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Long Rande Toddy Beats Improbable in the Rebel

16 Mar 2019 22:45 #370289 by mapoui
Long Range Toddy cost 17,500.00
Improbable cost 200.000.00

but on paper Long Range Toddy has a better horse racing pedigree than Improbable. why the cost difference then....

it could only be due to 2 factors: a) conformation b) the relative lack of success of Take Charge Indy..LRT's father. the are ways horse are judge by the way their body is formed. experts use these ways to judge if a horse is going to be able to run like a champion or plod like a donkey.

and on that an expensive 'jump' can turn into a cheap horse at market. but they are not always right. and they clearly are not right with LRT

the maim reason I bet him is because he had good solid experience running at Oaklawn Park where the Rebel was being run while the others did not. that is a third factor in his favor

LRT pedigree:
Take Charge Indy-A P Indy-Seattle Slew-Bold Reasoning.
in that sire line here are also other powerful influences like the Vice Regent line as well as the Fappiano line

but it gets stronger on LRT's dam side for he is out of a mare that by Unbridled Song-Unbridled-Mr Prospector
on the bottom of this dam side we also have His Majesty-Pleasant Colony-mixing with a Norther Dancer mare, then a storm Cat mare, into Pleasant Song by Unbridled/Pleasant Temper

all of that is excellent Breeding if I may say so. the only apparent weakness is Take Charge Indy. he has been at stud for 5 years with 3 crops now. he is due for a big shot all about now LRT may be it

I was also worried about his class but he did run second by a neck in the Grade 3 Southwest stakes at this very Oaklawn Park a month ago. he was not to be feared at all. he was to be bet to win the race. it was right there in front of me and I could not see

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