buttress DeRozan and Lowery. and in the off-season get JV into an extended clinic with veteran centres who could finish-him off as a vital presence on the court. you help JV by giving him training in what he needed finally to make him a top class centre. you give him the recognition of his great ambition and ability to learn and develop.

Masai spit on dat..spat on it and tossed JV. and he tossed DeRozan too who is if the same piece as JV..ambition, committed to you, at home in the city. and he unceremoniously tossed Dwayne Casey too. I too once thought that Casey was/is a mighty second banana..a guy who would never go all the way..like a very good horse with a poor win profile..you know..he always waits for one horse to pass him at the wire..a 'seconditis' horse.

I don't know but what is clear now is that the Raptors never had the horse to win the NBA under Casey..that is why they lost. it was not Casey's fault. Casey picked up an unfinished team and took it as far as it could go. the Raps needed key reinforcements which Masai never found. I don't even know that he asked Casey what specific improvements the team needed to go all the way.

the Raptors would have won this year..go all the way by getting some quality scoring, keeping Casey as coach, DeRozan and Lowery intact, while and polishing-up JV at centre and playing him as a responsible and key piece of the team, a leading player on the team, as responsible as Lower/DeRozan for the team success.

that way the family would be intact..the team and the city and the feeling would would be fine, unified. now we have a whole new fucking team of strangers the city must get used to, to learn to like.

I don't know but Masai needed to have stepped back, taken a couple of weeks off. go home to Africa, lol on the beach, checked out babes if he does not have a wife, danced not in clubs but in the dirt and dust of the village with the drums beating..clear his head and come back ready to make batter decisions.

I hate this Raptos team. I loved DeRozan and JV. we showed no love for what they represented..heart and soul, toughness, determination and great great ambition both personal and for the team. even in the age of traveling mercenary super stars a team is still necessary to win in basketball. skunt Magic Johnson is finding that out in LA. I hope he learns his lesson or he will soon be fired out there. he has already made a couple 3 very bad moves that should get him fired already. he is Magic so he has a longer rope than most but its much shorter than it was when he came in.

and over here I am pissed with Ujiri..seriously pissed with him. I thought he was different, better that the run of the mill, power mad NBA executive. but he has proved he is not. he has no patience. he lost it precipitously tossed Casey and DeRozan and now JV..the heart f the Raptors.

what Detriot shud now do is to build a rivalry with Toronto by skillfully building up the Pistons without smashing it like Masai has done here. the Pistons needs some quality guards to take them to the top. if they get even one Toronto wont beat them much again..wont beat them this year even..and the Raps have a whole of trouble with the Pistons now with this not so talented team of theirs. Casey has the Pistons playing well and the Pistons are very motivated when they play the Raps.

I would be unhappy to see the Piston rise to beat the crap consistently out of the Raptors. and it could happen as soon as next season as Leonard effs off to LA, old man Gasol goes back to Spain to retire in the sun and all the one-season 'experienced' championship chaff is cut away.

the Raps must rebuild after this season..a job they would not have had to do had they kept JV and DeRozan. they would only have had to find a replacement for Lowery as he ages. and that man, in the face of Fred Van Vleet is right there now...unless in another pique Great man Masai Ujiri does not trade his skunt away when Raptors lose again this year
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09 Mar 2019 11:20 - 09 Mar 2019 13:30 #370085 by mapoui

when a team as talented as the west indies goes from a higher level to the dumps like that there is no heart to the team..no consistent leadership, proper guidance. the players dont know what the fuck to do and here is no one telling them

but what do the players need to know that leadership must be telling them?

in the case of the west indies full of the children of slaves and indentures that is obvious. but a white man as leader cant tell dem that. the skunt does not have a clue. he wud have to be west indian to have one.. and there is no west indian white man in sight who can coach the west indies in any dam thing.

deh wud have to find a proper black west indian, a mature and knowledgeable male..or even female why not..who understands this kind of stuff, open up the players to themselves, identify them to themselves and instill the steadiness of self in all they do.

no one realized dat is such a chase an anchor is always needed...one opener to stay right through the innings. it is #1, and if he get out is #2, and if he get out is #3. so one man must bat as to not get out, rotating the strike all the time, singles, singles singles, twos etc. he must insist on rotating the strike from ball 1..so the striker at the other end gets his eye in...after which, after one over he starts to lash the ball

you have to at least have that approach..or any approach that is logical, relevant... and it must be demonstrated in the way deh all bat. I saw nutten at all in the way west indies batted..no calculated effort to disturb hard the equanimity of English Jordan quick, quick, to throw him off, shake him-up, and den cut his arse properly

idiot cricket dat was..like CWI..an overall idiot space with Skameron in charge :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
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10 Mar 2019 20:52 - 13 Mar 2019 13:47 #370103 by mapoui
JV had another nice game..Memphis won..the beat the Magic..which team can be fiesty. they are just a game or so out of the playoffs in the east

{ I am watching watching Spurs and Bucks. I watch the Spurs go down the court 7 times and score two point on the 7th shot. the Spurs are not the old Spurs..they are more like 'Purrs}
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11 Mar 2019 09:23 #370111 by mapoui
the 'Purrs actually wont the game big time....

and DeRozan former Raps had a huge game...
Jacob Poetl also had a good game

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13 Mar 2019 13:49 #370214 by mapoui
the 'Purrs are #6 in the west.

oh man! I thought they were going to be toast this season.

Look out! they will make some noise in the playoffs

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13 Mar 2019 23:32 #370226 by mapoui
OH OH! JV had a bad game tonight..
But C J Miles tore up the court with 33 points for the Grizz

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16 Mar 2019 21:51 #370288 by mapoui
Valencunis tonite: 22, 8 and 3

doh duk and hide yuh head Masai. More to come you impse :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly:

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16 Mar 2019 23:19 #370290 by mapoui
DeRozan leads the Spurs to another win..21 by 8 by 3

the 'Purrs beat Portland 34 in the west. the 'Purrs at 6 can ketch both OKC and Portland by the end of next week

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18 Mar 2019 22:45 #370336 by mapoui
DeRozan beats Golden State Warriors

Heads up Masai :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy:

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20 Mar 2019 22:58 - 21 Mar 2019 09:10 #370408 by mapoui
Houston VS Memphis

Valencunis 33-13-1 wins the game for Memphis

Heads up Masai!

:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

The Rockets looked dead in the water until James Harden brought them back in the fourth quarter to force overtime. Ultimately it wasn't enough, as Jonas Valanciunas hit the game-winning free throw with 0.1 seconds left, but Harden finished with 57 points, eight assists and seven rebounds, while shooting 9-of-17 from the 3-point line.

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20 Mar 2019 23:01 - 21 Mar 2019 09:22 #370409 by mapoui
DeRozan 16-15-6

JV for sure is very lucky to have been traded. Masai for absolutely sure did not believe in him as a player..and so neither did Nick Nurse. this resulted in less time on the court for JV..to coming off the bench after all the hard work he had done improving his game

but Memphis believes in JV and he is back to starting and his game is again improving all the time.

I maintain that it is never wise to trade younger for older. Mark Gasol's game is getting weaker while JV is arcing up to his peak as a player.


the Raps need Gasol for spot work..cameos in which he could bring his considerable experience to turn games in the playoffs when necessary.

it makes no sense at all to pay too high a price for such as Gasol. he is likely to deteriorate quickly. by next year Gasol is mostly off the bench or gone into retirement. you give a lower draft pik or two for Gasol. you dont let teams pik your pocket for such as Gasol.

just watch as JV lights up Memphis for the next 5 years as Gasol disappears completely from sight
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