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lassical singer Suresh Yankaran dies

08 Jan 2019 13:20 #368054 by chairman
ANOTHER member of the Yankarran family has died.

Suresh Yankarran, 67, from Brickfield, Waterloo in Carapichaima, died on Sunday at 8.30pm at the San Fernando General Hospital.

On January 2, 2017, Suresh's brother, Anand Yankarran, died of cardiac arrest. The two singers were the sons of the legendary singer Isaac Yankaran (deceased) and Moonima Yankarran of Freeport.

Suresh, the husband of Samdaye Yankarran, was the father of eight children.

His daughter Nirmala said her father died of cardiac arrest, but had suffered two strokes recently and had had to quit singing after surgery to his throat two years ago.

"He was a man of his word. He would always try to meet the demand for classical songs in the country," Nirmala said. She said that like the other Yankarran brothers, Anand and Sham (both deceased), Ashook and Rakesh, he loved to present the songs recorded by their father.

A former chutney monarch, Rakesh is known as the Raja (king) of classical songs in TT. He said it is a very sad day for him as he remembers his childhood days when his elder brother would sing and encouraged him to sing as well.

"He did us proud as a Yankarran and he has definitely left a void in the Yakarran family as well as in the world of classical singing in the country," Rakesh said.

The Yankarran family now consists of him, his brother Ashook and two sisters, Surekha and Devika Yankarran. All four Yankarrans are well-established singers.

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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08 Jan 2019 15:31 #368056 by mapoui
all dem Yankara an' dem jess ded out jess so!

man dat does piss mih orf. all the people I know, the whole structure and ting jess passing so. I vex.
det shud gih we some time..80-90-120 years good good..leh we feel good in the crowd till we tired an' move orn

I was hopin' to go back to Titty one day and meet all dem people again..hear then sing, dig the bacchanal an' ting..
Sparrow, Shorty, Cyril Ramdeo ..all dem fellas an dem. I wud wallow in the culture..swim in it, dive dong deep....
oh god I bettah move fas' before it all gorne

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08 Jan 2019 15:35 - 08 Jan 2019 15:37 #368058 by mapoui
when I read that the ancient Egyptians had a life expectancy of 120-130 years I laff at dat. no way hosea!I thought

now dat I am getting up there and i feel no way different from when I was younger I can see what deh talking about. I feel I cud live to 120-130 easy. but man get sick..stroke and shit. all ah dat run in Yankaran. deh shud have been looking seriously into that to prevent it

this rarse white man culture instead or maintaining the old longevity and increasing it..cutting it shorter. I really vex with dat white hegemon skunt. he call Black people stupid but we never as destructive as he is
Last edit: 08 Jan 2019 15:37 by mapoui.

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08 Jan 2019 16:32 #368066 by ketchim
ouch ! Mapster u r correct : It's gotta be Lifestyle
Heart and Stroke need to be attended to with a proper Diet !
dhall rice and bhajee and baigan and pumpkin and roti : is a no no !

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08 Jan 2019 19:00 #368073 by mapoui

ketchim wrote: ouch ! Mapster u r correct : It's gotta be Lifestyle
Heart and Stroke need to be attended to with a proper Diet !
dhall rice and bhajee and baigan and pumpkin and roti : is a no no !

dat is indeed one side of my vexation. it run in deh blood..deh know it yet deh never do nutten. this is not 1930. we know now and can improve a lot of tings. deh shud still be alive

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08 Jan 2019 19:19 #368074 by mapoui
you see man is Trinidad. I know how we stop. deh jess sit there and do nutten all kinda ole' talk about how life is life. deh like deer in headlights sit dong and wait fuh wheels to roll ovah dem

you have no idea how I wish with all I know now that I cud go dong and make a diff,,smarten up a lot of souls before I move orn

I want a 60 million lottery so that I could do a great deal quick. I not running fuh politrics. di'ze a waste, ah real cost effective an' clean agriculture...

show dem impse and dem who in trouble with deh employer how to buy he rarse out and set up worker co-ops.. help dem set up a co-op bank..how to pressure the government

with success in the area I settle I will show dem how to beat the politics..show dem how dem Khazars from all up here and in Jerusalem control we dong deh and how to get back dat control.

show dem how to pik young boy and gyul and train dem up up right, pay form dem to run campaign in the constituency and vote dem in..no party affiliation..affiliation to the people of the constituency who send dem there.

fuck the parties. deh already sold out. deh cant do anything fuh the people of they go get smoke by the Khazars..so send up deh own member from the village, who live deh, who deh know and support dem and make sure dat deh cyar get corrupt by the process

do that in my areas and it go ketch orn like fiyah man lite..the fiyah I lite. kill the parties an dem..take back the country with a revolution that is no revolution. system stays in place..the people now control it di'ze all

show dem everything and with success people get bold. the next ting is the central bank..to take dat back and to piss on the debt. we nay pay because the debt was set up by criminal activity. if we force to pay we go hold up to pay in the future but freeze interest on the balance.

we go pay the total now..not a cent more. and to make sure that in the future we repudiate the debt entirely as the hegemon strength dies

I have to show all the test and dem how to defeat the hegemon right in he face..to gih hm wood he never expected. he like wood you know. he make dat kinda ting..taking wood.

but this go be wood he doh like but it make no difference. he have to take it :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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08 Jan 2019 19:26 #368075 by mapoui
the ting is t get the people to understand co-ops comprehensively and to build then as they go...under their own control. deh running it controlling it. all man know what going on and how to vote. no minority power

deh cyan take over the whole place with no fuss at all, no more marchin' and demonstration. if man going out of business..moving he business make the government stop him and sell to those who work in the business.

dat wud be a new law. the people would set up a coop bank. to start with I wud lend dem the money at co-op interest..suspended..something like 1% per month on the unpaid balance. dat is what the 60 million for

once it get going you in the government rarse to deposit big bucks in the bank, to pay teachers of co-operatives to work with the workers..to open a school of co-operatives. I wud not wait on the government fuh dat. I wud start it up myself. dat also is what the 60 million for

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08 Jan 2019 19:50 #368076 by mapoui
I also want to start a Hollywood in the west indies.

I vex with amrican nig nogs. they are traitors. deh all over the net talking about how we get propagandize and lied to by the white man, how the movies lie and all dat. you know the story.

but look how many Black american men and women in Holywood and the entertainment industry. some are billionaires now.

look how many great black actors there are..and most of them go act in movies and carry out roles inimical to the interest of Black people for money.


why complain about white lies and propaganda and go help him make it while we don't do a dam thing of we own when we can do so?

I doh want to hear ah fuck from all the scholars..all deh do is talk but when deh talk deh also get money and are ok so deh talk and talk and talk... and don't act. deh playing a game too. deh doh want to risk nutten the skunt an dem.

deh tell we the movies have no good positive Black role models for nig nogs to follow..especially the yute an' dem. but we did make the movies so what to expect. I fed up with them..I doh lissen no more.

that is what the 60 million is for: to get some capable west indian impses to write screen plays and docs about west indian life to provide positive role models for we people..Williams, Capildeo, Gomes the crook, Forbes another crook but Rodney too, and Ismael..and up the islands the great ones up there

then make a movie about Boukman, and about Garvey, explore indenture and the slave trade before indenture.

by the time ten do well we have writers working, technicians of all kinds for a movie industry, computer experts, camera men and women, directors, actors. then we go work them skunt lazy americans in after setting up Trini law..or west indian law if the rest want in and deh shud..to protect the industry from Khazar depredation and attack

the americans can come in and break the Khazar control in america. and if deh come in we have the whole of america as customers. we in bizness.

and to get the rest of region in on the action open up movement between the islands. no passport necessary as long as you west indian born. make regional ID so everyone can walk in and out. and if deh go the way I propose there will be wuk fuh them all over.

I want to build a port on the north to east side of Titty facing the region going north and BG going south. east to get in and out for the region for trade and travel by sea..that all focused on Port of Spain. forrin trade and travel can go to POS..west Indians on the new port. even make a second airfield for small passenger regional air lines to work out of

once the regional movement is focused on those ports in that areas of TT it would be easy to monitor the travel to make sure it is only real west indians profit by open and free regional movement by west indians in the west indies

that is what the 60 million is for too..seed money for all of that development

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08 Jan 2019 19:51 #368077 by mapoui
man cyan dream cant he...:unsure: :unsure: :unsure:

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