Pope says priests' abuse of nuns went as far as "sexual slavery"

1 year 2 months ago #369025 by chairman
Nuns have suffered and are still suffering sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests and bishops, and even being held as sexual slaves, Pope Francis confirmed on Tuesday. The abuse was so severe in one case that an entire congregation of nuns was dissolved by former Pope Benedict.

The scope of the abuse of nuns by clergy members first came to light with the publication at the beginning of February of the monthly magazine "Women Church World." The edition included Francis' own take on the scandal -- long known about by the Vatican but virtually never discussed -- in which he blamed the unchecked power wielded by priests and higher clergy across the Catholic Church for such crimes.

An Associated Press journalist who first reported on the scandal last year asked Pope Francis on his flight home from the Arabian Peninsula on Tuesday whether enough was being done by the Church hierarchy to address the problem.

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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1 year 2 months ago #369026 by chairman
The pontiff conceded that it was a problem and said more action was needed, and insisted the will to confront the abuse was there. He stressed that the problem was not new, and that the Church has been working to address it for some time.

"It's a path that we've been on. Pope Benedict had the courage to dissolve a female congregation which was at a certain level, because this slavery of women had entered it -- slavery, even to the point of sexual slavery -- on the part of clerics or the founder," the pope conceded.

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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1 year 2 months ago #369027 by chairman
A papal spokesperson confirmed later to CBS News that the order of nuns dissolved under Benedict was the Community of St. Jean in France. The reason the order was dissolved had not previously been made public.

The Saint Jean order was dissolved in 2005, the first year Pope Benedict served as the head of the Church. He stepped down and Pope Francis took over as pontiff in 2013.

"I would like to underscore that he was a man who had the courage to do many things on this topic," Pope Francis said of his predecessor on Tuesday.

The pope confirmed that the abuse of nuns was an ongoing problem, but said it was only in "certain congregations, predominantly new ones and in certain regions more than others."

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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1 year 2 months ago - 1 year 2 months ago #369033 by mapoui
the catholic church is an old organization administratively set up around a reason for its existence that pays for it.

what is that reason?

and who pays for the catholic church and why do they pay for it... and how do they make the money to pay for it?

and who benefits from the functioning of the catholic church?

the catholic church has lived for some 1550-1575+ years now..who has benefited from the functioning of the catholic church all these years now... established in 325 AD?

the catholic church is one of the most successful organizations in the history of humanity. the catholic church has not failed, it is still strong and functions expertly. that means that the catholic church does not see that it has been doing anything wrong all along although its priesthood is replete with homosexuals, deviants and sexual predators of all sorts.

the catholic church does not see anything wrong in its functioning at all..its modern day version of vestal virgins in its nunnery..its homosexual priesthood, set up in such a way as to keep the men and women separate in the church, that facilitates its homosexual priesthood and nothing else...

the fact is...given the establishment we are dealing with, its wealth and sophistication, isn't it obvious that nothing that has been happening/is happening now, in the church is by guess?

if church behavior has become a political problem for the church then it must adjust its impunity, concede to the people and change its ways. but it is clear the catholic church cannot and will not do that, cannot compromise its impunity.

that is because the catholic church is an old integrated part of the exploitation of the ordinary people on the planet, and to lose any of its power and impunity, its ability to impose on the people, makes the church vulnerable to outside interference and popular stricture. the church can be investigated and the question begs..what the hell does the church have to hide?

try imagine what the church has to hide? must be a vast amount of evil that they know cannot see the light of day if they hope to survive. so Francis does all that he can to save the church....by calling for reforms, plasters on sores when the whole body is sick.

we are at a new day, a point when true social revolution is possible..a day of supreme technological advance that is changing fundamentally all about society..how we work, who owns and controls, how many people will work and what to do with those who are left behind.

the resolution of this stage of human evolution will determine if we have a third world war and depopulation of the planet to save capitalism..or whether we have such a war at all and if not what will the capitalist do to save themselves? will they try to create a social dystopia along the lines of Brave New World in which people are engineered to eliminate them as revolutionary challenge to the rich?

the church is tied up with the rich and at this stage the church must choose its side and that choice will be with the rich. the people know this and know that the church like any other institution must be answerable to the people

and here we are with Francis talking his reformist crap. the church needs to be destroyed not reformed. for the church to survive it must become a democratic institution, in which the Pope will be pope in name only, a symbolic head gutted of his power, fr the catholic church to survive it must submit to the people and be fully re-worked into democracy of administrative frame, to serve the people in truth and in fact.

but then do the people need the catholic church in any way shape or form to go on and survive and prosper. the answer to that is no. the catholic church is not needed at all for any dam fact or reason. there is nothing the catholic church does or can do that cant be done better by a million smaller, cheaper alternatives the people can create as they go

the church has attracted and contains insane white people at its head and ramparts and battlements and power..white men. white men who are nuts, depraved, sick, cruel, sexually deviant and majority and homosexual. how to clean up that mess?

how to clean up any dam thing that is institutional and whit for that matter when this is the way they all are?

maybe all the people of color can come out of the dam church and leave it to white people. that would be fine but the world is one now and white people must get better. and the only way for them to get better is to kill their impunity..take away their power, make them ordinary, resurrect the truth of the world and make it available to all so that humanity can heal itself as a whole.

white people have made everybody sick..all the people of the world. we are all nuts now from 500 years of white domination. only in the rise of popular democracy can we access and bring out the medicine that will heal us all.

fuck Pope Francis! he is an elitist skunt looking for reform that leaves the church intact to kerry on as usual. that does not serve human purpose. the catholic church must die and like Dracula, drag its skunt out into the sunshine so it can die in the light of truth
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1 year 2 months ago #369041 by mapoui
an effort to try to reform and save the catholic church

the catholic church is an old organization administratively set up around a reason for its existence that pays for it.

the point here is that the church is successful administratively successful in that it staffs the church globally so successfully that there is never rebellion from within, schism.

there are no internal rebellions of any seriousness from any part of the catholic staff,. nunnery, clergy, paper pushers, catholic media etc. so the church's personnel department selects always the right people who will not rebel against the church and challenge its very existence from within

yet from the scandals that have taken place within the church that break into public consciousness we can see what kind of people the church's personnel department selects to do the work of the church..especially the clergy?

from these scandals the world has come to realize that the catholic church is a safe house for homosexuals, that the church's symbology especially the impression of Jesus Christ painted by Mikel Angel is homosexual iconography that homosexuals everywhere recognize as one of them.

the catholic church cannot help but understand this salient fact about eh picture of Jesus with the bleeding heart..that it was painted by a homosexual in love with his subject male, and that fact is totally expressive in the picture

the picture of Jesus could be placed on the cover of any homosexual magazine and it would not be out of place

it is my contention that the catholic church selects homosexual priests as a matter of internal policy..a major benefit of which is control of the clergy from inside. the collective homosexual priesthood would never be a massive labor problem, or ideological problem. the priesthood would toe every line established by the church, ensuring labor peace all the way through.

and as far as I know dissent inside the catholic church has hardly ever been collective but seemingly always featured ideological dissent by individual scholastic priests.

the catholic church knows how to keep itslf going and homosexual priests are part of its way. personal homosexuality is not factor that works against any man wanting to be a priest. it is a mark in his favor.

and what have we come to know about white men in general..that for the greatest majority of their number they are homosexual..and or the homosexual act is normal and regular to them..that it is part and parcel of their regular sexual repertoire. so that all the years of homosexual persecution, legal torture and prohibition in white life was a comprehensive religious hypocrisy. now that they have legalized homosexuality all is quiet on their homosexual front, as they proceed openly in the full expression of their homosexuality, with homosexual marriage and so on

now the only difficulty for the catholic church relative to homosexual priests is doctrinal..the church requires their priests and nuns to be sexually celibate. but there is no more problems with priestly homosexuality as an orientation of their sexuality.. the church has to find a way to ensure their priests keep the pricks in their pants and not up the butt of little boys

of the church can change doctrine..allowing priests and nuns to have sex, to end catholic religious celibacy. that seems to me to be the right way to go. there are any number of sensible and factual bases for ending religious celibacy. now that it is an urgent and costly issue for the catholic church they may feel free to develop such change.

the catholic church should also address the gender question of its priesthood, and see their way clear to allowing women to become priest as well. that would be a massive change and give a powerful positive impact to church reform. you see Francis is calling for reform not change. but I am calling for change in the catholic church that is well nigh revolutionary THAT MAY JUST SAVE IT AT THE LAS' MINUTE

what such would do is immediately improve the quality of humans wanting to be priests. the church could embark on a massive personnel change..getting rid of the sexually dysfunctional clergy, for the homosexual bent and proclivity of current catholic priest is pedofillia..raping little boys...underage people, children. I am confident that almost all of those priests up in the catholic church can be arrested for sexual crime, tried and put away. the church is their protection.

the catholic church now has an opportunity to move away from its criminal place, purge itself with some social Epsom, and move positively into the modern world with a new clergy of people set in their orientations, legal and adult or exercise of their orientations and can live them out in the open. ..personnel who can carry out their chosen missions within the catholic rubric..which is why they have become clergy in the first place

now this is a perspective that remakes the catholic church and challenges current church hierarchy to their collective core. they will not survive..Francis an' dem. it wont take more than 5-10 years for that whole old fat ase nasty robber baron hierarchy to be tossed and the whole church re-missioned..this time in line with the people, ordinary people who are the ones who pay for the dam church but whom the church does not serve

and yet such change..not reform.. may not save the catholic church in its monolith formation. the catholic church is simply too large and hierarchically administered. all such pyramid organization are made for corruption, bobol. no matter how much they are organized and re-organized they are susceptible to corruption which soon appears. and if the real mission of the catholic church is o administer to the needs of the people..their spiritual needs so that can deal with their material needs, solve that problem the church cannot do but fight the status quo
and the best way for people to meet all their needs in through their own independence and freedom to grow according to who they are in their countries and culture supported by their own resources which they must have in total, to use for their own well being. such independence does not need a supranational organization religious or otherwise directing them, even participating in anyway in their independent struggles. the catholic church would be able to help best were it entirely local, totally identified with the people.

as a supra-national body the catholic church would be a help if it could keep stronger countries off the backs of smaller countries seeking their independence and control of the nations and wealth. but the catholic church as an international body cant do that..has never done that..has always worked with the bigger countries..white countries to subvert and subsume the smaller countries and steal their resources. the catholic church was set up for such purpose from the start and now we get to the heart of the matter..the purpose of the catholic church and its functioning from its inception as an anti nationalist, imperialist/hegemonic, racist force in human affairs.

that function would have to be changed into its opposite for the catholic church to survive. and if it does change that, institutes all the changes I have listed it introduces a freedom and truth into its affairs that would not be able to deny the uselessness of the church in any from save the one it was formed to carry out..preparing the people of the world to be quietly rapes by imperialism by church religious doctrine as palliative, producing quietude in the raped as big rapine dicks were shoved up their collective butts.

the world does not need the catholic church for revolutionary purposes. and as a hierarchical organization the church can never be revolutionary, never in sync with the interest of ordinary people the world over. formed as a religious organization science has long hollowed out church doctrine to prove the abstract nonsense it is and what it was developed for..the same purpose described above

all that may save the church is the deep reform I have suggested above. and if that reform is carried out it frees up the church and the people to see even more truth and the real global efficacy of that church relative to the interest of ordinary people...which is zero...no matter how it is reformed and re-shaped. and on that truth the catholic church will ultimately just break up around the world and the Vatican will remain as relic and museum.

Francis knows this..which is why he calls for the cheap reforms he calls for. I know that catholic church cannot survive at all, in the face of the needs of the ordinary people of the world whom it purports to serve. the catholic church serves only the rich. the very deep reform the catholic church needs to try to save it, will speed up its demise

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1 year 2 months ago #369042 by ketchim
What is the "Lesser of two EVILS" ?????

a. Saving the choir boys from buggery
b. Saving the nuns from pregnancy

Explain the logic/rationale of your answer !

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1 year 2 months ago #369043 by mapoui
read what I wrote fus' den ask another relevant qustion

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1 year 2 months ago - 1 year 2 months ago #369045 by ketchim
what you wrote will NOT happen !!
I keep quoting Karl Marx to you : "Religion is the OPIUM of people"

SO let's get REAL :
In ole days of Pharoah and dem........ Women were guarded by EUNUCHS
meaning all MEN were CASTRATED for that OCCUPATION

should PRIESTS be treated that way to safeguard BOYS and NUNS ???????????
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1 year 2 months ago #369050 by ketchim
Folks, OPIUM is a recreational drug considered an ADDICTION to users
EUNUCHS penis were chopped off ......like neutering a dog or spading a cat !

just to define my terms .....

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1 year 2 months ago - 1 year 2 months ago #369056 by mapoui
I never said it wud happen..its an argument.

I argued what must happen to try save the chruch. it cannot be save anyway..regardless of the way society takes. if the catholics cant reform and capitalism keeps on dominating that church..indeed all of them..even Hindu and Islam.. deh will become ho' houses of horrors, pain and pleasure for pay

try imagine how that church will degenerate further as we go given what it is? incredible eh.

if the capitalist/bankers manage to put into power the fifth columns deh have in Russia, China, Iran etc..the world is theirs. you eh see degradation yet. look at the abortion meat market they are trying to create by legal stratagem.. for profit!

oh my god! have you seen that man..taking babies to full term then aborting them?

bu that is just media tactics. deh will let them be born then harvest them for parts and meat.

that is the savagery we have at the heart of the white man..what he has created on planet earth. have you see what he used to do to Black people all over the world..the holocausts he carried out against Black people. it is how he killed Black people that is the feature, that truly exposes the white man for the utter monster he is.

its all there for everyone to see for themselves.

one murder of a white king by his court really intrigues me..King James of the Bible fame..the greatest homosexual in history. you really want to know a despicable human human figure..go research King James

but they killed King James this way: they took a bull horn and cut off its closed end and shoved it up his arse after tying him down on his bed. then they took a flaming hot red poker and put it through the horn in his arse and burned his insides out.

it is reported the blood curdling screams that filled the castle, that they cud not shut up as deh cooked King James insides. they put the horn in his to protect it from tell tale burns.

that is the white man..a total horror show. I admit that some white people are different but the white elites are not. they are the devil himself. they are who have made a pigs breakfast of the social life of the planet..they including the Khazars who are white not real Jews

and remember that the muslims..especially the Af-Rabs, Hindus, Japanese and Han Chinese are not very different..just as heartless and cruel. if you deny this fact you as muslim cant handle the truth. I don't know the Pakistanis, and I already spoke about the Iranians who are about the only half decent people in the world as a people and their religion

Black people currently are a waste of time in the world..doing the world a great disservice by our collective inability..nay..refusal o look after our own interest by hook or crook..as if that is not the only way we can actually survive, by our refusal to kick the white skunt out of africa, to stop loving that monster more even than we love ourselves.

I see all dem mudder scunt an dem sucking up to the white man and I don't mind because I know we have to do that to get somewhere. but then I realized that it was not a game they were playing..that their suck up was real. that is how they actually are..in their cores they actually love the white man..LOVE HIM I TELL YOU, WUD DO ANYTHING HE WANTED/WANTS, GIVE HIM ALL WE HAVE FOR FREE!

So I get pissed at men..some of whose names you know for sure. those are the same men who gave away Caribana and much else we had in ontario. those are the same men who go to the white mans church every Sunday and pray to the buller Jesus christ as if he is the real deal.

year and years ago, I drew it to the attention oof some of these church-goers.the work of the great Black scholars like Van Sertima, who gave their lives for the resurrection of Black history and the work they have done that indentified jesus crist for the fake that whole story is..and the basic grist from which the white religious 'creators' worked it out their christ Nancy from, from as the very, very ancient african story of Osiris, Isis and

that is how they are..nig nogs..totally consumed by whiteness..west indians, Africans..americans..same kettle of stinking fish. were it not for our fearless scholars we would be in a bad state indeed..even as bad as it is

I did the best I could and I am proud of myself in my own lil corner here..for what I have succeeded at
fuck dem all! deh will find out what loving your enemy is all about soon enuff. imagine dat eh! we have paid such a terrible price already..and it appears we still have to pay terribly more to learn..if we finally do

as i asked: what the fuck is there to love about humanity. not much is there. in all of this I have cited two positive factors..the Iranian people and nation..and black scholars in the humanities. that's it. all else is crap
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