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Bush Lot brothers killed by bandits

02 Jan 2019 10:30 #367873 by chairman
The dead men have been identified as Premchand Samaroo called ‘Tully,” a labourer and a father of two and Harichand Samaroo, an older brother who was initially hospitalised at the Port Mourant Hospital. Relatives said the killers are men from the area.

Premchand Samaroo was at his mother’s home, having just returned from an outing with his two children in Rose Hall earlier in the day and preparing to share a drink with his brother and a family friend, when four masked men armed with guns stormed the home, firing shots indiscriminately and demanding cash.

According to the men’s mother, Iris Samaroo, 67, they were sitting under the house and eating when they heard what appeared to be firecrackers coming from the back of the yard. “Tully” then went to investigate and came face to face with the bandits and he was shot.

“He did sit down and eat food in the kitchen when we hear something like bomb coming from the backyard, so Tully went to see what happen and tell me to go bring the torchlight and he walk go. Me hear he holler run and hide and then one gunshot” the distraught woman related.

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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02 Jan 2019 10:38 #367877 by ketchim
Correntyne folks have now joined the criminal behavior in GT .
sad ~

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