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Ketchim!! Tell Me If This Oepns Up Fuh You....NO I Put Up A Link

30 Apr 2019 20:03 - 30 Apr 2019 20:23 #371286 by mapoui
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30 Apr 2019 20:08 - 30 Apr 2019 20:10 #371287 by mapoui

Here is the link anyway. go in and click Bob Baffert or Mark Casse. it will take you to dates and a list of their races and the tracks involved

look for Saturday May 4, 2019, race 12...the Kentucky Derby past performances, post numbers etc..all of it absolutely free.

there are more races at Churchill on Saturday. you can handicap the whole race card..or most of it..for the whole day

handicap to your hearts content. let me know if you get the link opened
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30 Apr 2019 20:13 #371288 by mapoui
in fact you don't have to click Baffert or Casse or any one of the trainers who have horses in the Derby.

they are giving you the Derby right up front under FREE PAST PERFORMANCES..second on the list down after Belmont


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01 May 2019 09:40 #371297 by mapoui

you can become a member here fuh free. you will get Woodbine for free but the american tracks will cost you.

yu can buy for a price..and after you play a certain amount you get them all..but you have to keep up playing to keep getting them. but the woodbine racing is always for free.

you can bet here and everything. its a solid websight..totally honest relative to the american sites that offer racing..even the Canadian ones that go down there like Bodog..a totally nasty, rip off operation

they gave me 200 betting money if I joined..but to join you have to put in a minimum of 100. but they kept taking that 200.00 back from me when I wasn't looking. I found that there was not money in the account that I saw was there the time before

then I won money and tried to get it out but they only let you take out so much..and they sent it to you by mail..days before it arrived. and they are in Florida so you cant get your hands on them easily

let it play out after I got back about 80 dollars of my hundred then made sure to cancel my account cleanly, totally with no residual attachment that could lead to future difficulties.

deh asked my why I cancelled. I told them to fuck off! as if that was some kind of secret or mystery..as if I could not see the crook they are. they take people for arseholes even when you walking out the door

but I have been dealing with HPITV for years and they are fine. if you go to the track..Woodbine, Mohawk, Flamborough, Rideau Carlton etc., or all the off-track betting locations... you can withdraw instantly any amount of money from your account. simply go to the machine, punch yourself in, withdraw the amount you want and the machine spits out the ticket. take it to the cashier and there you go

as as off-track betting goes these guys are tops...so far!

I noticed some recent re-organizations and as soon as I see those I begin to watch, observe. it is usually from some kind of ownership reorganization, or ownership change by sale..and new ownership with increases of profit on their investment on their minds, start to fuck around with consequential costs to the customer as the result

so I am watching but I have noticed nutten that increases costs to and on the customer as yet. may there be none but mih eyes open, taking it all in

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01 May 2019 09:48 - 01 May 2019 09:53 #371298 by mapoui
Here is the PP for the next big race on Saturday May 4: the Distaff Turf Mile



I love this race..because of the grass. I love grass races. they are so natural, sweet. a grass race on a lush track..like Woodbine will be this year when they open up the turf track after all the snow and rain this winter/spring

I will be sneezing from cut lush grass but I don't care..I just want to be there, in the green and gold with the sun shining hopefully. the lush shud las' long this year before the summer heat dries it out
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01 May 2019 10:29 #371301 by mapoui
Race like this I looking for what experience provides:

HFC/HFD i.e Horses for course and distance
if you have a horse in there who loves to win at the track in question and at the distance and has good recent form, has a competent rider on its back from a capable trainer...a horse that has run races as fast and hard as any in the race and better than most, who class is as good as any..half your handicapping is over. that horse will likely be a fave..or the fave in the race

who can beat him: a young/younger coming horse..a 3 year old on the way up: class PD-pedigree the with all the rest..good rider/trainer/form etc., but crucially ran very good numbers in only a few races. like if the horse is a 3 year old 3 to 5 five races and strong figures suggest a whole lot of talent there that will only explode into massive races soon

if there is such a horse in the race. all else fall into place, this quality youngster will beat the older horse I described above. my secret is always to find the long shot..if there is one in a race. so you dig for it. it can take time..or it might simply be based on your experience you observe the post parade as you constantly developing you understanding of the co-relationship between how a horse looks and how it will run on the track.

often that can be straightforward..when you know what to look for..the horse runs as it is seen to feel on the day..fit and ready or sour and cant be bothered. there are lots of horses I call OJ as in OJ Simpson.

zOJ used to cme to the track looking muscled but 'po' me one' al in the huddle he was like that. he wud run the ball get piled on and deh wud have to help him up he looked so poorly. 'why don't they sit the impse' I thought! he clearly isn't fit. except that the next time he got the ball he ripped off a 60 yard run. then ran all over the other team for the rest of the game.

OJ's team knew better than me. it was not how OJ looked. he never looked 'good' that is just how OJ was. you came to know him or you misunderstood him at your peril.

there are horses exactly like that! you dismiss them because they look so poorly in the post parade..then they run all over everyone else in the field. note those horses, write them down...so when you run into them again you know..they don't eat you up

there are other types too who don't tell you anything at all by their mannerisms. they are fit..or not?, feeling good..or not!? man wat the hell is going on with that dam horse.

if you are playing triactors and supers, exactor etc..include that horse...include both types described here...spend the extra cash or don't play at all, because by those two types you may never be able to tell what they will do in a race. is these two types appear to have form from their last couple 3 previous races, and all their other factors fit and suggest a win if they feel ok..PLAY them or don't play the race..if you cant afford to lose the extra it would cost to cover yourself by playing many horses

so lots must fall into place:
Distance..especially in long races. you have to have an idea of of who can do the Distance well enuff
Pace..is crucial and very complex due to the differing personalities of jockeys..and trainers who give them instructions for the race. post position is alingned to these factors here..as well as shape of the track, size of it as well

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01 May 2019 10:59 #371303 by ketchim
Oh mannnnnn....this is getting like a University course ! lol

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01 May 2019 11:27 - 01 May 2019 11:39 #371306 by mapoui
yes..well it full ah detail. it comes with time and experience..practice..especially if you enjoy it..and careful not to lose your money :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

at some point you can do a lot at almost a glance...

yesterday at Churchill..last race of the day..MDN Claiming rock bottom level..real cheapies, the only thing they got going for them is youth. 11 horse in the race..but of them there was one horse..#3..who had run the only decent race in the field

he had run 4 times and the race I based it on was his third race where he finished third. no one else had done anything of the kind especially the faves at 2 to 1 etc. #3 was 5 to 1. he paid 12.60 or so for the 2 dollar bet

it took me a minute to read the PP ans see he was the horse. only the Parade to see if he looked in the mood to run. he did. I put 10 win/10 place on him. he won by open lengths

when you dealing with cheapies is what deh have done is the key. they do not have potential to sooprise..dat is why deh are cheapies. so if one has the best race that is likely what will do the trick.

that you come to know at a glance. you have to trust in experience..so take your time and develop experience. read and learn. if you do that well there will come a time when you wont have to read at all..just look and see whats going on and you will know what to do
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06 May 2019 02:40 #371390 by mapoui
taking down Maximum Security was a travesty. that horse ran a dynamite race..was the best of them all.

Country House is a piece of shit horse that likes the slop and does well in the slop. Country house also benefit from the fact that as a one-pace plodder he came through as the others were wasted by the wiyah job put on them by MS.

I also think Code of Honor was interfered with bit. and as I looked at the race you can see infractions all over. also Code came into close contact with the 7 himself..close. but in the end MS put away Code as well. that is why Country bead him. he ran his heart but fell back beaten

it is a shame and travesty that Country was given that race. they shud all be ashamed of themselves.

everywhere one turns these days referees are fucking around..as if the games are about them and not the athletes, the talent..from the NBA to everything that's going

MS shud not have been DQ'ed. that sucks big time

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06 May 2019 11:36 - 07 May 2019 07:37 #371393 by mapoui

Blasted link wont transfer. they have blocked the spread of the info. you have to go to the site to get it. so ok! here is the sight

all right ketchim..this is how I like to be on top of a race:

{open up this link and look at the one horse..Platinum Equity. he came off a layoff and went a mile..his fave distance. it wasn't a long lay off and he ran well indeed. he is a recent claim and he was bumped up in class and is now dropping again.}
forget about that first link: go to the one immediately above this. open up that one..go to sat May 5 and click Race 8 Santa Anita. that's the race

Cutting back from a mile to a 6 and half furlong race is dynamite..like cutting back from a mile and a sixteenth to a 7 furlong sprint. you must remember facts like that and look for them.
I cud see that Platinum Equity was very fit, all legged up and ready to run and would outrun the rest in the end.

I went into all of the just 5 horses field. I had the time. all I needed by race time was to see the Post Parade..and just like I expected he looked the part. he looked the best of the five by a good margin, fit, happy,. ready to run

that was it! game over!. he beat #3 by half a length who was the fave at 3 to 5. I never considered him as winner for a moment. never did. indeed he ran better that I thought he would.

he paid 15.80 to win at 6 to 1.

I was sure, certain he would win..like I wants so sure about about Maximum Security. I was certain he was the major speed n the race and that he would turn it inside out..win the race himself or cause an outsider to do so. whiich is why I looked for Tacitu, the best closer.... and developed my sooprise package #13.

but I asn't on top of the Derby like I like to be on top of a race. maybe the fact that I ignored almost totally in the handicapping..18, 19 and 20 horses was niggling my conscience..one of which was Country house.

there was a horse like Country House you see that caught me just like that back in 2005..14 years ago and ridden by this Same Mike Smith of ours here. that horse was Giacomo. Giacomo was far from the best horse in that field yet he won the race. oh my
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06 May 2019 12:00 #371394 by mapoui

that is Giacomo in that link. Giacomo ran 16 time for only 3 wins. the Derby was like his fifth race and his second win. after the Derby Giacomo won exactly 1 more race..the San Diego Handicap which was no great stakes race

how did he manage to win the Derby? I don't remember well ..I am searching for a video of that race. but I think one horse went on a suicidal pace mission and screwed up that race..'Spanish' something or the other.

its the same thing here except that MS had/has the ability to go all the way. speed like that kills all the legit horses leaving the race to the plodders..like Country house.

I never remembered that tactic in time to use it this Derby. and I was so disdainful of Country house and his one stinkin' win in 6 races I did not even bother to handicap him

Same with Spinoff and LRT... or Long Range Toddy


at stud while Giacomo has not been a complete dud has hardly been a success...far far from a successful stud career. I think the only horse he has produces that has earned a million dollars in any currency..is a horse by the name of Premature.

thats right..PREMATURE..a horse that ran in JAMAICA WEST INDIES AND WON 1,523,450.Jamaican dollars. :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy:

that is the kind of horse that can win the Kentucky Derby if you let them do it..or the conditions develop that permit them a minuet of glory they thoroughly do not deserve

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