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Toronto Raptors Unmasked! And What Do We Find Behind the Mask........

30 Oct 2018 07:45 #366302 by mapoui
A team without a heart apart, from an itinerant star who did not play last night.... and wont be in Toronto but for one solitary year.

DeRozan is gone and he was the heart of the Raptors..not Lowry!. Lowry shud have been traded instead but the Spurs are not fools. the Spurs wanted the better younger DeRozan

I cud not believe the Raptors last night. there was no leader on the floor save Siakam..second year Siakam.

where was Van Vleet. I did not see him last night. he is a good strong player. Valanciunis is a hard trier, a player who is always improving his game, a credit to the Raptors.

I hope Masai does not trade him away

Serge Ibaka is finally the Ibaka I expected in Toronto..playing great basketball. but the team has no heart, no toughness and leadership at its centre. the team early in 2018 is totally dependent on Leonard emotionally.

that's not good. they will lose if Leonard is not around. the Raps must be able to win with or without Leonard.

Masai must correct that weakness in the team. there are bunch of parts he can trade- right-away to get one or two tuff, leadership types who will hold the team together regardless and play to win period, no matter who is available to play.

Kyle Lowry aint that man.


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30 Oct 2018 08:11 #366303 by mapoui
I don't like Nick Nurse as head coach. I don't think he is any good.

Nurse is certainly not as good as Dwayne Casey was but still Casey had to go. he wasn't getting over and the Raps had to move on, to try someone else.

but Nurse aint the guy. Masai has to be ready to move at a moments notice. the Raps needs another star, one who is going to be around for a while. and he has to shke up the team on the floor

for one thing I would not start Kyle Lowry anymore but Van Vleet. but I am not happy about the fact that Van Vleet seems to be always injured. the kid is good but he has to tuffen up

and a lot of the guys off the bench are not the sparks they should be. I don't like Green starting instead of Valenciunis. I don't like Green at all. Green should be trade bait..along with everybody on the bench including Anunoby

Delorn Wright ha been around a long time..3 years +

Masai should be giving guys like Wright their chance or trade/waive them for christ sakes. how the hell you draft a guy like that and have him around for years and you don't know what hes got

I don't like players like CJ Miles, Greg Monroe and Lorenzo Brown..and Denny Green as well. all these guys have been around too friggin long and have been just fringe players. to have as many as 4 of them on your team is a waste of spce.

they are supposed to bring experience and defense but they cant do more than roles for you. you have a s many as 4 roles roles to play on your team for such guys..who are Bozos really

if you have those many your team cant be very good. they all will let your down when the going gets tuff. which is why you have them..and no one else wants them

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30 Oct 2018 08:20 #366304 by mapoui
I did not take a good look at the Raptors team personnel until I saw them let down last night.

the Raps were so futile last night I got pissed and wondered why. then I dug into the team and discovered those 4 players and I realized why the team shat down the place. there are too many bums on the team

the Bucks are on the ascendancy. they are the better team. ..the new team of the east

the Bucks are young, full of young personnel on the rise, better coached than Toronto...who came through the Boston battle last season for the top spot in the east....and are ready to go all the way this year.

the Bucks are the team of the east..not the Raptors.

the Raptors will be at the end of the playoffs heap by the time the season ends with these guys...and they will get beaten out first round.

Kawhi Leonard will leave for Los Angeles, Lowry's contract will end or if there is more time he will finally be traded away. all the Bozos on the team now will disappear and Masai will start from scratch. he wont have a choice

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30 Oct 2018 09:22 #366305 by mapoui
this Raptors team is in fact a very bad team. by mid season the Raptors wont be able to beat:

and very likely Dwayne Casey's team: Detroit

Toronto may make the playoffs but will be beaten out first round

the killer with this team are those 4 older guys. 1 would have been helpful..2 would be the limit..BUT 4 OF THEM!!!!!

were I the coach of that team I would relegate those 4 players; Denny Greed, Greg Monroe, Lorenzo Brown and CJ Miles to the very edge of the bench..put a separation between them and the rest of the team and leave them there.

I would put Kyle Lowery next to them with the separation between him and them. but I would do that to be very clear that Lowery too is on his way out and not to be considered the future.

I would do that as coach because I realize right away that this team cannot win and I would start building right away for the future. and I would tell Masai that..exactly and without any salt in my mouth. I would invite him to work with me or fire me because I would not be wasting time with those waste-down guys such a huge part of my team.

then I would proceed to start Van Vleet as my starting point guard..along with Wright and Powell. those would be the guards I would play first up..bringing Lowery off the bench, while he is still in Toronto

then I would never start Denny Green at centre before Valencuinis. at best Green comes off the bench.

look man! I would even bring the west indian kid Boucher off the bench to play centre ,before I go to Denny Green and Greg Monroe

I am warning allyuh that this is a sad Raptors teams that shud soon be getting its arse cut consistently by a lot of teams. this is raptors team will play well when Kawhi Leonard plays..for the moment.

but when Leonard is absent or when teams take him out of the equation with proper defense the Raps will loose

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