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04 Oct 2021 20:52 #394088 by Billy Shatine

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04 Oct 2021 21:11 #394090 by Billy Shatine

WAYNE ROOT: It’s Time for Civil Disobedience: Here is How We Stop Biden Vaccine Mandates

I’m one of the few white conservatives in America who grew up in a majority black urban city and attended all black middle school and all black high school. So, I grew up with an understanding and appreciation of Reverend Martin Luther King and his extraordinary ideas and strategies – in particular, Civil Disobedience.

Dr. King was against any form of violence. So am I. But he understood that civil rights for black Americans would never be achieved without pushing the envelope. So, Dr. King inspired protests, strikes, boycotts, sit-ins and other forms of Civil Disobedience to get the attention of the government, businesses, media and white America.

It worked. I had a front seat view of how effective his strategy was. Dr. King and his Civil Disobedience changed this country and helped achieve civil rights and equality for black Americans.

Sadly, it’s now time for conservatives, Christians, patriots and 80+ million Trump warriors to adopt the mentality, strategy and tactics of Dr. Martin Luther King and black civil rights leaders. Because we are now the persecuted. It’s our civil and human rights being violated.

In response to the communist takeover of America; to the destruction (at record pace) of everything that made our country great; to the clear civil rights and free speech violations of the Constitution aimed at conservatives and patriots (and in particular, the unvaccinated); I wrote a brand new bestselling book titled, “The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book” to teach conservatives how to use protest, boycotts, intimidation and Civil Disobedience- just as liberals and civil rights activists have done for decades.

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04 Oct 2021 22:09 - 04 Oct 2021 22:22 #394093 by ketchim
August 18th this Cock Sucker STARTED this Thread :


He still here on OCTOBER 4th : with TRASH

340 posts TALKING to HIMSELF.

NUTCASE ....hahahahahha....Here He is :

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05 Oct 2021 09:54 #394104 by Billy Shatine
OH WELL! :( :(

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05 Oct 2021 13:08 - 05 Oct 2021 15:05 #394117 by Billy Shatine
When I call the pandemic fake what I mean is that I consider it by fatalities and incidence no worse that heavy seasonal flu from which people die as well, at even higher rates than is now being experienced with/from SARS (Cov 19)

I do not call the Covid 19 virus fake. It is suspicious that no one seems to have isolated that virus as yet but never the less it is certainly a fact! Covid 19 exists! But what I also contend is that it is not a natural virus, that is was made in a laboratory and got out to infect the world in all likelihood calculatedly...a development I anticipated years ago, at the point at which capitalism declines finally into its last failure, and the capitalist class had to save themselves, a challenge to them that would be 'no holds barred'!

We know the capitalist! At least we should by now inside out. Therefore we know what the capitalists are capable of by his behavior for half a millennia now. So why is there surprise that he has unleashed a virus on the people of the world along with a vaccines that are likely killers of humans, immediately and into the future... if those vaccinated are not immediately dismissed by the content of the vaccines.

This was simple matter or issue to be expected, anticipated. In Marxism we have a solid, valid social/economic method of social analysis that breaks down all of possibilities of capitalist behavior against all challenges to that system, especially its final stage, and attacks like the Covid 19 attack on the ordinary people of the world by the rich elites and governmental authorities. Those like Ketchim behave with surprise and accusation of conspiracy theories against those who point this fact out...because Ketchim is historically/politically/economically dunce about human society and its evolution to this current stage of human development.

I liked Ketchim back in the day and I thoroughly disagreed with his Covid position given what I just explained. I thought Ketchim, an older guy, exposed to higher education during our days, and the general social ambient of that time could not but have been exposed him to Marxist thought and the strong revolutionary flavor of our younger days. I expected that at least Ketchim would have been circumspect in protecting himself against openly coming out opposed to the Covid game, but that he would know the likely truth anyway, but probably keep his peace based on what I had read of him on this board.

I was wrong and shocked and had to come to grips with what I now saw him to be. That was a major disappointment to me but ultimately the man has his life and he is the arbiter of that life and can do as he pleases with it. So can I. And I chose to do what I have done...criticize Ketchim and all such from my own point of view and ideological position! I know what I have done and accept that fully. I was not making jokes!

Yet I accept Ketchim's right to do as he pleases and I go my own way which is no longer related to him in the way we related formerly.
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05 Oct 2021 15:32 - 05 Oct 2021 16:33 #394128 by Billy Shatine
Tremendously Qualitative Contribution! Informative and Entirely Useful!


This article discusses the political and economic consequences underneath the false flagged health banner while some rake in the cash. Starting with a segment of the west, the article moves to compare and contrast what is different in ZoneB countries. The very latest up to the minute announcements from various countries are put in perspective, concluding with the only actions that now seem possible. To set the scene, this is not ‘the perfect manuscript’ but is intended to tell the story from a Faction Three* and ZoneB’er perspective.

5 Eyes west plus parts of Europe – The Development of 3 factions.

Faction 1 – Governments, Big Pharma and Pro-Vaxxers

From the outset, this group wanted to be legitimized, no matter the inanities that they preached. (Remember SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) was going to be dusted and done with by last summer as the heat would make it go or it will be only two weeks to save grandma).

This group was quick to snatch the financial and economic first mover advantage and poured literally millions of Dollars into new and untested vaccines. Money for friends, in large conglomerates, flowed like water.

This led to fighting for draconian control of the population and to de-legitimizing any other group, supposedly under a health banner.

Today, the message is clear: Kill the dissidents (in open words) or make them go away in some manner creating social segregation under dictats. (A dictat is an order or decree imposed by someone in power without popular consent).

The qualities of this faction are in general:

MSM readers
“Experts” announcing and pronouncing clashing guidance throughout the time.
It is typified by Big Pharma, types like Rockefellers, Foundations, Think Tanks, bought off Scientists and Big Labs.
We see a neo-liberal elitism, a close cousin of its fascist version.
They pretend to speak for all of humanity (Davos types, Big Reset types).
They are known to use fascist methods of clear propaganda and censorship tools to remain in control. Take a look at the Canadian military leaders who saw the advent of the pandemic as a unique opportunity to test out propaganda techniques on an unsuspecting public. nationalpost.com/news/national/defence-w...-forces-report-says/
The last almost two years have typified disaster capitalism thinking spectacularly. They want to make you safe by implementing a biosecurity state. In a nutshell, for this faction, the arrival of the 2020 pandemic was about as accidental as the sun rising in the east. They created a pandemic narrative that is nothing but a cover story to conceal from the public what in reality is the biggest asset transfer ever (more about this following in economic sections).
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05 Oct 2021 17:10 - 05 Oct 2021 17:19 #394133 by Billy Shatine
Have the anti-vaxxers lost! I don't know! But the impression I have is that just about 10% of the worlds population has been vaccinated. At least that is the % claimed by the author of this article linked here...what is more than less a research study in its own right


"This is today (time of writing)
Oct 4, 2021

And now, Norway has terminated all Covid restrictions and downgraded Covid to a ‘strong flu’ and they will not implement health passports.

In Sweden Covid restrictions are scheduled to end at end September.

The Danish government is ending Covid restrictions.

The President of Croatia has also declared that they will not vaccinate anymore.

In the US, the ‘Spartacus COVID Letter’ is going viral.

In Australia they are still beating up people and various levels of restrictions still exist in various places.

In South Africa, the business bureau has joined hands with the tourist restaurant business and are giving
discounts for tourists that show their vaccination cards but no more restrictions.

News is just in that Japan is set to lift all virus emergency steps nationwide.

The Police Commissioner of New South Wales has refused to enforce the state’s vaccine passport mandate, revealing that officers will not be checking people’s vaccination status in restaurants, clubs or bars.

And in Germany, there is this innovation to speed up admission controls. Vaccinated and recovered students and employees at the Leibniz University of Hanover will in the future wear colorful armbands.” One hardly needs a great knowledge of modern history to find this abhorrent.

The international organization set up to handle vaccine donations and the cost basis vaccines, just defrauded
Venezuela again. Venezuela is accessing vaccines produced in China, Cuba and Russia. $120 million transferred from Venezuela’s government to Covax for vaccines was blocked as a result of U.S. sanctions.
In Singapore, there is an explosion of covid-related diseases after reaching 81% vaccination rate. The report from there indicates that it is antibody dependent amplification as a result of vaccines.

Telegram banned the largest Italian anti-vaccination channel with 40K followers.

Youtube announces that they deleted a million ‘anti’ videos

Slovenia are out protesting vaccine passports on the same day that they pause the J&J vaccine because of adverse reactions

Oh yes, let’s not forget, it is all China’s fault and the anti-China media is reporting brutal and forced and repressive vaccination methods in China. Of course, the Chinese people do not know anything about this but who cares, the message of forced vaccination seems to irritate people, so, let’s use it as propaganda.

The Author argues that what is going on in the west is chaos: " The west is permanently operating in crisis mode. There is no management of anything. If there was a ‘plan’ it is certainly now not being followed. But the alt-media keeps saying it is a global nefarious plan.

Let us be not entertained here, but informed. The questions are:

Has the dam broken? Whoever is not vaccinated now, will not comply. Are the governments beginning to comply with their citizens? Or have they figured that the Great Reset is just not working and no vaccine mandate or Big Pharma contractual obligation will satisfy the citizens? Are these governments realizing that they are in very deep trouble? "
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05 Oct 2021 17:23 - 05 Oct 2021 17:36 #394134 by Billy Shatine


"What is dead, the Great Reset, or Covid? There is no cohesion in the ranks of countries. They are all doing their own thing, and some of them are doing similar things. Is ‘warp speed’ hitting the ground at warp speed?’

At this stage, let’s tell the Belarus story. What did Belarus do? Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said last month via Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA., that World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “Covid Relief Aid.” In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President of Belarus:

• impose “extreme lockdown on his people”
• force them to wear face masks
• impose very strict curfews
• impose a police state
• crash the economy

How true this report is I cannot say. We have not seen any denials. If it is true for Belarus, then it is true for the rest of the world! South Africa accepted a very similar package from the IMF and moved to the western sphere of influence and were invited to the last G7 meeting – they received their lollipop. So perhaps we are short of, or questioning details here, but we know the tactics. The IMF and World Bank want to crash every major economy with the intent of buying up every nation’s infrastructure at cents on the dollar! Just exactly the same as how Big Pharma wants assets from Sovereign Wealth Funds to pay for vaccine tranches. This has nothing to do with health, but is political and economic and flies under a false flag health banner.

This is deathly for those that get infected with Covid. Bear in mind this is not simply a death rate but also an issue of many ill people. Can you imagine a defense force anywhere in the world that is riddled with Covid?"
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05 Oct 2021 17:35 #394135 by Billy Shatine

So if all of this is the truth what about conspiracies then...conspiracy theories?
If this is true we are far from theory but in the midst of an attempt to reset the world financially. Is this what our friends are being paid to defend, to keep the wool over our eyes so we are blind to the attempt at giant , global economic rip off in progress?

So, who is making money here from this vaccine push?

China is making money as they jumped to the task of manufacturing those items needed to support a health initiative world wide. Manufacturing went to Main street, and not Wall street.

Russia is making money as they jumped to the task to support the manufacture and sales of vaccines with capital from their Sovereign Wealth Fund as well as agreements for other countries to manufacture. India for example had to tumble against the west and they are manufacturing Russian vaccines and have reopened the use of Ivermectin in some provinces. Manufacturing went to state-supported orgs and private initiatives, both Main street and Wall Street.

In the west, the conglomerates, e-tailers, vaccine manufacturers and delivery companies are making money. Wall street, and not Main street. Main street was shut down and as we can see from Belarus and South Africa, the disaster capitalism ‘jackals’ moved in.

This shows in more detail how this happened: thephilosophicalsalon.com/a-self-fulfill...q97Pst89q6vIdfMwdOT8

Forbes made it easy for us to figure out who makes money here. You will find a preponderance of Chinese companies because they managed the outbreak and went back to work.


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05 Oct 2021 17:52 - 05 Oct 2021 19:58 #394136 by Billy Shatine
Look at this then. Is that me talking there! That is what I have been saying all along: That the people must rise up and change the society, rise up and create the society they need to organize the life for the people...by the people for the people.

We are sitting back allowing the capitalist to create a new society instead for themselves alone. That is going to be hell for the people.

But this is what I have been arguing al along. This is what Marxist analysis leads to...a proper analysis of society, of the day and the social needs of the day, time, age etc.



As 9/11 brought in the patriot act, the advent of SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) is attempting to create nothing less than a biosecurity state, a full enhancement of the patriot act and managed not by laws but by decrees.


This is no less than re-engineering the system of governance in favor of big conglomerates. This is now who runs part of the world. There is no sovereignty, there is no democracy and most of all, there is no accountability.

But this time, the citizens are in revolt and many countries are becoming ungovernable, SARS-COV2 (Covid-19), or no SARS-COV2 (Covid-19). And no, it is not all coming from China and the CCP is not attacking the US via SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) and they have not infiltrated all US and western societies and no, it is not a shadow government but it is real and prima facie. What is believed to be experimental drug therapies are peddled as vaccines that happen to wear off after 6 months requiring perpetual boosters shots for life. An Irish comment: “aye, if the SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) didn’t kill ya, the fourth or fifth booster did.”

Governments do not care. They have new masters re-engineering the complete system of governance in favor of conglomerates and the conglomerates and the money printer pay the bill. Your taxes are basically worthless. Conglomerates care not a whit about Main Street or your productive efforts to sustain yourself, but they care a lot about Wall Street, their big casino. This trajectory will not change unless the citizens refuse their governments, call tax revolts, and put sand in the gears of this new machine. The west now has a tough row to hoe. The citizens must change the governments that stand as lackeys to the conglomerates and get leaders that will not be bought off or scared off.

The no-vax grouping will not take vaccines on pain of death. I cannot blame them, because of the extreme adverse reactions with western produced vaccines. What I am afraid of, is that the Conglomerates do not care one whit and will even support and supply the ‘on pain of death’. They have their legitimized and weaponized black-clad, testosteroned police forces to do their bidding, or as we see in New York now, the national guard is being deployed.

If people do not trust their governments, they do not trust their chief medical officers, they do not trust the vaccine companies, and are told to stay in their bubbles, and of course, with that level of non-knowledge, theoretical conspiracies are created faster than what you can say internet and passed along as so-called truth. The data stream is polluted. This is on top of the fact that vaccines are inherently leaky and decision making for the medical fraternity also became polluted. They could not be true to their own oath."
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