GLO' BAL War'min' !!! An' Bygan! Oh Mi God! PheeeeeeeeeW

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I went to bed las' nite aftah a nice, balmy September day..and wake up this mawning in October..col' an wet! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

wat the hell goin'orn? ketchim mus' be right. :ohmy: :ohmy:

wat about Bygan :blink: :blink:

I in the shop yesterday and I see chicken back and neck..packaged, in an' among the legs and beats an ting. man I remember the sweet food growing up deh used to make with back and neck..cheap poor people food but great food anyway.

so I grab some. and on the way out of the shop I see all kinda veggies and I dove right in. deh have some real fresh and nice bygan and I say I go make ah bygan stew with the back and neck. but the problem is dat I love bygan but I have allergy to bygan..one specific reaction that kicks in the next day.

pheeeeeew! 4 times already since 6:30. and I continued to eat the stew! I jess finished the last bit..I cud not resist. so dat is me fuh the rest of the day....tied down to home, cyar go no weh! I pin dong to mih house! pheeeeeeeew!

oh jeez! so taking the time to look. a couple of useful white people:
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