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Somebody Tell Mih This Story Las Week. I Found it Interesting! It Long....

04 Feb 2019 19:33 - 05 Feb 2019 06:14 #368988 by mapoui
this is it. and it have more too.... dat man cyar talk more dan me :blink: :blink: :silly: :silly: :silly:

"" Bwoy! I managed to get through life without killing anyone..no murder. that wasn't exactly easy but I accomplished it.

one way was simply not to fight back at times, to avoid issues and take a lot of shit. when my children were born that came into play. when they were grown it was hell to get rid off it..but its gone now.

there isn't anything to like or love about humanity..not anymore for sure.

original man and woman..that is original Black man and Black woman, the first humans, the mothers and fathers of all humanity were great indeed. they did their job setting up the human species..a magnificent job.

it led however to the emergence of the sorry white man, the single worst development in human history..the white man, followed by the Japanese, then the Af-Rabs, those despicable Muslims who people what is now referred to as the middle east..not far off the white man, as the worst humans alive..who ever lived.

Af-Rabs..a mixture of African/European..evil people. I want to feel sorry for the Palestinian people for example but what goes around comes around. in their conquest of what is now called Palestine the current Palestinians, used to do the very same to Black people.. the population they met in Palestine/Canaan coming down from up north..that the Jews..another invader..do to them right now.

those original invaders of Palestine used to kill the people they found there already, Black people like the Jews kill them now. they killed us like so much garbage then...they killed us on sight, raped our women. they killed us for sport and pleasure.... Black Men, Women and Children.

now the Jews are doing it to them. what has not met you yet, has not passed you by.

two wrongs don't make a right..and while the Jews are despicable and I stand with and for the Palestinians.. and end to the slaughter of humans by humans everywhere, my heart perchance is not as bothered as it should be. I will not hamstring myself with over-concern for the Palestinians.

at this moment human existence is also hanging by a thread..and about that I am also not worried that at all. it comes down to how we live, how we have lived, that has produced these challenges we must deal with at the moment that threatens our existence. I do not believe in abstract qualities of good and bad as factors of analysis and judgement. that's nonsense

to describe reality as good and bad is unscientifically. we must prove what the situation is. what we use we have its nature, content and relativity. everything that we have we have proved what it is, they are or most of what they are so we can use them..we have proved what it i/they are, how they function, live/exist..their relative form of existence for in life is relative, connected organically to everything else connected to everything else. all is inter-connected and relative therefore, and as relative it is dialectical..exists in a many sided potential, its own potential many-sided, full of possibilities.

as such life is the template of existence and nothing set up by humanity is anything but abstract and totally incomplete which if it has any use at all it is strictly limited with short shelf life. a nationalist constitution for example, established lets say 200 years ago is useless currently as social guide..as guide for anything at all..best to be consigned to the museum and libraries for safe-keeping as historical record. driven by natural interaction and human activities life changes all the time and only an ability to stay in tune can save us ultimately. and to stay in tune does not mean following dead constitutional dictates but actual demands made on us by changing existential conditions to which we must respond positively on the day, or realize CONSEQUENCES

we prove relativity and with that knowledge know how to use the content of existence. we know the effects of what we do know and results depending on how we use all we know . what we use may be made to blow-up and destroy things, destroy life, poison life and environment, if it is used in that way.

or it may feed agricultural production if it is used to feed the plants we eat.

so if we don't want it to blow and poison things we do not use what we know in that way. we can produce the result we want according to the way we use what we know. what we do not know is another matter..but we can use what we know to produce the results we want. so there is no one to blame for where we are at the moment...and what we have caused.

now if we cant correct the situation we have created, we are toast. we may not have the time to correct what we have done..and we are toast anyway. but all humans die anyway..a million years from now..ten million..same thing. so human death at this point may be premature who knows.but I don't care. humans are guilty you see and totally culpable in our straights..for our problems. we have made the bed we lie in. culpable! not simple causation but culpability - that is how we ought to look at our reality. the consequence we face, of extinction by our own hand, is therefore just.

I am not bothered in the least by human suffering. we are guilty for being culpable.

take a look at this. I wanted to study the Russian revolution so bad, at university, to get involved and come to know. I tugged and chaffed at my bit to get to university...and when I got to university I was enthralled, shivered to be in the halls of academia, a big university, a real one... until I quickly came to find out what university is all about.

after one year my head sagged, my heart dropped, my spirit sobbed. I dot C and D for essays I thought were pretty good, that I worked real hard on. I spoke my mind, what I thought to be true. I showed those essays to people, black people like myself, teachers. one explained to me that good as they are/were, they attempted to speak truthfully, but that I would get nowhere with them because my views were contrary. to established views and that the university did not want that. I would have to give them back what they taught me of forget it

but that is not the way I am. for better or for worse I am the stubborn, crazy type who regardless cannot change easily. I believed, wanted to change reality for myself for the better..and to accomplish that I knew I had to change it for the people..my people.for it is not a one-man thing

I had a problem then a bad one precipitated by reality. I left university, walked away..ultimately to find out that if I wanted a good education in the humanities I would have to teach myself..that university is indeed a lie but far far more comprehensively than I first thought. university is a total lie save in a few areas of study like accounting, some of the sciences like computer science etc. that is why I sent my children through those areas at university..through both areas in academia of accounting and computer science. it wasn't hard...that is what they wanted to do anyway

but me..I found out that education is not at the university..that university is a holding operation, a propaganda fount, part of the lying conditioning intellectual superstructure of society..a content that forms popular opinion in ways that supports the exploitation of society by the rapacious elites who govern us..if that is what to term it at all,,govern - governing. it is not that at all..governing... but the continual existential rape of humanity

and what of the Russian revolution?

from the start it bothered me that Lenin got from Austria across Germany to Moscow to 'lead' that revolution. it was at the back of my mind for years, long years. the question begged..why the fuck was he allowed across?

the Germans did not want that. they were opposed to the communists. who managed to get Lenin across? and what did Lenin do in Russia..only beat back the popular revolution the Russian people had made, and created a state capitalism in its place...subsequently what I have found out that he was sent to Russia to do.

Lenin and Trotsky were two of the very greatest anti-revolutionary figures of all time..and we have been taught in the universities that they were in fact the opposite. the universities are a collective lie at the heart of western society. they participate in a massive cover-up of history..OF ALL HISTORY, FROM ANCIENT TIMES TO NOW. AND IN LYING ABOUT HISTORY COMPREHENSIVELY, THE WHITE HATERS OF LIFE, THE NATURAL BORN ANTI-LIFERS AND CRIMINALS, AND HUMAN KILLERS OF THE AGES, HIDE THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY

it was the powerful Jewish bankers who got Lenin to Moscow, who took over that popular democratic revolution, through the Jews they set up to foment and lead to lead that revolution. they led Russia to hell.

Lenin beat back the popular revolution of the Russian people made, creation of democratic form Soviet that the people had effected to meet their popular needs. Lenin and Trotsky..and all the Jewish leaders of the Bolshevik Party beat back democracy and established a Russian state capitalism..that was the same as old capitalism except this time the govern creamed off the profits. the government became the exploiter

then Lenin died, Stalin Rose and so did Hitler in Germany..all under Jewish international Banker manipulation. these are Dictator types who were set up for nationalistic war.

capitalism then as now had arrived at similar stages...very ripe stages of capitalism that had produced the the revolution out in the streets. Today France is in turmoil but that is only the start. the roiling opposition to capitalist exploitation can be seen everywhere in the world. in the 19-thirties Stalin could have been overthrown by a new, real revolution. Britain was ready to go..and so was all of western Europe.

but what happened..war began. how did the war begin.. so called world war..nationalistic war, war between nations war focused by, led by huge dictators who supposedly hated each other, brought the nations into nationalistic hate that subsumed their revolutionary fervor. and the revolution that was out on the streets, poised to send capitalism to its grave, found itself disposed into the national armies of the world and fighting each other all over Europe, Asia and the pacific.

you see that is when it began to dawn on me what had been going on all the time, still going on right now. the question of capitalism and its evolution always bothered me. how does capitalism..a dead system go on, beating back revolutionary fervor all the time?

how come Jews who own everything are always in the van of revolutionary movement?

commentators, writers all made/make all manner of references about the involvement of Jews in revolutionary activity..over-represented there, everywhere in the world there is revolutionary activity. Henry Ford wrote of that in his 'International Jew' but I don't remember his discussion. Stalin drove them out of the leadership of the Russian Revolution and locked down the Jewish population of Russia.

but the question of how does capitalism go on when it reaches a stage like the 19 thirties..like now. now, currently just like back then, we have the same social turmoil globally..the revolution out in the streets, manifesting itself in so many relative ways socially, small wars everywhere as then, and world war looming. its like a repeat of the 19-thirties except that nationalism had been subsumed into 'Globalization

but now Globalization has been partially smashed and nationalism is on the re-rise. how in the hell! why?

I can see many reasons for the 'end of Globalization' it was not in the interest of ordinary people for sure..but nothing ever is. still with the end of the globalization agreements there is still a covert supranational globalized structure in the world controlled by Bankers and corporations. the IMF is still there, the WB, the UN and its agencies, the OAS and many other regional structures that are really globalism. those are still in place and keep the small countries in check. and those, like the banks are expanding global control by debt and fractional reserve spending continually.

but by fractional reserve spending..spending money they do not have, by credit card debt, by government debt, the banks have a death grip on the collective throat of ordinary folk the world over. all ordinary people have that debt in common and they don't know, they don't have a clue..or at most only a clue.

there is still globalization but why the destruction of new structures like the EU, and the end of the drive to force regions into deals like the EU? why the re-rise of extreme nationalism right at the moment the revolution is once again out in the streets poised to topple capitalism?

that is my contention then..to subsume the revolution once again in war, to discrete the revolution, the generations of young/younger men and women into military uniforms and send them to destroy themselves as was done in the past..to kill, their revolution at the same time. that's the major point of war..world war...to depopulate the revolution, to kill revolutionary youth, to destroy infrastructure that can once again be rebuilt by fractional reserve banking at the humungus profit of the international bankers.

they are going to rebuild it all by fractional reserve banking. they wont put out a penny. they will spend trillions of dollars they do not have and make profit off every one. they will call that money into being and cream off principal and interest and so start a new capitalist cycle free from revolutionary threat and turmoil

that is how they get out of the capitalist dead end..by the most massive crimes against humanity..mass murder, genocide of whole generations of ordinary humanity in stupid manipulated war, war that has no purpose other than to save capitalism and the capitalist.

it is either the people kill the capitalists or the capitalist kill the people... by getting the people to kill themselves.

and that is what they have poised themselves to pull off again, right now, this minute..a world war that smashes most of the world, kills all the youth..those who can make the revolution. that is why the Jews are involved in revolution always..to manipulate the revolutionary movements into nationalistic war. the only difference is this time the Bankers need the agreement of the Russians, Chinese and Iranians. without their agreement the war cant/wont remain limited..it will turn into nuclear war that would kill everyone.

but those 3 countries under their current governments refuse to fight limited war.. or any war at all. these countries are capitalist but not the rapacious corporate banker driven capitalism of the west, dominated by the Jews totally and who take no prisoners. they have been going on with this game for a long time now using war to distract from their continuous and total existential rape of the human species"
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05 Feb 2019 07:18 - 05 Feb 2019 08:02 #368989 by mapoui
The story continues

" People are never careful of what they do..hardly ever as thoughtful as they shud be. when the first Palestinian invaders killed Black people at will, did they ever think a day would come when that favor would be returned in full measure, and that their own original behavior would have set the stage for their elimination later on?

and elimination it is for the Jews clearly intend to leave not even one Palestinian standing. and why is this so?

I have read quite a few scholars in their analysis of the Jews refer to their long term hatred and holding of grudges for real or imagined harm done to them/to Jews

on such grudge the Jews appear to hold, a truly huge one, is a grudge against the Russian people for an act of crime against humanity perpetrated by the Russians on the Jews in the tenth century.

current Jewry in the world as we have come to know are 95% Ashkanaze Jews otherwise known as Khazars from their ancient empire in the central Caucasus. the Jews are in fact white people from Europe, who know not Africa in any way at all, from Abraham to this day

therefore all stories and references to the Jews in the Bible, and in Africa are total fabrications save where it references Sephardic Jews as some small African religious sect in those times. that whole provenance that the Bible provides Jews is fabricated, a-historical nonsense, that the modern Jews themselves wrote and inserted into the Bible to give themselves an historical relevance thy do not have

the Khazars had an empire that was successful that was betrayed by the forming Russian nation and the eastern Roman empire and vandalized by the Rus. that Khazar empire sputtered on for some centuries nowhere near its former self after the Russian depredation, to be dispersed ultimately into northern Europe, some into Russia itself, by the Mongols at the end of the 13-teenth century

but the Khazars who converted to Judaism in the ninth century have never forgotten the betrayal of the Russians and have been bent on revenge from then until now. in this we can see what the Jews did to Russia by fomenting the Russian revolution, sending Lenin and Trotsky to lead the democracy the Russian working class had created astray, then rising Stalin and Hitler to attack Staling and cause untold Russian dead..as only a part repayment for what the current Jews consider unpardonable Russian crime against them. what the Jews actually want for Russia can be seen in American plans for the Russian nation when they take over,..a fact nearly accomplished when the Soviets fell

Putin frustrated those Jewish/Khazar plans for Russia. but they intend to break up Russia, disposed it into resource producing Banthustans in which the workers are not better off that the holes the whites in South Africa drove the Black people into.

there will be no more Russian nation, the people will be enslaved, the country raped. ultimately the people will be eliminated..whoever survive, so do by being engineered into a subservience from which they would never be able to challenge Jewish suzerainty over them

the key for the Jews is that while they can grow up to take revenge on those who did them evil they must not leave those people free to turn reality around and return the favor in time. they must be free of any such worry as they know what it can be like in the breast of their enemies...the Jews of course being the very same way.

the Jews know that revenge can and will come. they know that their own behavior sets the stage for such revenge in the future..and that the only way out is to kill all of those who take revenge in future.

the Palestinians did not know that when they killed off Black people..or they prolly did because they did a terrific job of extermination. but it is not Black people who are doing it to them but usurpers who did not even had a part in the original reality. the Jews just built a lie that they have come to believe, find that the region suits all their needs as a people, and given their knowledge of history, their own experience of life etc, see no reason why they should not just take the land..Palestine..all of it! " it does not belong to the Palestinians anyway. they stole if from the niggers! just killed them off and took it!"

and by the general standards of human behavior the Jews have every right to steal Palestine..and be usurped in their turn one day up the road, by a stronger invader, who prolly falls in love with what the Jews build on the land and wants it all..minus Jews

that may indeed be the case but such a future invader will not be Palestinian because they will all be dead. there is no way in hell the Khazars will leave them standing to a man woman and child. and that is one more reason why the Jews take particular delight in killing Palestinian children. its makes their genocide easier...kill the Palestinian future and the current will take care of itself

such a future invade prolly wont be Black either for the same way the Jews look at Russians for example is the same way white people in general look at Black people..we can leave them alive and rising up. they will take revenge on us and you see what we did to them. try imagine what they are going to do to us.

on that principle Black people have no future at all in human existence if white people have anything to do with i. that story contains a lot more than just the beginning and an end but the directions involved are clear.

if Black people do not develop the means to ensure Black people survive white attack we are historical toast.. as white means of killing develops exponentially. white people cannot afford o leave Black people standing. they cannot afford to leave the 'revenge' alive and kicking"

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05 Feb 2019 07:39 #368990 by mapoui
Market Creation: Full Term Abortion

Body parts! that is what full term abortion is all about. harvesting body parts the world over even though a huge billion dollar industry, that has sparked war and mass murder even..is still risky. so how to develop the supply. that is the problem in that industry

an improvement would be full term abortion when full babies are brought to tern and taken from the mother..or she agrees to have babies for money..which babies are then taken, cut up and sold...HUMAN BABIES

this what is behind the full term abortion issue. they are passing a law that makes it legal to harvest human babies for the body parts industry. they are creating a legal market for mass murder of the most horrific kind

who has the stomach, the intestinal fortitude to do such a thing?

well it is not a question of intestinal fortitude at all. for that to be required you must first think that what you are doing is wrong. suppose by all your precept,, by all that underpins you consciousness and behavior in the world, you are taught and believe that some people are..or all people except the chosen one.. are garbage, and are alive only to serve the chosen in and all ways the chosen needs to be served?

well yes! then killing any and all who are not chosen is right if you need to, and to use them in whatever way you deem necessary for your own benefit. that is what we do to pigs, chickens, cows, horses, rabbits, sheep..you name the life form and we use them. so why not humans by humans?

yes sir! that is who are developing this insane market... that is the way the most powerful human group, that sees all humans but themselves. they are the chosen of the human species..all others are here for their use..the whole world and all under the heavens...so far. just wait until they get into the heavens

but at the moment they are creating a market for human meat and body parts that to my mind seems as logical to them as selling kosher beef. kiddie stew anyone....:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

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05 Feb 2019 08:06 - 05 Feb 2019 08:31 #368992 by mapoui

The Biblical Exodus Story Is Fiction


Shortly after I started to question my belief in God, I remember talking to my rabbi about Passover and the Exodus from Egypt. My rabbi knew that I was starting to doubt the supernatural and ridiculous aspects of the story. He told me in confidence that while the basic story is historical fact, the supernatural elements might have been an exaggeration or might not have actually happened at all. He assured me, however, that even though there might not have been plagues of frogs and Moses might not have parted the Red Sea, the Jews were slaves in Egypt, and the important thing is that there was an Exodus and that this is the core of what Passover is about. Except, in reality, there wasn’t actually an Exodus. I have since learned that the Jews were never slaves in Egypt and that the entire story of Exodus is fiction.

When I first heard that there was not a shred of evidence discovered in the Sinai Desert that a large number of Jews had wandered for 40 years, I thought that wasn’t such a big deal. I mean, it’s a desert, right? Sand storms probably just swallowed up all the evidence. The more I looked into the story, however, the more I realized that the lack of evidence was actually a pretty big problem. According to the book of Exodus, a lot of Jews were wandering this desert, and it seems extremely unlikely (bordering on impossible) for this many people to leave absolutely no trace, especially when traces have been found for smaller groups of people which predated the Exodus in that same desert.

Just like the lack of evidence is itself strong evidence against the war between the Nephites and the Lamanites in the Americas as told in the Book of Mormon, the same is true with the Exodus story in the Torah.

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05 Feb 2019 08:24 #368993 by mapoui

Still, I didn’t think all that much about it until years later, when I stumbled upon the article called, “Did Jewish Slaves Build the Pyramids?“ by Brian Dunning. This article really got me thinking about the Exodus story again. Dunning’s article reinforced my skepticism about the Exodus story and fueled my feelings of betrayal. I was taught for most of my life that it was a historical fact that the Jews were slaves in Egypt. This “history” was part of my cultural identity as a Jew. Even when I gave up the ridiculous, superstitious beliefs associated with Judaism, I could still proudly feel connected to the Jewish culture, which was grounded in a deep history of liberation from slavery.

As it turns out, well-known Jewish commentator and author Rabbi David Wolpe has also known about the Exodus Myth. In his article, “Did the Exodus Really Happen?“ he mentions that other rabbis wanted him to keep the fiction of the Exodus story on the down-low. The basic story of the Exodus from Egypt (extracting supernatural elements) was touted to me as one of the most historical aspects of the Bible, yet it never happened. This seriously puts into question the historicity of any and all of the Bible stories.

Further, how immoral is it for modern Jews to continue to perpetuate this myth at the expense of Egyptian dignity? For thousands of years, the Jews have blamed the Egyptians for enslaving their ancestors when that never actually happened. Continuing to celebrate Passover without acknowledging the truth of history only perpetuates the shame.

Further, how immoral is it for modern Jews to continue to perpetuate this myth at the expense of Egyptian dignity? For thousands of years, the Jews have blamed the Egyptians for enslaving their ancestors when that never actually happened. Continuing to celebrate Passover without acknowledging the truth of history only perpetuates the shame.

Growing up, I loved celebrating Passover. I loved the story of people fighting for their freedom and fighting against slavery. I don’t think Jews need to stop celebrating Passover or stop talking about this story. However, they need to acknowledge that the celebration is based on a completely fictional story and that the Egyptians never enslaved the Jews. Rabbis should even make a formal apology to the Egyptian people for vilifying them.

As a Humanist, I think it is important to talk about the plight against slavery and the fight for freedom. But I think people should do it honestly instead of turning real people in history into villains. There are plenty of real villains in history already.

Perhaps the holiday of Passover could focus more on the plight of Jews who escape Germany during the Second World War. There are some very inspirational acts of bravery and heroism worth telling from that time, and they don’t require made-up history or supernatural plagues to reinforce the message.

You don’t have to believe in fictional stories to celebrate Jewish holidays. In fact, you don’t even need to believe in any supernatural claims on insufficient evidence and still hold on to your Jewish identity. Many Jews have left the belief in God behind and have become secular Jews. For more information about what that means, check out the
Society of Humanistic Judaism

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05 Feb 2019 08:28 #368994 by mapoui
well! deh have a whole lot of corrections to make. none of it is true..none nada. all Jewish stories are hoax and the world is finding out.

we have to debunk the whole thing before they eat us all up and use up our body parts..and cause us to do the same to ourselves

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05 Feb 2019 09:34 #368996 by ketchim
Hoax ???
man figet about the passover : whaddabout the holocaust ???
yuh nah gonna touch dat one .....Moses parting de Red Sea is well known fiction ~
and only Charlton Heston acting made it look real .......hahahaha :whistle:

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05 Feb 2019 10:19 - 05 Feb 2019 10:20 #369006 by mapoui
well I don't know what the status of the holocaust is relative to the law in Canada anymore. I used to know but II understand that it has undergoer some change and I don't know what it is

you don't wat to break the law..that's the issue. i don't want to break the mans law. but we know wats true and wat aint. and it will soon be over one way or the other.

that is what I said anyway

well! deh have a whole lot of corrections to make. none of it is true..none nada. all Jewish stories are hoax and the world is finding out.

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05 Feb 2019 10:24 #369008 by mapoui
and when I blast Islam/Muslims I make ah lil room fuh Imran Khan and Pakistani people.

I have never found the Paks I met in my life to be anywhere near to the people from that region Egypt going east.

the Paks..ok1 the Af-Rabs..not ok! most definitely not! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

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05 Feb 2019 10:29 #369009 by mapoui
and the reason I quoted that Huffington article is that I found the Jewish writer of it to be totally sincere.

I was struck by that sincerity. I know that everybody know by now that Moses was a fake. but the write was for real..at least to me

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05 Feb 2019 10:30 #369010 by mapoui
you see..dat is the sincerity that will allow us to get out of this situation is reasonable shape to start afresh.

we shud not ignore it when we come across it

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