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17 Mar 2020 16:08 - 17 Mar 2020 17:09 #380594 by mapoui
my argument stands! no matter rase what..you say we say deg say nutten at all: the man have control and both indo/negro lorse,,every daym all days all years..period

so yuh rarse can feel all yuh want aftah elections...negro party cyan tief as many election as deh want is wood like rain in aryu rarse all this time..from start to right now.

Indo win election deh gih Black man wood...reverse when Black man win or tief election. but both rarse still poor,..white man own the commanding heights of the economy. indian own land/house and shop all over the place. Black man own little. I sure dat ent change much. but wat ent change at all is the white man and his corporations own the economy

so dat is not the description of a stupid place?

those are a relationship of forces and factors that combined can only be resolved in the national interest by all the people in the streets taking over everything.

but allyuh sound yet too divided to be able to realize and pull off such a combined nationalist interested collective thinggy/action. but if allyuh doh end that divisiveness thing crapaud smoke allyuh pipe
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17 Mar 2020 16:23 #380598 by ketchim
Cappo gonna shock that you manage this conclusion ! ;)

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17 Mar 2020 17:00 #380600 by mapoui
cappo shock about everything..he is a shock himself, to himself.

how I manage such a conclusion?
incredible! you reading me all the time but you doh really understand me at all do you

it is also ego. allyuh all up on allyuh self while you underestimate nig nogs. yet all the time I telling you guys about democracy..how it can flow only from the popular interest not from minority social power

when I speak of minority allyuh think of race..ethnic group and so on. when I speak about them I call dem what they are..ethnic groups. when I speak of minority power I mean social class.

it is no me who manage to conclude with great sophistication it is allyuh who cant. it is allyuh who all het up on ethnic issues that drive allyuh. that is why Guyana cyar get over its problems and cutting to the truth of the matter and acting on it relative to the true Guyana national interest

like right now..no matter what I say YOU ketchim cyar get over race!!! you want the Indos to have the power to get in some wood on Black Guyanese. Chairman too..and Captain. allyuh cyar get past race. allyuh are the majority and allyuh mus' have the power.

what does that mean..wood in Black people rarse when allyuh get the power. so BLACK gUYANAY AN DEM HAVE TO TIEF THE POWER TO PROTECT DEMSELVES FROM ALLYUH?


time really run out yuh know. if ordinary people cyar get up in the world and take over the social power in most if not all nations we in trouble as a species. I warn allyuh about this. go back and see how many posts I made about this very issue and what I recommended.

fug get the racism. that is only a contrived issue the capitalist made to divide ans plunder the people. nationalism as we know it too..divisive. if the people cannot get up and get over all this divisiveness..race, class, religion, nationalism... we go get enslaved..and genetically engineered into permanent stupidity

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17 Mar 2020 17:12 - 17 Mar 2020 17:13 #380601 by ketchim
You call all the shots WRONG !

NOW a private citizen, black ooman fled an injunction BLOCKING the recount

agreed upon by all parties without any white man or capitalist paying She !

Judge heard her and granted : Case to be hard til this Friday !

bwoy, you wanna learn political manouvreing ?

Go Guyana !
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17 Mar 2020 21:56 #380603 by mapoui
I call nothing wrong. it is you who sooprize me all the time with the things you do not know .

the Guyana central bank is owned by Rothschild and dem. nuff said! allyuh like everybody else paying through the nose interest for no reason..on all allyuh economic activity. isnt that total control of the Guyna economy.

all the banks belong to Rothschild, Warburg an dem so. list dem..Royal, Barclays, Scotia, CIBC..all of them. allyuh surrounded. like everybody in the world..USURY!

so you doh know dat?

look here. dem fellas an' dem doh have to tel nobody how to act anymore. if you going into politics, do anythng at all lke dat woman in the court you know wat involve. if you go act against the status quo deh go come and get you. so you done know wat deh will approve of and you do dat.

everybody know dat. is only you who doh know..or yuh prolly know and talking crap deliberately.

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18 Mar 2020 09:18 - 18 Mar 2020 09:19 #380609 by ketchim

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) deeply regrets that it has been forced to withdraw the independent High Level Team it fielded on Saturday, 14 March 2020, to supervise the re-counting of the ballots in Region 4 of the General and Regional Elections of 2 March 2020 in Guyana.

The fielding of the Team had been at the request of His Excellency David Granger, President of Guyana, on Saturday 14 March 2020. In response, and given the urgency of the task, the Team was mobilised immediately and arrived in Guyana in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Given that the tabulation process had been widely viewed as not being transparent or credible, President Granger and Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo, Leader of the Opposition, agreed that the only possible resolution was by way of a recount supervised by an independent team. This was seen as a significant contribution to bolstering the transparency and legitimacy of the electoral process.

This step forward had been anchored by an Aide Memoire signed by both leaders on 16 March 2020, and the Terms of Reference prepared by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to govern the role of the High Level Team on Sunday, 15 March 2020, for the supervision of the recounting of the ballots, not only in Region 4, but in all 10 electoral districts.

A court order issued on 17 March 2020, granted an injunction restraining GECOM from recounting any ballots of the General and Regional Elections of 2 March 2020, and set aside “any agreement between the President of Guyana and the Leader of the Opposition and or any agreement between the Guyana Elections Commission and the Caribbean Community”.
The Caribbean Community has no other choice but to withdraw the High Level Team.

It is clear that there are forces that do not want to see the votes recounted for whatever reason.

Any Government which is sworn in without a
credible and fully transparent vote count process would lack legitimacy

I would like to thank the High Level Team for offering to serve at such short notice and for displaying the patience they have displayed over the last three days. The Team was led by Ms Francine Baron, former Attorney-General and Foreign Minister of Dominica, and included Mr Anthony Boatswain, former Minister of Finance of Grenada and Ms Cynthia Barrow-Giles, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Government at the University of the West Indies. They were accompanied by Ms Angela Taylor and Ms Fern Narcis-Scope, the Chief Elections Officers of Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago.

As I said in an earlier statement it is critical that good sense prevail. The preservation of law and order is paramount and all parties must work hard to ensure that there is peace on the roads and in the communities across Guyana.

The Community remains committed to the people of Guyana.

17 March 2020
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18 Mar 2020 09:57 #380611 by The Captain
i am ready for that kind of rule

and exile all APNU to titty

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30 May 2020 16:29 - 30 May 2020 16:30 #382206 by ketchim

Harmon is a Rat that will go down on a sinking ship :whistle:

Joseph Harmon today said that the incumbent coalition has written 11 letters in the last four days to GECOM

over alleged “irregularities” associated with the March 2nd general elections

and it is demanding answers be given.
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01 Jun 2020 13:53 #382226 by bobby
The pain is real. People are crying out to be heard. They are hungry. They feel hopeless. They feel helpless. They feel neglected & subjugated. This is not the social contract that was agreed to decades ago. We need leaders who will help, heal, empathize & inspire at all levels.

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06 Jun 2020 17:44 #382311 by WHO?ME?YES!
Election still going on? dem tek time in mudland. Ground always slippery. Watch ur paw!

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