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March 6th 1964

06 Mar 2019 13:19 #369951 by chairman
Kowsilla, also known as Alice, was involved in the sugar workers’ struggle for better working and living conditions and she paid the ultimate price for upholding her convictions and her principles

On March 6th 1964 during an industrial strike at Plantation Leonora she and several other women stood resolutely, shoulder to shoulder, on a bridge and faced-off a PNC scab driving a tractor inexorably toward them under the direction of the colonial managers.

She, along with fourteen other sugar workers were mown down by the scab, Felix Ross. Kowsilla’s body was cut in two, while several other women were severely injured, with some being crippled for life. As Rakesh Rampersaud describes it, this was an extraordinary act by ordinary women; who nevertheless were agents of change in the labour movement, because their supreme sacrifice catalysed the recognition of the bargaining agent for sugar workers –

The Man Power Citizens’ Association (MPCA) which, although it subsequently proved a disappointment for the sugar workers, because it later degenerated into a supporter of the oppressive PNC regime, paved the way for the emergence of the GAWU; but not without years-long, unrelenting struggle, spearheaded by Dr. Cheddi Jagan and the PPP, with the WPO giving optimum support to the cause.
It was this struggle that precipitated the strike of 1964 and culminated in the murder of Kowsilla. However the sacrifice of these indomitable women did not go in vain, because GAWU gained recognition by the Booker Tate sugar plantations in 1973.
Kowsilla lost her life, succumbing on her way to the Georgetown Hospital, and two other women – Jagdai and Daisy Sookram suffered broken spines, remaining crippled for the rest of their lives; while several other workers received severe injuries to various parts of their bodies. Some never recovered from those injuries, suffering one kind of disability or another, which precipitated their demise. Although they did not die directly from their injuries, their quality of live and lifespans were severely diminished, which was indirectly attributable to Felix Ross’s

Kowsilla was born in 1920 in Seafield, Leonora, West Coast Demerara. Her parents were very poor and, although little is known of her married life, reports indicated that she became a single mother of four children whom she worked as a huckster to provide for.

She was enamoured by charismatic leader fighting for social and political change, Dr. Cheddi Jagan and became an activist for improving the lives of women in then British Guyana. She joined the Women’s Progressive Organisation (WPO), formed in 1953 by Mrs. Janet Jagan the wife of Dr. Cheddi Jagan, and became leader of the Leonora branch and executive member of the organization.

Kowsilla was forty-four years old when she paid the supreme price for her convictions on that fateful Friday morning on March 6th 1964. Along with her fellow workers she stood immovable, unheeding of the scab’s shouts as he continued to drive the tractor directly at them: “You-all ain’t hear what the Boss-man say? Get off the blasted bridge.” Before he ruthlessly ran them down.
An eyewitness recalled Kowsilla telling the other women “Don’t budge.We can’t let the rich man thief we children-them future ” before she fell, along with the others, scythed down in the prime of their lives like so much chaff by a murderous tool of evil men.

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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06 Mar 2019 17:57 #369982 by chairman
A heroine

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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06 Mar 2019 17:57 #369983 by chairman
A heroine

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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07 Mar 2019 07:23 #369987 by mapoui
Oh god man! who the fuck was/is felix Ross..a Black man?

:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

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07 Mar 2019 08:19 #369988 by mapoui
I cant stand human beings you know!! how do we come to behave like that :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

take a look at this:

you know..there is no point to life you know. how the fuck do we behave like this all the time? fucking why?

we have so much truth that establishes that there is an overwhelming amount of wealth in the world to meet all human needs on an expanding scale. there will always be such wealth. and if we manage to go into the universe there will be even more.

why cant we overcome sectarian scientifically organized, racialized capitalist greed. I watch the Jews doing this all the time..relentless. I watch them lie all the time about everything. I watched them own and control the entire world. by now the own upwards of 2 thirds of all the wealth in the world, dominate global politics...and that is still not enough. they want it all...ALL!!!

I studied white racism, before the rise of direct and open world Jewish control..in the west indies, the USA, Europe and it was massive, awful, indescribable..like the Kowsilla on the bridge cut in two: why all of this. it never ends. it makes no sense at all..even less if there is a god who made all this fuckery

piss on any god that exists you know. let dem punish my rarse for cussing them. I piss on them now, tomorrow ever and always for making this kiss mih arse reality. fuck them all from the bottom of my heart and soul

and if there is no god then it is us humans..evolved out of nature with the spirit of the plasm in all of us..the source spirituality..god in the germ, nature. that makes a bit more sense..that we are natural the product of nature which is not intelligent but capable.

so we are born, evolved not made by any and all intelligent gods.. yet who made us dumb, stupid, savage and had to lean how to live. and as we are currently learned some but yet ridiculously ignorant resistant to truth.. and unimaginably savage.

that is why life is pointless to me. we have had tp pay an unimaginable price just to get where we are now..and look at where we are indeed..what we have suffered so much to get to...apart from all the internal shit in that is the content of our existence, out of our existential conditions..look at where we live..again existential conditions..on a goddam planet orbiting an electrical inferno, from which here are no more 'sunspot' activity..or electrical eruptions... cooling the planet prolly into another ice age

look at where we live! incredible! we don't even know how we got here..how the planet on which we live was made..how planets are made. we do not know how we got here, in orbit of electric sun and we may never give ourselves a chance to know

we have grown up a social domination by the most savage part of our species..the white part. waiting in the wings are the Chinese and Indians who promise to be even worse in their times to come.

and we look to the Blacks now for humane behavior in the face of the savagery of other groups, on the history of what Black people did..the Blacks who are the base of humanity, who were once glorious people who set humanity up with whatever we have, whatever we are. yet look at Black people now..FELIX ROSS WHO I AM CERTAIN WAS BLACK.. DROVE A TRACTOR, DIRECTED BY THE SAVAGE WHITE MAN, DIRECTLY OVER WOMEN LIKE HIMSELF, PROTESTING CONDITIONS THAT SURELY OPPRESSED FELIX ROSS TOO.. CUTTING KOWSILLA INTO HALVES OF HER BODY

This fucking life eh! how the fuck have I made it this long. there is really nothing in it for me.

we make such a fuss about life and it is all so simple. Draw Occams razor over life and there we are. nutten rots away into nothing-ness..all breaks down chemical and is used up and into other forms of chemical formations. existence seems like a constant chemical reaction
life is like Canadian re money..no matter what you do you cant avoid them, end them once you get into Canadian tire..you can spend them all..they are always there.

it is clear the universe is a given..was always here and will always be here in some form..absolutely permanent. that's nature..with capability to give rise to anything possible, in its vast, endless, constantly expanding potential. that's existence as I see it..nature.

there is no set intelligence to it except natures nature. we would have accept nature as the drive and look into nature, to under stand nature to pick or figure out its logic. all the time we looking for god's logic...god a figure like us, male and not female, who thinks like us. no such luck. there is no god so there is no godly logic like human logic which is a factor and product of great human ignorance and stupidity.

by such stupidity and all its products..especially religion and capitalism..humanity stands four-square in the path of its own evolution and development, blocking its own survival. the only way we are going to survive is to accept what we know of ourselves so far, correct ourselves, build social democracy and teach ourselves truth about the universe that we prove..not jackarse suicidal faith in nonsense gods and their supposed doctrines.

we have to pick 'natures brains' so to speak, come into harmony with the universe, learn what we can do to ensure our own survival in nature..to know what we can and cannot do in the universe. maybe there is the potential in nature for us to become truly capable beings to live for truly extended periods of time?

what we really are charged with in the universe as far as I know is to look out for self..and y that I don't mean individual but the species..in universal conditions. that is what we must carry out, our real over all purpose as far as I can see. we cannot do that at all by fighting nature, looking to control nature. nature gave rise to us, not the other way around

unless we think like that we cannot dredge up the slightest intelligence about existence, we remain capable arseholes as we are..who have developed the means to kill ourselves on levels of existence and stand ready to do so any minute now. we have turned all foods into poisons that kill humanity, poisoned all the water, the air..built bombs to blow the planet to kingdom come..poisoned the minds of everyone with ceaseless propaganda, poisoned the soul with jackarse religion

all of that has destroyed what little point there is to life. I am fed up with this shit

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