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Google Chrome! Oh Mi God!

12 Oct 2019 14:44 #375949 by mapoui
isn't google chrome impossible to deal with. google chrome is insane, a lunatic. how and why do people accept this shit and continue to give chrome a living by using it

I am trying to delete a simple unwanted email addy from my chrome email and I cant do it. there is no place to delete it. google had made it impossible to delete any god dam thing at all on chrome.

as I dig and dig I am not discovering facts about chrome that are ridiculous..like google assistant. you need a special course for that. and the whole process is illogical. no wonder people are so fucking stupid these days. they learn how to think the google way

I am looking for another email..as soon as I find one I am going to try to delete google chrome all entirely. goddam piece of insane spy shit

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12 Oct 2019 14:47 #375950 by mapoui
I thought I had set up an email at angelic.com. now i am trying to get back to it and I simply cant. where the hell is angelic .com. the email is working somewhere in cuber space..someone just sent me an email there and it was accepted..yet angelic won come up on my pc

what the hell is going on with the net? or is it me?

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