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T&T Cabinet approves Venezuelan amnesty policy

14 Apr 2019 12:07 #370899 by chairman
T&T Cabinet approves Venezuelan amnesty policy

(Trinidad Guardian) As Government announced a two-weeks registration process of Venezuelans living in T&T, which will begin next month, National Security Minister Stuart Young on Thursday admitted they expect to face difficulties with the entire “process” which is expected to cost taxpayers $5 million.

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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14 Apr 2019 13:39 #370906 by mapoui
Trinidad will soon become part of Venezuela. its inevitable..no way around that eventuality

there are 2 points of Venezuela Uquire and Macuro..2 small towns/villages that are what 8-10 miles from Titty north west coast..Diego Martin. 2-3 more miles to the right and its Port of Spain

Venezuela is closer to Titty than Tobago. Titty and Ven 'enjoy' a very tight geographical embrace that cannot be unlocked. and for that reason the global oil corporations tied up Titty and Ven in such a way as to make Ven dependent on Titty for refining capacity...for all the oils and fuels that Ven needs to live

for those two reason alone Trinidad can never ever take a side in the issue between Ven ad the US other than Ven side. imagine if Titty goes against Ven in that issue and must live where they forever..1.3 million people in the belly of 30, many times larger and literally defenseless if the USA is not there to defend them

some Titties making noise but are they really aware of the true bedrock nature of the relationship with Venezuela?

its a an embrace..a locked up embrace that's unbreakable. Titty will be part of Venezuela regardless. geographically it is. it is a very practical thing for them to become one. just watch

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