‘West Indies is going to win the T20 World Cup’

6 days 10 hours ago #379672 by chairman
“We are going to win the World Cup and there are no two ways about it. We have to go into the World Cup wanting to win and having that mindset — you cannot think that some team is better than us,” he said.

Speaking to Gulf News during an exclusive interview on the sidelines of the Zurich Cricket Sixes tournament, organised by Zurich in the Middle East at the Sevens Stadium on Friday, Russell felt the West Indies will be a power again. “A lot needs to be still done. We are looking towards ourselves and trying to bring back the old days of winning series and winning the fans again. This won’t happen overnight and we all have to make sure that whatever tournament we take part, we do our best that we can.”

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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6 days 7 hours ago - 6 days 7 hours ago #379679 by ketchim
Some team, Dread ?
we are # 9 : so EIGHT teams are better than us ~
You can fool self But it is all in yuh MIND (set )
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