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Fast Bowling DEPTH !

12 Mar 2019 09:46 #370152 by ketchim
Pakistan has always been known for its fast bowlers.
You're the leading run-scorer this PSL season.
Did you face the heat while facing any fast bowlers this time?

Yes, that is one thing that always comes up while playing in the PSL, even from my first year
and it continued to be now.
There's always one or two fast bowlers who are bowling way above 140kmh pushing 150kmh.

So every single game I go out and play, I know I have to be absolutely on my game, ready to go,
otherwise I can get exposed and hurt facing these quick bowlers.
It's an incredible thing, the depth that Pakistan cricket has over any other country
- real and proper fast bowling.
Now we've got [Mohammad] Hasnain here at Quetta who has come onto the scene and is bowling 150kmh
as it continues to happen every single PSL.
So it's pretty amazing.

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12 Mar 2019 09:48 #370153 by ketchim

And now it's an incredible opportunity to be with Sir Viv Richards who was one of my idols growing up.
I would never have had without franchise cricket.

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