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Holocaust USA!

03 Dec 2018 12:21 #367204 by mapoui
so who doing the killing now..?

that is the question: A New Holocaust but who is doing the killing??????


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03 Dec 2018 12:22 #367205 by mapoui
Here we go:

Almost a week ago I saw a story on Zerohedge about how the life expectancy rate has fallen in the US for the third year in a row. Of course I believe that the CDC numbers cited in the article are being understated because the government is afraid to publish how high the number of premature deaths really is.

I wasn’t really surprised to see this news because I’ve seen so many bad economic and societal changes in our country over the last 10 years or so. There really seems to be a concerted effort by America’s ruling class to, dare I say, holocaust the masses of the country. I believe the country took a turn for the worse in the summer of 2007 when the housing credit crisis began. And it’s all been downhill from there ever since. Over the years more and more businesses have laid people off or shut down completely. We’ve seen it the most with the retail chains since 2007, but many other types of businesses in many different industries have also been effected.

We’ve all seen what happens when people are unemployed for extended periods of time. They end up getting depressed, many drink and now many more are taking drugs. Not to mention when you’re unemployed you can no longer afford health insurance or even basic healthcare. And of course we are all seeing a growing number of people becoming homeless and literally living on the streets. So of course all these things contribute to a person’s life expectancy dropping considerably.

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03 Dec 2018 12:25 #367206 by mapoui

American drug overdose deaths surged above 70,000 in 2017, a 10% jump to a new record as life expectancy across the country plunged for the second time in three years, according to a government report out Thursday.

CDC Director Robert Redfield said the data was deeply "troubling."

"Life expectancy gives us a snapshot of the Nation's overall health and these sobering statistics are a wakeup call that we are losing too many Americans, too early and too often, to conditions that are preventable," Redfield said in a statement Thursday, adding that the decline in overall life expectancy is linked to the accelerated rise in deaths from drug overdose and suicide.

Suicide rates moved higher, by about 3.7%. Together, these two causes of death decreased US life expectancy for the second year in a row, the CDC reported. As shown in the graphic below, most of the drug overdoses are occurring in deindustrialized regions of the country, including Rust Belt states and parts of the Mid Atlantic and North East.

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03 Dec 2018 12:43 #367208 by ketchim
This is Caucasian, Hispanics or African Amrican ?
OR a catch all basket of stats ?

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