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The Rise of Another Taboo

07 Mar 2019 07:17 #369986 by mapoui
Incest is absolutely legal in most of the world and has been so for a long time! yet where it is legal it is still frowned upon apparently. but it does happen and there is no prosecution where it is legal. what is it rate of occurrence..and what are the relationships like in those countries?

are they facile relationships, in keeping with traditional relationships? are they replete with dysfunction, break-up and sundry..

what are the states and condition of any children that have flowed from such relationships

yet to see a study or real life incest where it is legal..like Spain, Portugal, France..in the USA in the states where it is legal...in Latin America where there is legal incest in just about all the countries there..in Canada where it is legal to marry your aunt or uncle.. all other incest is still illegal?

and there are more countries where incest is legal..or there are at least no laws against incest: China, Turkey, Japan in particular... where incest appears to be more than less routine and regular behavior.

and as listed, in all these countries incest couples can have children without prosecution. how does incest proceed in these countries?

and there are still more countries where incest is 'legal'. incest is indeed 'legal' over most of the world. incest is not now and never was a universal taboo.

Incest as 'universal'Taboo appears to be a christian religious development. Europe evolved the christian church and slammed incest hard by doctrine, yet made a safe place, a haven really, in the church/christian religions for homosexuality. the Catholic church in particular reeks of homosexuality, so full of homosexuality it exudes homosexual activity, criminality really, from the religious pores of that church.

the catholic church has been a safe zone for homosexuals for so long it appears all men in that church are homosexual pedophiles. to have your male children in the catholic church is apparently, to put them at serious risk of homosexual molestation.

are people really aware of the facts relevant to the issue of incest? indeed of all issues with which we are now confronted..like incest for one?

are we aware for eg..that the rise of the issue incest in the public consciousness, has occurred the same time, or rose up at the tail end of the struggle that has successfully legalized homosexuality in some countries..while and there is pressure to legalize homosexuality internationally?

what may be the why of this conjunction..if there is a why to it at all?

to my mind it is surely related to, or is a manipulation by the social power that for reasons of its own exploitative interest, wishes to see the end of the incest taboo where it is still illegal

the intent apparently..to destroy all anti-incest habit and custom everywhere, even where incest is already legal but retains anti incest behavior, custom and tradition?

why would any power want this and actually work against habitual and traditional anti incest custom..just like it finally overcame anti gay antipathy on all levels of existence in some countries...assuming of course that relevant to gay legality and that of incest the power involved is the same!

it is indeed the same power...and the goal appears to be the same, in addition to the effects legal homosexuality will have, is having on society...the breakdown of traditional social bonds that have customarily organized society in ways that make humans resistant to social control by minority forces and powers, for the purpose of permanent exploitation, and routine domination of all social activity

when people see their way of life clearly as good and right, they can easily be solid in opposition to challenges to that way of life they see as deleterious..like the challenge posed to society by extreme capitalist exploitation, pollution of the environment eg.

so to try to control people absolutely it is better to take away their existential social moorings-the way they have lived for long.. set them adrift...while at the same time insinuating corrupt ways of life into the social fabric, that erode all they saw as good and right, practical, customary and in tune with their collective survival.

whether their customary ways are indeed in tune with their survival is not the question. as long s they see their way as such is quite sufficient. and if it has worked for substantial periods of time to keep life stable, even more so

therefore regardless of the any factual argument about incest as deleterious or benign and for that reason to be accepted as routine behavior by society it is clear that the way the issue has risen suddenly as one that confronts society with a need for its resolution in the affirmative..like homosexuality before it seems to me to be an attack on society itself with a view and intent not in keeping with the general well being and benefit

in this manner Incest legality and routine acceptance should be generally rejected, shelved until such future time as it may emerge again, in a 'normal' way out of routine ordinary human behavior, not drive by minority special interest through their absolute minority control of media, education in the schools and all forms of communication.

for there ever to be such a thing there would have to be social change that overturns social control, placing the control and power in society into the hands of the people, eliminating all minority coercive social power.

society in that way would heal itself..and in such a dispensation the issue of homosexuality certainly will not be handled the way it is now. Homosexuality will be removed from any exemplary role it is now been given..as normal sexual behavior free and good for anyone to participate in

and in such an ambient, a social ambient of freedom and truth informing all human decision making and subsequent behavior an issue of incest legality may never arise...in fact it is legal over most of the world already and it may remain so. illegality for all sexual behavior may indeed be removed everywhere, in the process of reforming religion..or eliminating it altogether for it is in religion where all sexual/relationships dysfunction begins and are proliferated and worsened.

religion is the problem..and its removal should take all those social problems with it. bury them all in the churchyard while turning the churches into museums, libraries and whatever functions the people best use for them

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07 Mar 2019 10:43 #369994 by The Captain
what is this you trying something new

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07 Mar 2019 11:30 #370005 by mapoui

set up to talk: that's what I am doing. actually it wasn't written for here, but I thought it would be informative to put it up here as well.

you want me to take it down?

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07 Mar 2019 11:41 #370008 by The Captain
break it down by race lets see where it goes

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07 Mar 2019 11:53 #370010 by mapoui

The Captain wrote: break it down by race lets see where it goes

sure but I don't have the means..which is why I asked for studies to be done.

but the point is that places like France, Canada and avuncular marriage, Spain, Portugal, Japan have had legal incest for a long, long time. Holland and dat little, impse country with the sadist royalty, always cutting off peoples hands and feet..Belgique..also have been at it very long. but it never seemed to bother anybody until recently as the issue began to rise.

it is nothing new and its been a going concern in most of the world....quite legal..all the time.

I am pissed at the role of religion in life..want to see it disappear. it would take a whole lot with it..prolly that too

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07 Mar 2019 13:41 - 07 Mar 2019 13:52 #370023 by ketchim
used to be a regular thing in Guyana ~
I know this one Trini gyal became a lesbian as a result !
of her father sexual activity on her as a child !
She now cannot have Male skin embrace her and was under treatment !


Consistent sexual abuse of children is occurring in homes across Guyana and indeed the world
but this is unacceptable and we must do all we can to change it.
Last edit: 07 Mar 2019 13:52 by ketchim.

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07 Mar 2019 13:55 #370024 by ketchim
(A True Story) A doctor delivered a baby girl at a hospital in Essequibo some time ago.
The baby and mother were doing fine; the only odd thing was, the mother was a 12- year- old girl
and the baby’s father, was her father.
he mother came to visit her daughter and grandchild and the doctor stood aside to look on at the situation.
In his mind, he knew the correct thing to do was to report the father to the authorities for sexual abuse and incest.
But morally he also knew that the father was the breadwinner of the family
and if he were arrested and convicted, the mother, daughter and baby would have no financial means of support
and all three would suffer.
The doctor was in a dilemma.

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07 Mar 2019 14:00 - 07 Mar 2019 14:02 #370025 by ketchim

We are not about de­stroy­ing fam­i­lies as some may think. We have en­coun­tered bar­ri­ers.
"While most peo­ple have been wel­com­ing to us, there are still some who are bury­ing their heads in the sand.
"If we con­tin­ue to pre­tend in­cest does not ex­ist it will con­tin­ue to haunt us,"
Last edit: 07 Mar 2019 14:02 by ketchim.

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08 Mar 2019 07:46 #370069 by mapoui
looks like Trinidadian get licence to attack dem chirren now bwoy. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

judge an dem have have tuh get serious :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

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15 Mar 2019 17:18 #370278 by mapoui

Another problem with the Hopkins data is that it does not give us any evidence of the success or failure of these sibling marriages. Did such marriages produce high rates of divorce, adultery, and infertility? If they did, then they would follow the pattern that Wolf saw with Chinese "minor" marriages--where parents adopted an infant girl, reared her with their son, and then forced the girl and boy to marry at puberty.

The same problems arise with the Persian evidence. Frandsen gives us no evidence that these marriages of nuclear family members were successful. In fact, he sometimes quotes remarks about such marriages being "difficult and hard" (73, 85). But he doesn't reflect on what this means. He also admits that there is little evidence as to how frequent these marriages were (81-82, 115).

Occasionally, Frandsen acknowledges Persian texts that seem to point to the many children of these marriages being born physically and mentally deformed. But, again, he doesn't ponder the implications of this.

The evidence from ancient Egypt and Persian shows that a society can force brothers to marry their sisters, mothers to marry their sons, and fathers to marry their daughters. But if these people have grown up in close association from an early age, Westermarck predicts that most of them will not be happy in their marriages. And even if they are happy in their marriage, many of them will suffer the unhappy consequence of producing seriously deformed offspring.

This gives us the general pattern for an evolutionary moral psychology. By nature, we are endowed with evolved propensities to learn certain moral emotions, like finding incest disgusting. By custom, we learn the traditional norms of our society, but those social norms are constrained by our natural propensities. By reason, we exercise individual judgment in deciding how best to live happy lives within the constraints of our natural desires and our customary traditions.

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15 Mar 2019 18:38 #370279 by mapoui
this is most interesting indeed..from both sides pro and con...and the just plain neutral presentation of data that expands one knowledge of the issue.

it looks like incest is all around us, everywhere, going on often legal and we are under the impression we are dealing with a universal taboo


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16 Mar 2019 08:25 - 16 Mar 2019 08:28 #370280 by mapoui

America Has an Incest Problem


Last year offered plenty of moments to have a sustained national conversation about child sexual abuse: the Jerry Sandusky verdict, the BBC's Jimmy Savile, Horace Mann's faculty members, and a slew of slightly less publicized incidents. President Obama missed the opportunity to put this issue on his second-term agenda in his inaugural speech.

Child sexual abuse impacts more Americans annually than cancer, AIDS, gun violence, LGBT inequality, and the mortgage crisis combined—subjects that Obama did cover.

Had he mentioned this issue, he would have been the first president to acknowledge the abuse that occurs in the institution that predates all others: the family. Incest was the first form of institutional abuse, and it remains by far the most widespread.

Here are some statistics that should be familiar to us all, but aren't, either because they're too mind-boggling to be absorbed easily, or because they're not publicized enough. One in three-to-four girls, and one in five-to-seven boys are sexually abused before they turn 18, an overwhelming incidence of which happens within the family. These statistics are well known among industry professionals, who are often quick to add, "and this is a notoriously underreported crime."

Incest is a subject that makes people recoil. The word alone causes many to squirm, and it's telling that of all of the individual and groups of perpetrators who've made national headlines to date, virtually none have been related to their victims. They've been trusted or fatherly figures (some in a more literal sense than others) from institutions close to home, but not actual fathers, step-fathers, uncles, grandfathers, brothers, or cousins (or mothers and female relatives, for that matter). While all abuse is traumatizing, people outside of a child's home and family—the Sanduskys, the teachers and the priests—account for far fewer cases of child sexual abuse.

To answer the questions always following such scandals—why did the victims remain silent for so long, how and why were the offending adults protected, why weren't the police involved, how could a whole community be in such denial?—one need only realize that these institutions are mirroring the long-established patterns and responses to sexual abuse within the family. Which are: Deal with it internally instead of seeking legal justice and protection; keep kids quiet while adults remain protected and free to abuse again.

Intentionally or not, children are protecting adults, many for their entire lives. Millions of Americans, of both sexes, choke down food at family dinners, year after year, while seated at the same table as the people who violated them. Mothers and other family members are often complicit, grown-ups playing pretend because they're more invested in the preservation of the family (and, often, the family's finances) than the psychological, emotional, and physical well-being of the abused.

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19 Mar 2019 23:00 #370380 by mapoui

What was once a taboo has now become, to many brothers and sisters, a cool pastime and an even cooler way to make money online. Brother-sister incest seems to be on the rise, at least according to my unofficial survey of incest websites.

In perusing websites that feature incest, I found two types of brother-sister incest clips. Both were more prevalent than in previous years. One kind was the fake kind in which porn stars pretend to be brother and sister or brother and step-sister. The other kind consisted of actual homemade clips by real brothers and sisters. Many were appearing in “cam shows” in which they undressed and had sex for internet audiences who gave tips or paid for private showings.

These real brother-and-sister cam shows seem to have mushroomed in recent years, when in the past they were deemed illegal and therefore were rare and far between. Often the people in the clips don’t identify themselves as brother and sister, but one can easily see the resemblance and the body language. In many other cases they casually identify themselves as brother and sister and seem to think nothing of their incestuous behavior. It’s just another teen-aged experiment.

A recent article noted a rise in incest pornography and attributed it in part to the TV show, “Game of Thrones.” The author, Vanessa Brown, focused on a new genre which she called “Faux-cest.” “FOR the uninitiated, a film with the title ‘Family Play Date’ could be identified as a harmless, wholesome household flick. But in fact, this title — along with a growing number of other films — is part of a growing pornography trend.”

Brown alludes to “Game of Thrones,” saying that it has desensitized viewers to “inter-family relationships. She mentions the “rather squeamish relationship between two of the main characters — Cersei Lannister and her twin brother Jamie.” This is but one of numerous incestuous storylines in this series. In season one, Cersei says, “Jaime and I are more than brother and sister, we shared a womb, came into this world together, we belong together.”

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