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Laffin Chin Calling the Police fuh Mapoui

26 Nov 2018 17:17 - 27 Nov 2018 12:54 #366998 by mapoui
Laffin-Chin accuse ole Mappy of pure insanity and a threat to the people around him..she 'fraid Mappy go chop, shoot and blow up near-by regions and she is prepared to call the police in preventive action and purpose.

last time I looked Mappy din kill nobody and plenty people dead... last night fuh eg at the hands of each other.

Laffin-Chin must be bline. IT not looking or IT would have seen before and called the police a lot of times for all who did the killings last nite and yesterday..and tonight and tomorrow to come. Laffin wud be extremely busy on that phone to the cops

but I mus' admit Laffin Chin did make a list of very attractive targets fuh killing, the people I most hate. Chin Laffin logic tell IT there must be people I hate bad bad and want to kill given how I talk

'I really hate all dem people Laffin..red, brong, white, Indos..really. based on experience of them..and with them. but killing dem wud take time and planning if I am to get away with it..and I have to get away. no point otherwise. I see some people killing unimaginable numbers of humans every day and get away with it, living happy and in splendor. so why mus' I kill and not get away an' do the same..why mus' I sacrifice myself in the killing?

Nah Laffin-Chin! I am not like dat at all! I love mihself bad bad! truly..and will sacrifice myself fuh no one and nutten in the world. there was once upon a time when I wud..fuh Black people and revolutionary democracy. Malcolm, Medgar and Martin did..so why not me?

then I really came to know people, including of Black people and I smartened-up.

I remain radical of social opinion, and work forward with that. but I will not sacrifice myself. I do not put myself in danger..more danger than already exists just for having a different opinion.

If I get involved more than I am now the people would have moved en masse' and are in the process of kerrying out a revolution. then I join to do my part in my location..taking no power but pushing pure naked popular democracy for all I am worth..power not only to the people but into the hands of the people immediately.. period.

but the people mus' move. there is no point otherwise. what am I going to do, go out there by myself and get chopped up like a jackarse.. fuh who..the people?

not me!.

the people are impse! impsy! it presupposes that if the people move then things get real bad and spurred them on. it means the state of the day crystallized in their collective mind, and they realized what they must do, had to do.. and did it out in the streets: taking down that which exploits them, and creating and putting up something better in its place.

when the people get like that then it is time to get busy on real social change. the people understand and no one is left hung out to dry when they work towards democracy. the elites, the exploiters are then running for their lives and it is time to make a better organization of society

but as it stands now the very people I am supposed to hate are killing themselves. I doh have to kill dem at all. all I have to do is to sit and watch dem die. I doh have to sacrifice myself.

I can use my time to save my own skunt..finding good clean food to eat, clean wartuh to drink and keep myself clean and live tuh rarse. all I have to do is to avoid their own suicide and it's causes, while allowing them the right to so kill themselves

Laffin-Chin was a skunt before when IT posted.. IT is still a skunt ..and will always be one. hahahahah.

the people I am suppose to hate are so suicidal and stupid they are about to blow the planet as a whole too. but I have lived most of my life already. and my children are no longer children, they are mature and have lived well to this point.. from the day they were born.

they have traveled all over the world, been everywhere. they have money in their pockets, homes over their heads, cars below their bums. let them blow the planet. we have done real well and can be satisfied regardless of what happens

so who the fuck am I supposed to sacrifice myself for, by killing those I hate?

who am I supposed to kill..people who do not have what I have? people who are already killing themselves and are dead already, walking?

how many Canadians died yesterday from Opioids?

I never made an opioid in my life..and I don't take dat sort of stuff myself.

you know what! I realized a long long time ago that Pharma is a killer..that its purpose is to kill humans, depopulate..AND MAKE THE PEOPLE PAY FOR THEIR OWN DEATHS.

so they charge them for the poisons at the pharmacy. at the Pharmacy I don't see one single cure..only treatment for symptoms, always in a mix with poisons that make the human condition worse

so a drugstore comes to me like an agricultural shop..like T Geddes Grant in Trinidad and west indies that sell poisons that kill, to the farmers that also kill the people. a drugstore sells poisons just like the agricultural poison shops.


they are making opioids deliberately Laffin-Chin..the big boys..to kill and kill and kill americans and Canadians. and dat aint all deh make to kill americans and Canadians..just the latest, most virulent killer.

and I used to tell people what I said here about Pharma..that the medicines are foul, that they are made to kill, deliberately and deh called mih mad and racist. so you see what I mean.

more people currently are seeing that truth.

I would never take vaccines because I did not know what is in them. look at how much deh say of me because far from wanting to kill dem, I was trying to save dem.

and dat is a huge huge huge part of my anger Laffin-Chin...how I was treated then/now, after how I was treated as a child growing up, when I came to see the truth of my condition..our condition.. as a black man and an ordinary working class man period.

I was working in our collective interest, clearly and sincerely so. yet it was wood in my rarse from the very same people like me..black, and white working class.

that is what I cud not stand. what I still cannot stand. so who deh want to find out things in our interest, and if they don't already know, to tell them about it: a priest, a rich man, a saint, god..who?

who has any vested interest in the issues or ordinary people, but ordinary people themselves, those who suffered and are compromised by systematic exploitation like us?

who is to know and tell us that the effort, the job of cleaning up our social reality is what would make us whole again as people, sane and self-loving, is ours, for us to do and accomplish and no one else..not priests, saints and rich men doing it for us. which they wont: because it is not in their interest to do so

that is the stunning part..how the victims love and protect the exploiter and killer of our people, and destroy their own who see and experience truth and bring it to them... at the same time effecting protection for the exploiter and killer of our own..from our own revolutionary types.

this is the incredible, unimaginable truth that re-traumatized me and has me angry like sin with our people, for how we are, for what has happened to me in the process of fighting the state of affairs arrayed against ordinary people. that is why I could write about my teacher and what she did to me, in the way I wrote it..because all like she is/was, are traitorous, destroying her own people for the killer and exploiter of us all.

I cud walk away from that experience if it was an ignorant phase of our collective experience you see: we did not know what we had been led to believe was wrong and harmed us, in the interest of the Man.

but it was not an ignorant phase for us as a whole! it was an ignorant phase for me, a child who did not know what was going on at the time.. but not for the teacher who knew and fucked me up anyway. she was a traitor and hater of her own..and she made me into one as well.

and as I grew into a mature experience of the society I came out of, I came to see not ignorance on our collective part, but sell-out..clear, open traitorous behavior literally by all around me..but especially by the Black elites of our country, those who formed the government and worked for the forriner, not for the people of the nation, who gave rise to them.

so there was/is nothing at all forgivable of all concerned in the reality that was responsible for our traumatization, for my traumatization as a youth growing up.

indeed our west indian society was set-up to so traumatize the youth of the dispossessed people of our nation and region. we were were set-up to be crippled intellectually and emotionally, so that we would never be a threat to the status quo.

as I look back and understand what I went through, the people who mattered knew it all and participated fully in i anyway, sold out for their own individual interests..black white, mixed, indos elites and middle classes. they sold to fuck out their own nation and people. they all sought to look after themselves and enough of their own to make a vine, that helped each other and enhanced chances of group survival.
all of them had no interest at all in developing a real democratic nationalism that looked after all Trinidadians/West Indians

you see that is why I cud never forgive Dr Eric Williams. I used to think and say that was the first and most crucial thing to be done in Trinidad..the reclamation of the people from that destructiv, formative experience and social conditioning we all went through. and if the fathers of independence had to address anything immediately that was the first thing to address..the reclamation of ordinary Trinidadians from the ravages of Slavery and Indenture, colonialism, debt slaver.. and all the brainwashing that had gone on in that centuries long process, especially from religion..all of the religions.

but Eric Williams did not do it. it was not done then..it has never been done and here we are with the west indian people, as bent as ever by that formative experience, half a century later, after independence.

and a man like me, a victim and sufferer of that formative experience came so see truth and came with it to those like myself and deh fucked me then, and have continued to fuck me ever since..niggers and indos like me..the murderous internecine behavior of the victims that prevents their collective forward movement..their 'collectivization into one mind' on our independence, that would make it impossible for the enemy to win

there are no clean west indians. that would be impossible in our situation..and in any capitalist reality. the capitalist is a thief and a murderer and an all round criminal. he has built as a result a criminal reality, that is a lie from bottom to top, and the top down..that functions criminally period, every dam day..and will so function until the people rise up and put an end to it, replacing capitalism with a real popular democracy

so who is the man with the shining coat they are waiting on to lead them to the promised land?

there is no such individual anywhere in hell or in heaven. certainly not the white Jesus of the pierced and bleeding heart, who is in fact a buller, a homosexual, taking man all over the place.

that man in the picture is not the real Jesus..and to the extent he was real in fact, a real live human, he was the painter of that picture, Mikel Angelo's lover. and he is reputed to have been blood related to Mikel Angelo also..his brother or cousin or nephew or uncle.. or some such relative whom Mikel Angelo clearly loved. so Mikel Angelo painted him lovingly, sexually..transferring, projecting that sexuality onto future generation of believers, all who became smitten with that pictur's figure, especially the homosexuals, who flocked to the administrations of religious organizations, churches, to capture the church's social authority, to be applied in priestly activity of fucking everybody, but especially little boys in all churches

the real Jesus was a revolutionary preacher and healer who fought to control the money changers, the usurers...to clear away all debt from the people and free them to live again. they killed Jesus for that, for his healing of the people..then forgot about it and him...then brought him back to life..resurrected him so to speak.. to serve as the catalyzing figure around which the church was formed...but resurrected by god himself

they gave the people that stupid narrative to fool then..of a god sending his only begotten son... what a mad concept..a god with all the power, conceiving a son for the express purpose of sacrificing him for human sin!

why wud any god do that...for humans!!!!!...us! we! incredible!????? I have to laff. and we believe that shit. more incredible!

Jesus was no longer the revolutionary figure he was in real life. he was transformed into a son of god, social sap and milquetoast turning-the-other cheek skunt, who gave unto Cesear what was his..all the wealth.. and enshrined poverty, slavery, homelessness in empty nobility. I mean it is easy to see the manipulations that took place to give us the Jesus narrative, to know it is crap, lies from start to finish.

that the real Jesus did not look like Mikel Angelo's lover is certain. but that he was really revolutionary is the point.. not the jackarse Jesus people go to pray to, all the time in the fake churches. that skunt did not exist at all and the people who pray to him are fools beyond comparative..wasting copious amounts of time in their lives for no good reason at all. the real Jesus may have had no religion at all, could have been, and probably was a spiritualist in the old sense of that term

so that the Jesus with the bleeding heart all over the place is a representation of homosexual love, and he has inspired great quantity of religious homosexuality, homosexuality in the church.

the Catholic church in particular was a homosexual refuge from the start. in that church homosexuality was made safe from general persecution on the streets. the priest could frighten the ordinary flock with fear of god to fuck them freely in the church, without any possibility of penalty.

instead of chasing out the usurer the church became another form of usury.

just like the usurer forced the debtor to give up his children.. the boys to be used as slaves and no doubt fucked as well: and the daughters to be concubines..the wife as well: so too the churches preyed on the ordinary people for their sustenance in all ways: for food and clothes, tithes and taxes, free labor when building churches, and sex

there is all of that and a whole lot more Laffin-Chin. and there is so much to piss on all of allyuh who can in judgement cast stones? there are no clean humans in position of judgement on any other humans in any justified sense. I mean some humans have the power to judge others but not in any justified sense

they have judged my rarse..and I hate allyuh skunt.. but not to kallyuh because allyuh dead already..just standing up and moving for now. allyuh soon keel to fuck over.

ultimately my problem is that I know too much! I know the lies will lead to the extinction of the human species, that it is based on horrific exploitation of the human species including mass murders, genocides and slavery, indenture and massive debt enslavement of ordinary people the world over. I mean the condition of the people everywhere is an abomination, an insult to nature, to the spirit of existence.

how do I join up with that, when I know what it is and that it offers no way out ultimately, even for the elite who created the system and have managed it for so long now.

it is just my mind, my intellect, how I am. I am a bum! but I cant join up with suicide. I still have a moral compass and my morality does not include bending over to what is in the end the greatest most hopeless stupidity there is..the domination of the capitalist on planet earth, of all the human population, and leading us to hell




look closely you will find that stone to be all that we have loosed on the planet of a negative natur, that have now gelled in their own way and coming back to kill us. and while we did that we taught ourselves to be stupid so that the very greatest part of the stone is that stupidity that does not permit us to recognize the truth as it is coming towards us and to take evasive action.

'god will save us so lets bend our knees in prayer. bring in all the congregants here..Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, Jewish-who can pray to the side, high on the stage above us.. as they are the chosen, so cant pray with the collective. but we need their Jehvah/Yaweh here too, along with Buddha, Mohammed, God, Thor, Horus and Osiris..all the gods to come together to pull this off.'

call the police Laffin-Chim..show dem this. tell dem 'he mad'... but be careful that you doh get lock up fus' people are seeing more truth these days and might believe me before you. and west indian idiots are no longer lovable idiots as the human behavior all along is finally coming home to roost...west indians and their corruptions are now a known nasty quantity

blowing up things? naaah.! not me! I looking fuh one last pum pum to hole-up with as the stone slams home, ketchin' me on a deep down-stroke ready to explode myself

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27 Nov 2018 03:42 #367006 by mapoui

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27 Nov 2018 03:46 #367007 by mapoui
you see...it's not me! I did not do it..its dem, and allyuh .:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
:lol: :lol: :lol:
:lol: :lol:


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27 Nov 2018 10:15 #367015 by ketchim
Chin call police ?
bro, Chin friken de poaleece since he was released from Jail.

Trini seh he nevah going back inside deh !

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27 Nov 2018 11:22 #367024 by mapoui
Chin is a he?
I thought chin was socafighter also?

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27 Nov 2018 11:24 - 27 Nov 2018 11:28 #367025 by ketchim
Yes it is a he and yes socafighter is anodda handle
sgtdjones is the current one over at sissy !

He writes and uses female expressions...that is why we all think is a girl writer !
must be the buggering in Jail ....hahahaha :woohoo:
Last edit: 27 Nov 2018 11:28 by ketchim.

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27 Nov 2018 11:44 #367029 by mapoui
good you can see dem all regardless of disguise. I cant! I doh even pay attention

eff Laffin Chinny Chin Chin. I use him as reason to chat all over the place..di'ze all

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28 Nov 2018 07:24 #367053 by mapoui
anyhow laffin-chin..I have lived in Canada for 47 years. I went to college and University here.

at these schools I was sincerely radical, openly so! all knew me and who and how I stopped.. my from teachers to other students. I was the same way in Trinidad up to the time I left.

I wrote all kinds of radical papers, essays. I talked the same way. and I am not insane and I have ability. all knew that I am capable..they saw what I did and said and its level of capability.

based on all that don't you think the police and all who should took the time to scope me out. to know who I am and what I am capable of. if the authorities here in Ontario Canada thought I was a danger to society in any extreme way they would not wait for your phone call

that is what the authorities do all the time..check EVERYBODY out. there is prolly no phone call I have ever made, no porno film I ever looked at, no essay I have ever written that got into public area..nothing at all about me they do not know. and indeed about everybody else in the society

I know that and I never, ever put any limits on myself relative to what I am in life what I like and do. what is the point. no one can hide! too late fuh dat. so I am me 100% of the time. and they would know that.

I have no criminal record..me. I don't drink and frequent night clubs. I never drank to any extent. I have a family and I took care of it to the best of my ability. I am a known quantity to those who really know. and they have left me in peace. I never get pulled over by the cops..period! no police or any one trouble me. I live and go about my business.

my plan was to get involved in open radical political activity. then I cam to understand ontario where I live and the black people here and gave that up. then as my understanding of society grew I came to see where the exploitation came from, its social control including the popular mind..which gave me a sense of the stage we are at, and its organizational structure.

when you know where the exploitation comes from you see the political parties as such a source, all bureaucracies, all power minorities, the rich, the military/police...
everything must have food to survive, sustenance to go on...they mind assiduously where their sustenance comes from.

the bureaucracies need taxes on the people given to them to survive. they do not work in productive ways..ways that produces what they eat and wear, health services etc. they tax those who do in order to live. so in order for them to continue to live they have to hold the people in one place, still enough so they can be taxed on the productive work they do so the massive civil service can live.

the police help mightily in this regard because hey have the guns..and they do shoot the people if they have to, easily because the people must be obedient, go to work and pay their taxes.. if they don't the police and the civil service will have to be sent home..to do what who knows..maybe look for some land to plan gyarden in the summer to help out. hahahaha.

the political party is the same way. they need contributions from the people to exist. the rich knows this so they bought out the parties. and as a result of that way of politics all the fraudsters join up the parties for the express purpose of sucking at the money the rich tosses at them. as a result politics have become totally corrupt. there is not an honest politician anywhere..because the mode of that activity is corruption.

so as a radical you don't looking for power in the hands of the people you come to see all where the danger is..what spawns it, how it works. and you see the people in the society and how they react to it. and when you do you would realize the kind of politics required for the possibility of social change.

nothing can change that reality I just described until it fails on its own irrevocably. that is a system, systematic in which all levels work to keep it going..school and education, the content of popular entertainment, books you read, the judicial system..all work to prepare the people to accept such a way of live that exploits them..us mercilessly..that turn people against each other, race against race, class against class, women against me..divides-up society something awful to keep people focused in limited perspective on life as a whole. to keep them stupid all the better to control them

that way..systematic way of exploitation has been very successful. only its total failure would turn the people against it and make them look for an alternative..which is today, right now. but yet the system stays in place.

but I came to understand all I had said that made political activism pointless..at least for me and my outlook. for there to be social peace and progress there must be no exploitation..and exploitation flows from the structure of society itself, how we organize work and who gets the most benefit. they come back and establish a slavery to keep things the way it has come to be, in order to ensure their own wealth and power.

and if the people cant see it..or see it and don't care because they have a lil bit thee world and those people dont have it any good because they are nig nogs..not because we go there and steal their goods, enslave them and make them work for free so that we can have what we have..but because of their skin color... there is nothing you can do

so you live your life and get out of the way if the stage is not for you. you may talk, converse, write etc. but nothing more is possible on the day. if it collapses in your time you know what to do, what to call for. you point out all I have just described and more, explain where the exploitation comes from hence why you need the popular democracy, a full participatory process..because it is in the interest of the people only, to build a society in which there are no minority power sources who will take over and establish a dictatorship on the people

so the people must eliminate politics that require political parties..for they are a source of minority social control. the civil service is killed with such work as that services does is diffused into the communities. the fact with that is what the civil service does can be met often by solving existing problems that are now not solved for obvious reasons. the peoples health is one such glaring problem.

bad health begins with bad food. the whole way of eating has to be change from the field to the table. fats food must go..industrial food must go. ideally a food mission would be to locate food production around the communities that eat the food..local. lost of wasteful industrial organization would be eliminated, pollution etc..and of course the bad food. and employment will change quality from all those wasteful polluting industrial jobs to community centred work in meeting the needs of life. and the peoples health would improve immediately

but health involves more..the whole re-organization of the life, the work humans do..what we eat, how we eat it, when, how much..the work day, the school day, the content of the school work and its focus..to an end result where even pharma is changed, eliminated and resulting production of health means passes to worker co-ops and the safety of popular ownership..not a minority fighting to maintain social control and so literally poisoning the people to keep off balance in the health department all the better to control them

the discovery is that humanity lives wrong, totally and it results in all the problems we have. to change it we must bring life into line with nature, to live by natures rules and not by rules developed and imposed by exploiters...

and health also involves mental health...the human being, life itself is an integrated whole, any part of which if ill the whole is off balance. the life must be positive, in tune with the needs of all for there to be human emotional fitness..human sanity. ...

so if we are not living that way we are living wrong and society is bound to collapse. and when it does there would be an opportunity to start fresh and right on all we have learned in the interim. but at this stage we have developed some truly horrific dangers, challenges to the continuation of human life on planet earth..indeed to all life that exists...

so Laffin-Idiot Chin..deal with that if you have the ability to do so. arseholes like you really piss mih off. you so freaking stupid, mentally incompetent you don't even know what your real interest in life are.

with all of this here we only just begin...there is so much more but that is the nature and quality of it. everybody can understand..indeed already know and understand a lot but they have chosen to go along and be corrupt in this corrupt and suicidal way of life. the process is killing humanity but it has not collapsed as yet..at least sufficient to allow for the people to move and start change things

when they do it would be my time if I am still alive. in the meantime I have some revenge to prepare.


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