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Heres the PPs For 4 Races @ Santa

02 Feb 2019 18:05 #368918 by mapoui
Ok..Click this link..It will open to Dough Oneill Racing
Sunday february 3


on the left is Bizwhacks on the right is Santa Anita - Race 5
Entries Ultimate PPs

click Ultimate PPs.

that will open up to the race past performances
for every horse in the race..all the information for the race..distance
surface, trainers riders etc

use that to figure out the race. but you know all dat already

you also have the same for races 6, 7 and 8 chose any or all of them to try win and let me know what you choose. we will work on them and compare notes if you like

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02 Feb 2019 18:09 #368919 by mapoui

here is a pedigree database...just type in the name of the horse you want to research and click enter and you will get lots of info..all you need

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03 Feb 2019 10:22 #368928 by mapoui
oh man! I only had a chance to get a look at race #5 las' nite

race #5 is however a very, very interesting race..it wud be best to stay away from..of if you want to bet it because it can have big upset and you want to try take advantage it would be best to go right up to when deh entering the gate before you decide

the post parade and how these horses look for fitness and readiness top run at the moment shud decide this race. it is hard to decide now hours before with only the morning line odds as help

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03 Feb 2019 10:46 #368929 by mapoui
but I will quickly tell what I think at this point:

#1 Bold Mongolian

ahh! look at him..ah cheap rarse hoorse. he ran one stiff race as his first race. it is the fastest race on the page. he battled all the way from the bell to the finish neck and neck fuh a whole mile and got beat at the bob.

and dat was his first race. very interesting. horses doh things like dat often. and he so cheap, so I dug into his pedigree and wat do I find? lots of good stuff. unless he has one of his 4 feet shorter than the other..and other physically ambiguous features he shud not sell fuh 5K

but he did and he is a real contender in this race. he can beat them all if he runs back to that race...only #3 van go with him early and he will burn out by 5 furlongs and fade out of the race if he does that.

#3 is the favorite right now on the morning line- ML.. but I will not even include him on my bet. if I do it would be to complete the super jess in case

so I expect #1 to just about wire this field

#2 is a right expensive horse..cost 150 thousand dollars..but has run 5 times already on turf and on the main track and has not won yet..a very bad sign.

this looks like the weakest field he will face so far. he does have speed also but on turf. so he is moving from turf to dirt and cutting back. he shud be all legged up and ready to run, so he shud endure for the mile. ..if he likes the dirt ...which he did not appear to like in his first 2 races..which is why they put him on the turf

his pedigree says dirt and route running and has some class..which is why he cost 150K. but the pedigree must translate into ability and so far he has shown a bit on turf but not on dirt

#3 cost even more than #2..200 thousand dollars for a pedigree I don't like at all..that sire Fed Business is weak. he was a weak horse on the Kentucky Derby train and he appears to be a weak sire despite the big names in his line

and the jockey Mario Gutierrez is an impse. they must love him out there,. he gets horses to ride..good horse but he never does well much with them. look at this horse: he has run 7 under Mario and has faded in every one..all 7..on turf and on the main track..at this tract and at Del Mar

and they expect him to win today. I don't think so although there is one major difference today. he has a route pedigree and he is stretching out for the first time on the main track today for which he is bred..main track not turf

dat is for sure why they have him set up as favorite. but I will not trust him and bet him. if I play the race I will play him to end up the track..especially with that jockey on his back
his trainer however is Dough O'neill..one of the best in the west. yet he has been taring the horse from the start and he has not won with it..so that fact does not bother me

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03 Feb 2019 10:59 #368930 by mapoui
this is where the race really begins to excite. this horse has a nice little pedigree but is another cheap one. he has now a race under his belt and is bred for the distance. he ran on January 21 and prepped nicely on January 30

the trainer is very good with young horses, especially on turf..which is why he put this horse on turf to begin with...his strength. but he is also good with the youth on the main track

the rider is not great but he can win with a good horse. and this horse is somewhat interesting. he can run better today, prepped to run well, fit and all dat... and be a factor, prolly not the winner but part a lesser part of the closer up results

#5 ahhhhhh! Miss Campbell
Dynamite pedigree and cost a fair bit of money. Filly is a first time starter

her trainer is the handicapping problem with an overall poor record. I don't know who that trainer is..3 times in the tri-actor in 15 starts with 1 winning horse..which may or may not indicate some training ability

however a nice lil young jockey has been put on Miss Campbell and he can win with a good horse and can win with one not so good if the opportunity arises in-race
by pedigree/jockey/long time preparation for this race this guy is a shot

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03 Feb 2019 11:07 #368931 by mapoui
now we have a real puzzle here. this horse is potentially the best horse in the race. he cost 140 thousand dollars and has a very very good pedigree. his trainer is very, very capable in the conditions

he has a recent race of a lay off and he has had many prep races leading up. and his return race was not bad..middle of the pack finish..fourth out of 8 in the race

the major problem here is the jockey they have chosen to put on the horse. this Baze guys seems a bum now. he used to be a ride who could bring in horses. he was never a big winner by the numbers but he brought in a lot of classy horses and long shots

these days when he is on a horse in a race, he is the main reason why a line is drawn though it. but even by memory alone if this hoses is ready to run and his trainer sends him out to compete, he can do so and prolly win the dam race.

which is why seeing him in the post parade is best before one bets. if he looks fit, calm, muscular, well behaved but not dopey..look out!!

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03 Feb 2019 11:12 #368932 by mapoui
#7 cost 20 Grand...bred for the main track and the distance
well prepped and very good last race. his trainer is very good in the conditions

his pedigree is a bit below some of theses but both his sire and damsire produces and has produced lots and lots of winners like this guy, but usually at lower class levels

he looks set to pick up the pieces if there is a pace duel that wears out the speed

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03 Feb 2019 11:18 - 03 Feb 2019 11:20 #368933 by mapoui
so at this point I see 1, 2 and 7 as leading contenders
I see the favorite..#3..being beaten again..most probably right out of contention

I see especially 5, then 6 as potential up-setters

I see 4 to run better, setting up for his race after this one

and I will wait to see the post [parade to guess whether #5 is ready to go today..#6 too.. but Tyler Baze is doing so badly I already expect that horse not to be a factor just because he is riding it.

yet he can be
Last edit: 03 Feb 2019 11:20 by mapoui.

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03 Feb 2019 17:58 #368939 by mapoui
ok..Results of the race

3, 1,7,4

I got beat for the win..and #2 was beaten right out of contention. the horse I said would loose won the race

#1 ran second..& was where I expected. but #3 won the race and made me look bad indeed. this is the first race I have handicapped on this board that I have lost

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03 Feb 2019 18:05 #368940 by mapoui
anyhow that #2 horse ran right out of the money. that shud not have been the case at all. that horse shud have been contending for the win..shud have won the dam race and easy too

that horse cost 150 thousand dollars. it has a mighty pedigree for the main track. every goddam thing was right for that horse to run well today and it did not. why not?

it could only be that dam Joel Rosario...potentially the very best rider in horse racing today but who has turned into a total crook right before our eyes. that horse cud fail today only because of a stiff..and I am sure that is what Rosario did

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