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the Question of our day and time

12 May 2019 09:36 #371507 by mapoui
this is in response to the comment by an author on the likelihood of nuclear war

this is what he said: When I think that a “Golden Tufted Cockatoo” (to use Fred Reeds wonderful image) has the authority to press the nuclear button I feel terrified. I also realize that the survival of the human species will depend on Putin and Xi and their ability to gradually disarm or neutralize the US threat without triggering a nuclear war.

These are truly terrifying times. If you are not terrified, then you are delusional.

But if being terrified is a natural and absolutely normal reaction, we need to overcome it and fearlessly resist. Like Maduro does, surrounded by his men.

This refusal to be afraid, even while being terrified, is how we will eventually defeat the Empire!

my response
the Empire is already defeated. the question is one and only one: will the Empire pull the nuclear trigger?

I am not really terrified about nuclear war..about the insane USA pulling the nuclear trigger. they most likely will anyway..the Khazars will pull the trigger through this or that US puppet among the many who can be poised to do so by that Satanic power

it has been my contention for some time that no current Khazar generation can afford to lose..that at least is how I think that they look at the situation. the Khazars have been responsible for horrific and long standing and on-going depredation on the human species. they have tortured, bled, lied to and killed humanity for a very long time: their social control has prevented human social change or revolutionary change to more advanced ways of social organization and the full use of human capacity in human development and survival in nature

Khazar existence has been watered by human blood and suffering and treasure..for 13-14 hundred years now. in the development of a multi polar world and the loss of Khazar control and power, the rest of the human species must make sense of our collective experience over the time of the Khazars, to retire our collective emotional traumas generated by Khazar manipulation of human society.

if we do not know that yet the Khazars certainly do..which is why they have built fortress Israel where they also possess the means to destroy the planet. so if they cant get the Americans to do it..they will ultimately if they cannot white mail their permanent safety from global prosecution for their millennia old criminality against humanity

I don’t see how a resolution of this, what I consider a paradox… is possible without nuclear war. in time the Khazars cannot be given a walk for their behavior and outlook. their religion in which they see the rest of humanity as less than aphids cannot be tolerated. the world in sufficient time, must arrive at some level of what is true about the universe/earth and work with that as the basis of education for all while open about what we do not know and work on to clear away ignorance.

to continue with many opposing duelling supreme gods in the sky is insane, wrong and dangerous, when so much is explicable, logical, using nature as the template for all that exists. logic, Occams Razor must help us determine what is logical beyond what we have proven/prove as we go. logic must destroy illogical beliefs..and if not what do we do if some people insist o ideas and systems of belief clearly injurious to life as a whole?

the Khazar paradox seems intractable to me..and will lead to human extinction

but again, in my conception nature if it is evolutionary, even otherwise. nature keeps records and survival, going on, is it’s mode, irrevocably so..hence we have the dying out of previous forms of hominids for example and the survival so far, of the better equipped Homo Sapiens Sapiens…a kind of logical progression

I mean the planet will be irradiated for a very long time if we blow it..but nature has all the time in the universe. but forget earth! if the universe is nature and nature is a universal integrated whole then nature can use propitious conditions anywhere to generate human life again but this time much better given the prototype we really are

we would have destroyed our own place and opportunity but nature, though relative to all it evolves..which is why we are the way we are, born ignorant etc, unlike any child of supreme gods..will go on. nature is forever and for sure will extend itself once again with human types but far better than we are, armed with this/our experience, what we are about to abort. of that I am absolutely certain

that is the way I see life…as natures on-going existence, it evolutionary imperative and need to extend itself. that will not die with humanity. Humanity cannot deal with its opportunity.

we have made a pigs breakfast of our chances. we have been tied up by emotion, beliefs, unable to cope with our ignorance and emotion and make sense of it. we fee and don’t know the entire picture/spectrum of what we feel, have experienced to cause the feeling… that is the problem. we have built dangerous nonsense out of the experience. then we cam to know some and turned it all into exploitation of ourselves creating all manner of insane beliefs as justification for exploitation. we are insecure against nature and each other..and we are greedy with all of that… so we built armies and weapons…..

and here we are at what is probably our end. depression, fear? well sure! but for me a logical reasoning continuation helps: I see the end of humanity as a likely reality soon enough..then again nature is all and nature goes on and so humanity/humanoids will occur again… somewhere..but better than we are.. as surely that that is natures way.

the Khazars have been the antagonist of the human piece..the rest of us could not deal with them..and I am already speaking of humanity in past tense. the Khazars were?…are meant to destroy humanity..that they cannot help that as far as I can see..for if we avoid war it would be only if the Khazars win and go in in full world control of humanity. what they would do to humanity with such control eventuality loses all comprehension given what they have already done. their evil promise is extraordinary and is bound to lead to human extinction anyway, in quick time if we apply advancing science to such possibility

so really..given the presence of the Khazar in the mix humanity really has no chance. or we had a chance if we had stopped them when we could. stopping them now one way or the other seems out of the question

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