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By Dr. Vernon Coleman | September 24, 2021
If you have a child, know someone who has a child or care about children the next few minutes are probably the most important of your life.

In the UK, the Government is rolling out covid-19 jabs to children, despite the fact that evidence suggests that the jab is more likely to do serious harm to a child than covid-19 itself. Not much research has been done but it is known, for example, that the covid jab is up to six times as deadly to boys as covid-19.

That’s an appalling risk-benefit fail.

I’ve been studying drug side effects for over half a century and until 18 months ago I was reckoned to be one of the world’s leading experts on drug companies and adverse events. I used to be invited to speak to doctors and nurses and other health professionals. Since March 2020, of course, the Government agents who control pages on Wikipedia and Google officially downgraded me to a discredited conspiracy theorist.

However, as I have said before, I am confident that more children are likely to be killed or seriously injured by the jab than would be killed or seriously injured by the disease. Even the official Government experts now, rather belatedly, agree with my long-held view that covid-19 will get weaker and weaker – something I said over a year ago.

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03 Oct 2021 00:13 #394017 by Billy Shatine

Covid In Saskatchewan Barely Registers

Covid-19 came to Saskatchewan (pop 1,179,906) on March 12, 2020. This highly infectious, deadly disease devastated 0.05 percent of the population; miraculously sparing 99.95 percent.

Officially, Covid killed 658 Saskatchewanians. Persons aged 80-and-over account for 298 (45 percent) of fatalities. 60-and-overs account for 85 percent.

304,000 Saskatchewanians are aged 19-and-under.

Covid allegedly killed three of them.

Annually, Covid culls 0.00049 percent of Saskatchewan youth. Accidental drownings kill more kids than Covid.

In the year ending December 31, 2021, a total of 10,107 Saskatchewanians died (up slightly from 2019). Typically, 0.8 percent of Saskatchewanians die annually.

Year-to-year fluctuations render Covid’s signal undecipherable.

Tens of thousands of Saskatchewanians suffer chronic respiratory and/or immune malfunction.

Chest infections finish-off many of these people. Most Covid fatalities rested on death’s brink, pre-Covid.

Still, Covid killed only a tiny percentage, even of this frail cohort.

Covid cases to date: 63,875.

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03 Oct 2021 15:12 #394021 by Billy Shatine

D’oh: Twitter Fact Checkers Just Revealed Their Whole Entire Backside as Shameless Shills For Big Pharma

Fact checkers at Twitter and elsewhere furiously took to their keyboards yesterday in defense of America’s Big Pharma Covid profiteers. This time, the fact checkers circled the wagons around Pfizer, which is developing an expensive drug that serves a suspiciously similar function to the cheap, time-tested, generic drug ivermectin. This time, Twitter’s approved fact checkers trafficked in deception, misinformation, and carefully worded lies, as they so often do, in order to “debunk” an article from ZeroHedge.

Let’s dissect their work.

Here is what Twitter highlighted at the top of their “fact check”:

Pfizer is not developing a version of ivermectin to treat COVID-19, according to fact-checkers and medical professionals

A new oral drug being produced by Pfizer is not a repackaged version of the antibacterial medication often used to prevent parasites in animals, according to PolitiFact, Snopes and Full Fact. While the drugs share similar functions and effects, this does not mean they are identical or interchangeable, according to fact-checkers. Pfizer’s new oral drug “is not similar to that of an animal medicine and is not the same mechanism,” according to a statement from the company.

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03 Oct 2021 15:16 #394022 by Billy Shatine

In July 2021 and February 2021 the medical journal The Lancet printed letters signed by 24 scientists, physicians, epidemiologists and virologists that denied the possibility that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, originated in a lab.

One of those signers was Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, which received grant funds from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) for gain-of-function research. The information on Daszak’s, EcoHealth Alliance’s and the NIAID’s involvement in research that possibly could have led to a lab origin was revealed in late-summer, 2021.

Previously, any suggestion that a lab leak could have occurred was resoundly proclaimed a conspiracy theory.

But now, in a rebuke of The Lancet for allowing the letters to be published when there “is so far no scientifically validated evidence that directly supports a natural origin,” 16 other scientists are calling for The Lancet to “open their columns to in-depth analyses of all hypotheses.”

“As scientists, we need to evaluate all hypotheses on a rational basis, and to weigh their likelihood based on facts and evidence, devoid of speculation concerning possible political impacts” they add. “More importantly, science embraces alternative hypotheses, contradictory arguments, verification, refutability, and controversy. Departing from this principle risks establishing dogmas, abandoning the essence of science, and, even worse, paving the way for conspiracy theories.”

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03 Oct 2021 21:56 - 03 Oct 2021 23:16 #394042 by Billy Shatine

The Times of London reported Thursday doctors in Scotland are baffled by a “mysterious” rise in heart attacks stemming from blocked arteries.

Meanwhile, the paper omitted any possible links to the Covid-19 vaccine, which has been blamed for deaths linked to blood clots throughout the summer, and which numerous doctors have warned would produce blood clots in a majority of vaccinated people.


J&J Vaccine Possibly Linked To Two More Serious Health Conditions, EU Regulator Finds
The European Union’s drug regulator on Oct. 1 recommended updating the label for Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine with warnings for two more serious health conditions likely linked with the vaccine.

The European Medicines Agency’s Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) concluded that the use of the J&J vaccine is possibly linked with vein clotting and an immune condition that causes the immune system to attack blood platelets.

“The PRAC has concluded that there is a possible link to rare cases of venous thromboembolism (VTE) with COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen,” the committee meeting highlights stated.

Venous thromboembolism “is a condition in which a blood clot forms in a deep vein, usually in a leg, arm, or groin, and may travel to the lungs causing a blockage of the blood supply, with possible life-threatening consequences,” the committee said.

Janssen, a J&J company, did not respond to a request for comment.

After reviewing new evidence, PRAC concluded that there is a “reasonable possibility” that the clotting condition is linked with vaccination using the J&J vaccine. The committee recommended listing venous thromboembolism as a rare side effect in the product information for the J&J vaccine.

The committee also found that the use of the J&J and the AstraZeneca vaccines is linked to an immune condition that causes the body’s immune system to target healthy platelets needed for normal blood clotting
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03 Oct 2021 22:10 #394043 by Billy Shatine

Covid Vaccine Uptake Has “Stalled” at 55% In 16-18 Year-Olds

Figures suggest that older teenagers might not be as keen about getting vaccinated against Covid as the Government had hoped, with the percentage of 16-18 year-olds who have been ‘jabbed’ remaining fairly flat in recent weeks.

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03 Oct 2021 22:13 #394044 by Billy Shatine

Deaths Among Teenagers Up 56% Since Vaccine Roll-Out Began

A post on the Daily Exposé on Thursday showed concerning statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) indicating that deaths among teenagers over the summer have increased significantly on the previous year, coinciding with the vaccine roll-out.

I dug into the data a bit and I have to say I agree that it looks worrying. I’ve plotted above the deaths among 15-19 year-olds by week for 2020 and 2021. (Unfortunately the equivalent data isn’t available for previous years as prior to 2020 the breakdown was into 1-14 and 15-44 year-olds.)

The marked divergence around week 23 broadly corresponds to when the vaccination programme among the age group was being ramped up, as indicated below.

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