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But Isn't She A man? Deh Say She is A Man!

29 Oct 2018 12:22 #366255 by mapoui
wat the impse is this. Geoorge Bush like man now? :( :( :(


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29 Oct 2018 13:31 #366278 by mapoui
and she huggin' up George Bush. oh jesus crise....rich people togedder, black and white, thick like tieves and ketchim worried about Bannon

rich people regardless of skin color have a vested interest that places dem all opposed to the peoples interest. and deh all are in it togedder

you tink Bannon doh know dat. Bannon is ah stink, nasty, low dong racist dog who would sell his soul fuh money. which is what he has done

you really think dat Bannon love ordinary white people? and calling dem to fight for their rights?

if he was doing that he would target the real exploiters of white people, those who take everything they have and feed dem genetically modified food, poisoned water to drink, medicine that kills dem and all that.

Black people doh do that to whites..so trace war makes no sens at all fuh white people. yet that is what Bannon calling dem to fight...race war dat have nutten at all to do with their best interests, that could change their reality for the better.

Phuck Bannon!!! he is a piece of shit...white trash!

and those who pay him to do their dirty work fuh dem, think of Bannon as such - trash. and when his work is done that is where they will toss him..in the trash

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