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06 May 2019 19:24 #371405 by mapoui

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07 May 2019 08:59 - 07 May 2019 08:59 #371407 by mapoui
the piano accompaniment to the lecture is most annoying but the lecture appears to be important..investigating he interconnections of humanity universally,,and human internal biological integration. tremendous!

this is the point and purpose of human existence..answering the question of how do we survive indefinitely in our universe which we are only now beginning to take seriously..the question.

that question transcends all the shit we are now sidetracked with: Capitalism and its enormous endless dangerous existentially threatening bullshit. if there is anything humans have done yet with a potential seemingly as endless as nature is capitalism and its way of life. if humans wanted to be stupid and destructive we have come up with the perfect policy and project..CAPITALISM!

but even capitalism has an end and the end is before us: if we do not smarten up we will blow the planet or elseh end up as engineered slaves to the Khazar fake Jew, who see himself as the chosen of one of the fake gods in the sky and free to do as he pleases on earth. and in that his favorite project is bleeding, enslaving..and ultimately engineering the rest of humanity into permanent servitude to him.

the answer to human problems is truth,,and that truth is that there is no god in the sky. the force is natural - nature and it is us, we are of it..it is everything. we know that but we do not know whats at the root of it. all we know of as eternal is 'uncreated' matter/energy in basic forms out of which everything is shaped.

but why is matter/energy there..how did it come to be?????

well accepting who we are as far as we know, what we are in as far as we know so far really sets us up to go on powerfully, heads on the ground, realistic, in harmony with our species and with nature..to solve the problems which is to know what we do not and to apply to our existence that which is positive and enhancing and extending
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07 May 2019 09:08 #371410 by mapoui
4-square in the path of human survival and progress is the system by which we live...capitalism.

and the major progenitors of and owners of capitalism are the fake Jews..the Khazar Jews. they are the devil as constituted and defined by our by the way we have behaved on planet earth

by that definition we have all been devils at this or that time..but the bedrock of deviltry are those Khazars who are totally, existentially identified with evil

if we are to survive we must neutralize those people peacefully. that is going to take some doing because they have been truly exponentially evil to the rest of humanity and fully expect that if they lose out they will be called out for their crimes and that penalties will involve their execution.

to that end they have built up the means, in their own hands to destroy the planet if they are going to lose out. but lose they must because their end goal..WHAT THEY MUST DO IN ORDER TO SURVIVE TO PREVENT THEIR OWN JUDGEMENT AND RETRIBUTION THEY MUST ENSLAVE AND ENGINEER THE REST OF HUMANITY INTO PERMANENT COMPLIANCE WITH THEIR DOMINATION

for them it is that... or they must destroy the world. that is the current human equation and paradox..that is at root and part of the question: how do we survive indefinitely in nature.

oh bwoy! cud we not have arranged a more tractable, pliable challenge to our existence. oh jesus crise!!!!:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

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