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I find Donald Trump to be The Most Intristin' American President Ever

05 Feb 2019 07:57 #368991 by mapoui
not the best of course. but there is no best ever american president. deh are all psychopaths and crazy people supreme. but Trumpsy is a rale impse..a true impse who plays the conscious arse all the time
. I
he is very funny..conscious of it or not. I like his skuntery..is yuks all day long with him.

when I look at it I think Obama was the smartest american president ever. oh Jesus dat man smart, shart as zwill, cutting all in his path as he went as pres. but he was as evil an SOB as the rest

wat I wud like to know is what the Jews have on him that gave dem the confidence to put him up there, and 'kno' that he wud not go rogue and become 'his own' oresident?

intristin just as well! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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