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West Indian Deception...Death There Too

01 Nov 2018 08:39 #366353 by mapoui

People who were born a few months before 1967 and those born in 1981 have never experienced white political rule in Antigua or Barbuda. They have never lived under a plantocracy or know what it means not to vote or denied the right to choose which trade union to belong to. They grew up knowing the Antigua government owned all the lands in Antigua At this moment, in 2018, ours is not an “anticolonial” struggle. Our current enemy is not some alien force that has invaded Antigua and Barbuda to impose ways of living and thinking inimical to our collective aspirations. This is not the 19th century or pre-1967.

Since 1962, Caribbean people have grown up with, in the main, a black professional and political elite charged with administering the islands of the Caribbean. One could say, a reactionary Black Power, interpreted as blacks replacing whites as ministers, managers and administrators and advisors, has been quite successful. For most people living today, their only knowledge of colonialism is what they read in books or from stories told by their great grandparents.

It, therefore, confuses a lot of Antiguans and Barbudans when they are told that they are still engaged in an “anticolonial” struggle in this the 21st century when all they see are black and brown faces in high places making a lot of mischief. They are acutely aware that the “anticolonial” banner is a ruse specifically intended to obfuscate the real agents responsible for their social problems.

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02 Nov 2018 04:57 #366401 by mapoui
the west indian elites are truly tears bwoy......

I remember the edcuation I had growing up there. Sparrow sang about that education bwoy, he panned it, disparaged it for the racist, dumbing down crap it was...AND STILL IS 50 PLUS EARS LATER

black scholars of the west indies itself, From Africa the USA and the Uk have done magnificent work over the last 80-90 years in the reconstruction of Black history, world history indeed and it is available, accessible.

it has been clearly established how this history can be codified and taught to the children in the west indies to correct all the damage done to us over slaver/indenture and colonialism. yet the Black west Indian elites resolutely refuse to develop and teach proper education in the west indies.

the west indian elites still allow the the western white man to teach black/indian west indian children utter, irrelevant and mentally damaging crap in our schools

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02 Nov 2018 05:03 #366402 by mapoui
that is one of the destructive and criminal things a people can do to itself..yet west indian elite black people do it easily, heartlessly and without conscience...

they have the stinking University of the west indies working with the global white criminals every day to come up with the most nasty conditioning shit educational content to dumb dong and control the west indian people

if the revolution comes to the west indie we must not forget this great crime and self-inflicted tragedy, that Black people can correct immediately... but have refused to correct for 54 years now and counting..since 1962

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