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Yuh Ent Ban Mih Yet?

04 Aug 2019 11:41 #374045 by mapoui
I ent promising nutten but I wanted to put up these. and I promise to leave them up!

I thought ketchim wud be fullin' up these pages now dat I gorne. I thought hypocrite Village Bell wud join him and be pissing all over mih name by now. I expected Artemis and Nargis to return to pile on and get the board going again with a vituperative bang.

phweeeeww! Imagine dat eh...Captain, Mudmen together with his twin..sergeant pepper or wataver chin skunt is now, wud also appear and turbo charge things fuh the good ole chairman

vut nutten at all. chairman to ketch. proves all the suckers they are, Shttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTllC7TbM8Mkunts and impses all the way. tell dem I say so. phuck dem all

Now here is a real established expert..let him tell allyuh weh Religion comes from..INCLUDING ISLAM

if you want to save time ketchim..go into the video early..between 10 and 13. check him out there and see what he says about Islam

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04 Aug 2019 11:46 - 05 Aug 2019 10:32 #374046 by mapoui

This Richard carrier is racist. he goes all the way back but never tells you who the early people were....

then he tells about the most early gods includind Innana the most early one..and shows images of them that are all white, he does not tell us who the early people were and takes pain by conjecture to leave the whole facade of history filmed over white

the skunt clearly knows exactly what he is doing. he is an excellent professional, whose presentation of christianity and Jesus is useful. but he is otherwise a bleddy purposed racist
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05 Aug 2019 10:08 #374049 by chairman
Bring everyone back

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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05 Aug 2019 10:55 #374050 by mapoui
bring everybody back? that is beyond me. I am simply speaking my mind..I have little interest in human beings as such. I will carry my life through to completion and that's that..I have no druthers, hopes for humanity etc.

there is no god..none at all save nature. and nature is as imperfect and unintelligent as we are. we are nature, of nature and so as we are so is nature if nature could have made a better program it would have. indeed nature is in that process as we speak...building a better program or preparing apps to improve its product or program as it goes

a man like ketchim cant see anything like this. ketchim is the perfect psychological make-up of a believer. he believes and absolutely no logic can change his mind, alter his perspective even a jot.

and the other believers here too. all of them went to AFRICA and took what the Africans had culled out of nature to explain existence and made the religions we have

look at skunt Carrier he admits that relative to Horus and previous to Horus Orsiris there is plenty, plenty plenty historical documentation to tell us who they are. but look at that eh..there is little to explain the Christians, Muslims and Jews. how in the hell is that possible?

he goes on to allege wholesale destruction of documents to erect the lies by which we now live. he admits to massive plagiarisms..of what pray tell! what in the hell was plagiarized to give us what we have?

and if the Jews/Christians/Muslims destroyed legit historical documentation and replaced them with lies what kind of religions are we dealing with that are admittedly by the professionals...ALL LIES!?


I don't take them seriously. not at all. they are all instruments of human degradation. all of the religions are derived of the Jewish base. but what is that base but a lie? that is what Carrier and all the others admit. so the god dam Jewish religion was is not what it was in the early days. which brings Carriers racism abotu the origianl people front and centre.

the original Jews from the Bible were all Niggers..as was all of Africa..all the way up to the Caucasus. so what they call the Middle east today was north west Africa..is Northwest Africa including the Suez Canal. it was all Black and the original Jews were a religious sect of that Black population. what was there religion then..what was original Judaism

original Judaism could not possibly have been what Judaism is currently. there might be roots that go back to the original, but the plagiarism and destruction of documents hides the rel nature of the original religion...as it hides the original story of them all.

now we can get an idea of how important Carriers racism is. Carrier is telling a story that is calculated to maintain white supremacy. he too is lying about the history, certainly lying by omission. BUT HE IS NOT WRONG THAT ALL 3 RELIGIONS CAME FROM THE SAME SOURCE AND FOR THAT FACT THEY ARE ALL IDENTICAL LIES TOTALLY DANGEROUS RUBBISH FOR HUMANITY

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05 Aug 2019 12:04 #374056 by mapoui


and it is the responsibility of all to check this information out for themselves, to judge and know for themselves..to advance themselves for it is the truth to the extent that it is proven so far.

the electric force as far as science so far is the dominant force in nature...not gravity. the electric force is is what shapes things like all forms of life..the cloud we are in. I cant explain it yet but so far it seems logical to me, explains a whole lot..makes sense out of a whole lot I have observed in life

all of this proves the nonsense of religious doctrine..all doctrine. there cant be a soul in the body. the body dies and there is nothing that is in there that escapes outward. it is already out of the body. if there is anything that survives death about individual human beings well only the cloud that we have discovered so far has that potential. the body dies and is released into transformation back into that our of which it came..the chemical compounds of nature

now we are getting somewhere..with fact that we can chew on..way from religious insanity that is totally illogical, purposely so as to call forth human belief and ill-logic.. all the better to keep humans fearful and stupid, cleaving unto a good non-existent god to protect them from a fearful devil with a hot fork that 'progues' souls forever in hot hellfire somewhere deep into nowhere, that is always unbearably hot

there is nutten at all to be fearful of in life. there is life around us..logical in the sens that it is explicable, we can prove what ti si and that should be our job..our only focus..to prove it out so that we can make the best of it,,improve our intelligence as we go..which is exactly improving nature.

nature and the challenges humanity faces all the time are like APPs set up to produce the improvement of natures work in shaping and extruding humanity..to improve nature itself for nature is not smart. nature if potential, potential and more potential looking for development, evolution..hence humanity with our existential facility..to improve nature.

we can see, walk, and talk and write, and remember, archive, make tools to extend ourselves. we can know and preserve and extend knowledge all the time. and what we know and can know is of nature itself. nature is conscious of itself through us.

nature did a 'humungus' amount of work before it got to us; there are zillions of life forms extant right now that proves this volume of effort by nature in arriving at humanity..not to mention all those that came in and went out as well. so nature finally arrives at humanity..its most facile creation or extrusion..and here we are..the white man with all his kiss mih arse god bullshit fucking up natures efforts, killing the human opportunity and job to take nature forward

I used to worry about what would nature do in the event that we eliminated ourselves then the 'Cloud" came up..we found the cloud and figure out that that is where our memories are, our consciousness..IN THE CLOUD.!

so that is how nature does it then: that cloud of electrical energy cannot be destroyed..no matter what we do or blow on the planet..we cannot destroy that cloud we all have. that is how nature keeps records..will not forget us and what it has already done. and as humanity goes nature will go on with that information and do more..extrude more forms of life, more perfect until it gets where it wants..or who it wants..its most perfect extrusion.

I like the term extrusion for that is what the process seems to be at this point..nature forms the beings and extrudes them..forms them out of quantum chaos..what the scientist call quantum physics in a realm that appears to be fantastic, that has rules bent out of all shape relevant to the conscious world. I don't take that seriously..that is how the scientist always talk when they can make no sense of what they find. all there is is the world...existence. it must make perfect sense and balance or it would not exist. we simply do not understand..yet!

to me the quantum world is matter, energy in a rudimentary form where nature would cause its 'electric hand' to begin shaping forms that come into the world we know, into existence. but what drives nature to behave like that and to form beings like we know..us included?

we don't know..yet. but we are on the way..at least some of humanity who have begun to think this way. and if we don't make it nature retains knowledge, memory of us, archived and ready for use again. nature is endless..and nature can do where ever and whenever there is need to do anything it wants..rather needs to do. it would always be a question of need..not want I think.

nature would not be doing things that it wants..that is what gods do..whatever the hell they want to do. nature would of necessity respond to need. so what did nature want need by the extrusion of humans on Planet earth as we call it.?

good question..a question we never ask, because we live by the gods we created and not by the natural forces we are in and off, live in and off, that does it all in front of our faces.. which despite that fact we felt the need to create stupid gods in the sky who we say talks to us. lunatic humanity in conference with its gods, who tells them to fight each other and to waste their time building weapons of mass destruction

I tell allyuh that nature keeps records and its not record of sins to punish souls in heaven and hell. nature doh give a fuck about nonsense like dat. what fucking sin! there is no god dam sin. for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. so therefore a sin can only be a sin against nature in which case in which it takes care of itself..resolution of all issues built into life itself.

if you want a good result then you must do good deeds. where do you do deeds, in life itself. so if we want the good life we must build the good life according to what we know on any day we are here. we do that which is bad we get the bad results right away. we do not have to await heaven and hell for such resolution to take place..there is purpose, point and resolution on human scales right here on Earth and in life. there is no escape save in death.

and I warrant that the human soul goes nowhere..that the cloud is memory, natural archive of nature. if need is the drive then nature has no need for failed humans..to send them where, to recreate what.... humans as we are?

what sense would that make? there is absolutely no logic in that, to that? why send stupid people anywhere..what would we build..the failed chance on Earth..that example?

never! when we die nature has the record of the entire project and would do better next time...but not with us. nature is need, response to requirements in existence. humans failed so far, and likely blows up our planet and are gone..done. nature goes the human route again somewhere in the universe it would be a better or more fit and useful and logical form of existence, far more tailored to meet the conditions successfully so that nature meets its need by the existence and continuation of the form

nature is a process..that's all I see process guided by the conditions of existence some of which we can glean by our own existence. we are to meet natures need somehow we don't know, and live on as an opportunity built into meeting natures need.

when Black people were the only people we were well on our way..nature was all. we made no gods and no religion...we celebrated nature and lived within nature. we trusted nature for we saw what nature did. we did not freak ourselves out with devils in hell. we saw the world and realized that in the world was everything we needed, safety, food, health, security.... that to understand the world, nature meant no fearful forms like devils and death insoluble, a terrible thing to be feared exponentially and avoided eternally.

the white man brought all that crap into the world and here we are..just about ready to end this natural development clearing the way for nature to move on. it is indeed sobering to realize that even if humanity detonated every nuclear bomb on the planet it would be a momentary flash in the universe for any being that is capable of seeing was indeed watching as it happened. but other than that it would mean little to nature, like a solar flare from suns all over the universe for suns do that..flare.

and the universe goes on the very next second as if humanity was never here..all human shit poof..gone in a flash never to be remembered save by nature in its own career..information that it may use against somewhere

the late great human species..the most stupid piece of crap ever extruded by nature. we had to learn and live and learn and live... we lost that as soon as the white man came out of the cold caves of Europe. and that's that

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05 Aug 2019 15:58 #374059 by chairman
When you meet lord jesus christ that's the day you are banned

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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06 Aug 2019 08:40 - 06 Aug 2019 09:12 #374061 by mapoui

chairman wrote: When you meet lord jesus christ that's the day you are banned

funny! you know dat skunt never existed so when am I going to meet him? ban mih now!
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06 Aug 2019 08:41 #374062 by mapoui
here's is more of the real world....Carrier never said nutten about this:


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06 Aug 2019 16:12 #374071 by mapoui
this is more like it

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