Rowley said he told Granger if he had lost elections to do so with dignity

28 Mar 2022 08:00 #395711 by chairman
Trinidadian Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said that during Guyana’s election impasse in March 2020, he had cautioned President David Granger that if he had lost the polls he should lose it with dignity otherwise there would be consequences for him and his party.

Rowley who had famously said on April 4, 2020 that he feared that things were not going to end well with the elections broke his silence on aspects of that period at a press conference on Saturday in Port of Spain.

“I went to Guyana that morning (to mediate the impasse) and I can say, contrary to what the UNC (United National Congress) and the people are trying to stoke in this country, there was one thing I said to my colleague who was the president: That is, if you have lost this election lose it with dignity. There will be another chance. But if there is no dignity in this defeat, the next time, you and your party will be of no use to your country,” Rowley told the press conference.

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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