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What Do We Make of the Midterm Election?

08 Nov 2018 14:33 #366576 by mapoui

Looking at this CNN map—https://www.cnn.com/election/2018/results/house–it seems that except for thin areas of the northeast and west coasts and hispanic and black enclaves in the southwest and south, the country overwhelmingly voted Republican.

In my opinion, flyover America voted Republican because the “deplorables” want to defend Trump. They want to defend him for two reasons. One is that he spoke to their economic plight caused by the US corporations exporting their jobs, leaving the American workforce and middle class hard-strapped. The other is that the adoption of Identity Politics by the Democratic Party has made the Democrats the party that hates white people—especially white heterosexual males who are defined as the victimizer of minorities, homosexuals, and women. It takes a really stupid white person to vote for Democrats who see white people as the problem.

Until the Clintons, the Democratic Party represented the working class. The Democrats were an offset to the Republicans who represented business. This kept things in balance. But the Democrats under the Clintons gave the OK for the Republicans to send the Democrats’ voting constituency’s jobs offshore. In exchange for selling out their constituency, the Clintons obtained Republican financing for the Democratic Party. Both parties are now run by the same Big Money.

The working class, abandoned by the Democrats, now votes Republican.

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09 Nov 2018 09:35 - 09 Nov 2018 09:41 #366581 by ketchim
Silly analysis !
the 40% is "nationalist"......
btw the Democrats WIN ....the house of representatives with like a 30 seat gain !
The Democrats majority in the lower chamber will be in a position
to block Mr Trump's legislative programme ~
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09 Nov 2018 10:34 #366587 by mapoui
Yuh callin PCR chupid? :silly: :silly: :silly:

:( :( :(

really :) :)

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09 Nov 2018 10:38 #366588 by ketchim

mapoui wrote: Yuh callin PCR chupid? :silly:

"Readers are asking for my thoughts about the midterm elections"

Guess he was asleep and had to seh sumting ?

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09 Nov 2018 11:09 #366594 by mapoui
I put up that thread fuh allyuh yes! I doh pay no attention to US election anymore from the angle of who win and who did not.

deh are all the same. Politician doh control anymore..is what the Banker say dat matters

Hillary want to be president no matter wat. all ah dem poli's are there with arms out-stretech in beggin' supplication to the money bags

I doan worry. it will soon all be toast, roasted in nuclear fiyah. Roberts is right in dt regard

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09 Nov 2018 12:26 #366596 by ketchim

mapoui wrote: , roasted in nuclear fiyah. Roberts is right in dt regard

Roberts is wrong.
I see a Civil War break out first
AFTER all these shooting RAMPAGES every other day !
all those firearms and the right to bear them will be used.

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09 Nov 2018 13:47 - 09 Nov 2018 15:12 #366600 by mapoui
look here man..in all the actual work I have done on history..european history there is nothing up front that I believe.

you see I have come to know and understand to a good extent what is going on behind the scenes..who really controls and have controlled for a very long time and what they have been doing for that time, and their level of success.

its all there and the patterns obvious if you come to know them.

the Jewish people have always been in the money, know what money does, have controlled money understand bribery and human corruption and degradation to a T..and always degrade and control humanity

some have always fought them..most succumb. those who fought them won only for a time. they were either killed or outlasted.

the Black president called white Andrew Jackson defeated them ..they outlasted him..came again when he died but did not win. Lincoln fought them, they killed him but did not succeed. they won in 1913 with Wilson the traitor.

by the time of Kennedy they were well ensconced. and Kennedy was Catholic and had the church behind him. he decided to fight them to the end and they killed him, and continue to decimate his family to this day. they will never again allow the rise of that family for there is real enmity between the catholic Kennedy, the catholic church and the Jews

currently they Jews have total control of the USA. they need war..of all kinds including civil. they need human degradation...america has never been more degraded and getting worse. after homosexual marriage, genders of all kinds there will be legal incest and marriage. just watch!

there will also be legal man/boy love and the removal of, or the reduction of age of consent to like 12.

there is nothing I see going on that has not always been going orn..only greater volume currently than in the past. there are more people, more communications means etc. those who control are doing it all.

the people are led by the nose. those who fight back for real are demonized or killed.

if you do the history you will see the patterns. there is nothing new going orn. go back to pre-1914 and see..got back to between 1918 and 1939..see those 20 years you would think its now, today, currently

so I know we are being manipulated into chaos that would allow them to put up 'skynet uncontested'. when they manage to do that we are done forever with any simile of freedom.

they are so crazy what they really want is a global war. and that we have to watch. if they manage to get their fifth column into power in Russia like they managed to insinuate Bolsanoro into Brazil, regime change Iran. etc they may get the limited world war they want

they must also manipulate China into agreement.

the Jewish bankers may get them all to do a limited war that blasts the global human population, kills about 5 billion people, smash cities everywhere..and so put together when its done a "Marshall plan" to rebuild it all by debt..using their money at interest


you wasting time looking at those things in isolation. they are part of global games going on. that is how it always was and has always been, with those guys whose activities and interests have long been global. deh have almost the whole world bribed and doing their bidding.

they are small and few so they always undermine and take over the global power and effect their global interest through that power. currently the power is the USA..the power, the police man who would buss you up if you doh do what deh tell you.

but deh don't have Putin and they don't have Jing Ping. but deh have Kudrin waiting in the Russian wings and I don't know who in the chinese wings. and I don't know who may be lined up in Iran

but that is the game they play. if the Americans get in to fighting each other its because they are being divided deliberately right now. you have to go back to Hillary Clinton and she outburst about Deplorables.

I always considered that like the opening of the american civil war to come..the one that you talking about.

that was a calculated thing as all political things are. that can be seen as a huge mistake on her part, it can only make sense were it deliberate and deliberate it was..to cause the social division in america that elected Trump over whom the Jews have total control..absolute and total control

remember that those candidates have billions of dollars and the top political talent in their campaigns. they are all totally professional and out to win..or are they?

it is best to say... whatever goal they are after, they achieve it.

there is no way any candidate is going to say what they are not told to say..and all of that it fully parsed, totally calculated for whatever aimed for purpose.

imagine a candidate calling any part of the electorate deplorable. she has to lead those people as president even if they do not vote for her. and she hopes to win them over by the next election. you cant call the electorate deplorable. no campaign manager would allow that to happen. that is not good politically under any circumstances

but she did so..openly, loudly, unmistakably and repeatedly. so she wasn't trying to win then..she was given explicit orders to behave as she did so that Trump could win..the exact winner they powers that be wanted?

now I don't know that any of that is true but I do know that strategically Hillary was wrong, and that no campaign worthy of the name would agree to any such thing..unless that was the plan all along.

that that was so simple it could never have been a part of any political campaign unless it was deliberate, intended and the damage it would do to the candidate saying it was clear and obvious

be careful man. Use your brain or you will get co-opted and end up working against your own best interest and you don't know it. the rel and only interest that is dominant in all of that process is the Banker interest. all other interests are subordinate. and if they are a real threat to the status quo they are the demonized part..the more demonized the greater the danger they are to the state of things.

they will be destroyed at some point..unless they develop the means to stay alive, like the NOI - nation of Islam. in the world like Iran they have to be ready fuh war as they may be attacked at any time. they have no been attacked yet because of China and Russia behind them. and they likely have a great deal of good weaponry that can deal the Jewish state and the USA real damage

you have to protect your mind or deh will tief it. you have to know who you are and what your interest in the world is and make that the basis of your mind, your intellectual functioning and general activity.

I never had a problem with that..is natural with me. I knew I was black, had no problem with it....and from the start what my interest in the world was and is. I also understood that to compromise that was and is a dead loss..that there was and is no way to win in existence save you were independent, that your independence was/is safe and you can function at all times in your own best interest..period

anything else is a loss. ordinary people of all kinds doan understand that so they get wood all the time, live for their enemy and not for themselves. they doan even know their enemy is in fact their enemy

I love the NOI for that. they have not compromised
be careful man. protect your mind
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09 Nov 2018 13:56 - 09 Nov 2018 13:59 #366601 by mapoui

it is a rip off, from the basic relation between the worker and the owner. you go to work create a sum out of which you are paid a bare minimum. you are obliged to jerry society with that by your taxes and consumption

at the same time the bakers take over your currency and use it to increase your bleeding to the max. in 2/3 generations that system skroaks the people compleletly, concentrates all the money in the bankers hands.

everything is about to fall dong because no one has any money. all have used debt to live and all are enslaved to the debts they have incurred.

it would be fine if all the world was under Banker bribes but they are not. hence the global confrontations and threat of real war...not fake way..war that can kill everyone.

the fake war they want is real to..up to a point. not all are a calculated to die in the fake wars

that is why you have to smash and start again
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10 Nov 2018 15:50 #366607 by mapoui
Here; some people appear to have opinion similar to mine


November 10, 2018

We are now before the 100th anniversary of World War I, the war that was supposed to end all wars. While honoring the 16 million who died in this conflict, we should also condemn the memory of the politicians, officials and incompetent generals who created this horrendous blood bath.

I’ve walked most of the Western Front of the Great War, visited its battlefields and haunted forts, and seen the seas of crosses marking its innumerable cemeteries.

As a former soldier and war correspondent, I’ve always considered WWI as he stupidest, most tragic and catastrophic of all modern wars.

The continuation of this conflict, World War II, killed more people and brought more destruction on civilians in firebombed cities but, at least for me, World War I holds a special horror and poignancy. This war was not only an endless nightmare for the soldiers in their pestilential trenches, it also violently ended the previous 100 years of glorious European civilization, one of mankind’s most noble achievements.

I’ve explored the killing fields of Verdun many times and feel a visceral connection to this ghastly place where up to 1,000,000 soldiers died. I have even spent the night there, listening to the sirens that wailed without relent, and watching searchlights that pierced the night, looking for the ghosts of the French and German soldiers who died here.

Verdun’s soil was so poisoned by explosives and lethal gas that to this day it produces only withered, stunted scrub and sick trees. Beneath the surface lie the shattered remains of men and a deadly harvest of unexploded shells that still kill scores of intruders each year. The spooky Ossuaire Chapel contains the bone fragments of 130,000 men, blown to bits by the millions of high explosive shells that deluged Verdun.

The town of the same name is utterly bleak, melancholy and cursed. Young French and German officers are brought here to see firsthand the horrors of war and the crime of stupid generalship.

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