Some EEdiats talking about AI..and the Merging of Man

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pure stupidty and propaganda. who deh tink deh fooling
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5 months 2 weeks ago #374982 by mapoui
these guys are looking to do all sorts of merging things with AI that are clearly insane. they are seeking permanent consciousness, advanced consciousness. they are seeking the god head..or to become the god themselves

maybe that is possible but flesh and blood perishes at some point. they would have have to become the machine itself to go on indefinitely. is that possible..to be a humanly conscious machine, composed of long lasting repairable materials?

now that we know of morphogenesis1 and the likelihood that our consciousness is outside the body, in the electrical cloud we generate, maybe such consciousness as it is, as an individual, is transferable to a robotic container that is built to 'symbiant' with it, or creates a machine/mind..or robot/mind ..symbiosis for the human consciousness to live on indefinitely

given what we know now..or what I know of what is known it may not be possible to separate the human consciousness from its biological relationship and have it survive in a new artificial environment. or if there is a natural separation at death, in which the biological body transforms back into chemical compounds, leaving our consciousness to go on..to where?

we would have to know what happens at human death?

it could be indeed, that our consciousness is saved and goes on. surely nature at the very least keeps records of all and everything in existence..everything it extrudes into existence. the electrical aspects of our consciousness at the very least appears to be record keeping by nature..hence the seeming memory in nature that once something comes into being then all subsequent such entities find it easier to come out and to live..as if once made natures facility with its creation grows with natural experience and expresses itself in such 'memory'

after the body recombines chemically our electricity as all forms of electricity may not dies as well. where would it go. electricity is forever, cannot be destroyed, even with the passage of time. ensconced in a robotic body would the mind be able to feel?
maybe the mind would fee but would the robotic body be able to feel when touched as humans feel now when touched? will materials learn how to feel as humans do in time if they cannot do so now

we only assume that materials are unconscious and cannot feel now. what if they are indeed conscious and can feel in this or that way already..or so 'manufactured' that feelings through such materials can be achieved by our consciousness if so transferred into an artificial body composed of such materials

these guys however are capitalists, their intellectual and emotional orientation clearly usurped and turned into an elitist formation , of the type that expresses itself fully in the functioning of life as capitalist..the current horrific social life that produced us and in which we now live. that is the orientation that kills humans by the millions in capitalist wars all over planet Earth. these are those guys discussing AI in that video

are the interested in making anything humane from AI, that would benefit all humanity? I don't think so!


Morphogenesis is the biological process that causes an organism to develop its shape. It is one of three fundamental aspects of developmental biology along with the control of cell growth and cellular differentiation, unified in evolutionary developmental biology.
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