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Black Rum Cake At Buckingham Fuh Criss'mus. The Queen Drunk!

15 Nov 2018 22:24 - 16 Nov 2018 11:20 #366815 by mapoui

Googley wrote:

ketchim wrote: Mapoui would be good for Guyana ?
we got Trinis since late 60s post Independence !

He can be a personal advisor to Granger! :lol:

piss on Guyana... in all seriousness.

I remember the Guyanan cricketers with all pleasure. they were the very best. and I had a soft spot for Cheddi Jagan as a decent politician and human being. similarly for dr Clive Thomas and Walter Rodney

but I doh know no other Guyanans who made sense publicly. and the few Guyanans I came to know personally were idiots

I am pissed that's what. you have to stop minding my business you know. I don't even know what your name is and I don't want to..honestly. I will not meet with you because you are west indian and that is bound to add to the store of gossip about me out there

so we will never meet l know you know my name my whole friggin life. that is why I refer to you as my biographer

do you know that apart from these pages i don't even speak to west indians anymore..you dont? well let me tell you then!

I have no intent whatever of going back to the west indies , least of all Guyana....or having any dam thing to do with west indians, the most jackarse of peoples. it does not matter what that is the case

I like to talk and this board is handy..and I can run ideas across you guys that may help allyuh. I really don't see there is a human future in capitalism, so the life of the species is involved here so I run the ideas. all is at stake!

otherwise I don't give a shit. if times were normal I would not even bother

look at the west indies....see what is representative of them..the west indian people: Cricket and its administration.

just look at the administration of cricket west indians have built up :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: .

that is the worst, most incredible, incredibly destructive construction anyone can do to their society..what Cameron has built up in the cricket...CWI

look at how it works..its cumulative effect is to destroy the quality of the west indian game, to enslave it to a parasitic bureaucracy and to drive all individual initiative out of the game.

independence of spirit, initiative and creativity, dominance as players, of strength and determination who cannot be defeated until the last ball..all these things go together with the fighters..the fighting spirit that wont allow itself to be ripped off by any bureaucracy

so the bureau to establish its dominance drove such players away from the game killing the quality of west indies cricket forever if the bureaucracy lasts that long.

the white world long wanted to destroy west indies cricket. that is exactly what west indians themselves have done for the profit of a white-collar bureaucracy who can't play cricket at all, but as administrators now profit from the game more than those who actually play the game in the region

Cameron and the CWI bureaucracy are perfect west indians, the perfect products of colonialism and west indian education and economic reality. this is what the west indies really is..what the CWI is. this is the way the west indian people are..a negative, undemocratic of spirit and purpose, a people busily involved in cutting off their own feet so they cant walk in the world

I know this..better than all ah allyuh here. I don't know why I stuck around so long but I hate the west indies. I have only contempt for the west indian people. the feeling is mutual I know but just as long as they know that I hate deh nasty. stupid, corrupt skunts the same way, is fine by me.

we produced some great ones from the west indies..all who had to leave the region to realize their worth as humans. but the great ones are the exceptions who prove the rule of a generally crappy west indian people.

it took me many years to get to the bottom of it all..my part in the mix and all was as a result of being part of that mix. but I did it and now I am relatively free

so keep Guyana fuh yuhself ketchim. you are very right and proper fuh there. I doh want it.

you mad or wat..me in Guyana!

take it gih it to all the Pakis you can bring over..full up the space with Pakistanis. the Chairman will try to match you with Hindus ..standing room only from the Guyanese mountains to the Atlantic.

bring the Hindus from the Andamans Chairman. if they have Guyana to go to they might leave the Andamanese alone, stopping that on-going Hindu genocide as we speak

and by the way..the board is Guyanese territory isnt it?
this is part of the Guyanese nation..so it qualifies as Guyana. so if ketchim dont want me in BG it applies here too on the forum. so why am I working so hard to keep this part of Guyana going?

I am working against my own best interest am I not. so I will stop working against my own interest. let ketchim save it. it is part of Guyana and he is Guyanan
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16 Nov 2018 10:41 #366816 by mapoui
ketchim shud take note: I have rejected every invitation he extended to me to meet up in Toronto. if I don't want to meet him here in Canada why wud I want to me him in Guyana?

why dont I want to meet ketchim..anywhere?

because he is west indian and has demonstrated to me that he knows my life inside out..prolly better than I know myself. which is why I refer to him as my biographer.

I do not talk to and with west indians anymore. directly I have cut out every west indian and Black person with whom I related in any way or form.

I used to go looking for west indian tradesmen when I had work to do. that did not pay so I accepted that I will be ripped off by any and all tradesmen so when I have work I reach for the nearest one or just leave the dam repairs...don't do it..let the fucking thing rot away and by a new one or none at all

you get close enough to any west indian where they can get a glimpse of your life they make stories out of it, bad and negative stories and run it all over the place. I was stunned by west indians in Canada. they are worse than back in the west indies..totally nasty minded chewing up each other in the worst way.

west indians in Toronto/Ontario stay far from each other, do not respect each other at all..are cut-throat with each other. the state of affairs between west indians is horrific, stunning ridiculous I was shock.

so that is why I did not meet with you ketchim...because I knew my name would emerge out there again refreshed with new nasty gossip and I would not take any such chance...for no other reason than there is no profit in it..nothing good would come of it,,and I would be wasting my time.

I cud easily have as good or better time..and safer time... fucking around here with my pc..or go hang with my son or daughter..or go Toronto and do something on my own by myself

I don't know you personally man..and I don't want to. maybe when the revolution comes we will all get to know each other. but I have no desire at all to relate directly to west indians anywhere at all. I cannot think of a more unproductive thing to do

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16 Nov 2018 11:10 #366817 by mapoui
let me tell you what I did for a time in my life:

I had gotten into all kinds of trouble some I was responsible for... most I wasn't. they said all kinds of things about me. I knew who did what I was blamed for but that did not help.

so what I did after a certain point is to take myself out of the equation as an actor and just observe everybody. so for about 2 years that's what I did..what I had to to survive but shut my mouth ate tons of shit and just observed.

here's the stunning part. I am watching west indians like myself, Indians, mixed west indians, Trinidadians living in relations with each other..observing the quality of relations, honesty, care and concern. and what I found was horrific!

west indians do evil to each other all the time..when they get the chance. that is a total situation, comprehensive and on-going. that is what I found. EVERYBODY DO THE WORST THINGS, ALL THE TIME..ARE TOTALLY HYPOCRITE CORRUPT AND NASTY-MINDED.

and it does not matter the race. Indians tighten up and lock out Black people in Trinidad but they cut each other internally. but all of them cheat and steal and do corruption all the time. and given that Trinidad was a society in which the ordinary people had nutten their level of corruption was and is still I imagine on the low level

here is a nice looking girl..she has a job..you try to get next to her she is hostile..why? she is doing well and all she has for you is contempt. but she is black like you she could at least be decent.

why is she hostile? she taking in front before front take she. she is phucking with a man who has money..an older man who is the one who got her the job.

in other words she is a ho' and it is she mudder who make she ah ho', by insisting to HER all she life, even since she was a chile that black man bad, is worthless and dat money is all. get the money girl..the money. black man have nutten1 PISS ON DEM!


but she not lookin' fuh dat because she was not prepared by her mother to look fuh any good in any Black man... or in herself.

in my time I don't know nobody who were prepared positively for life. the social ambient in Trinidad for ordinary Black people was the opposite. and those who had something were the most prejudiced people in the world. they were civil servants and otherwise and they kept their children inside

but regardless when one took the time to observe there are no saints at all in the nation..none, nada, period! no matter what everyone is doing something nasty all the time, even compelled to do so by the conditions of existence. and on that basis everyone was hostile to each other...condemnatory and punitive, and incalculably unforgiving, whenever anything came out about anyone or happened to anyone.

west indians are still that way...unrelentingly so.

west indians traumatize their own children horribly and wonder when they go astray. but we did our best for them. what best..beating the shit out of them at every turn, humiliating them at home and in the public, starving them, don't pay for them to go to school etc

at first I used to blame the white man and his systems of exploiting us. that indeed is the basis of things. but when you understand that and what is the necessary corrective try to get some traction for it..try to implement it! is wood fuh you..is wood for everyone like that.

there is now nothing wrong with the west indian mind in that no one prevents the west indies from doing for itself what is necessary to create a positive and booming society. but it does not happen because we are too busy selling out to the white man..the rich man. we refuse to bell him and he still walks away with the largest share of the west indian pie..because we give it to him.

we beat the shit out of each other and let the rich white man take the lion's share, and the tiger's share, and snakes share while we get the littlest share

thats the west indies..a jackarse society that keeps reproducing the jackarse about itself

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