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The Football...NFL 2018 ! Sweet Indeed..Sweet Enuff Fuh Diabetes

28 Oct 2018 16:58 #366235 by mapoui
The ownership of the Tampa Bay Bucks is the major problem with that franchise. they have been behaving the same way since that team came into being and the results are the same.

the hired the right man Tony Dungy to win a super bowl but could not wait on him. he built the team then fired him and brought the Gruden guy now in Oakland for 100 million dollars. but that is as waste of money for he is an arse who will not in even in 20 years

he won the super bowl for Tampa with Dungy tram them began to behave with that team exactly as he is doing now with Oakland..smashing it while brigining in older players who are no good at all

it did not work in Tampa and he was fired soon after and th Tampa shit cycle began all over again.

the brought in the right man Lovie Smith but again had no patience. so he fired Smith and hired this current Jackass as head coach Dirk Koetter who cant even put a decent defense together.

Lovie Smith drafted a real good #1 QB in Jameis Winston who has not been allowed the time and training with a good offensive coach to develop. and Koetter has putting all the weight of winning on his inexperienced head and he cant do it all

Koetter has to keep his job but its a waste of time working for the owners of Tampa Bay Bucks. they do not know how to own a team and don't care. they want results in the way they think they shud get results and fire anyone who is not producing it.

who can keep a job in those conditions. no one thats who. Koetter will be fired soon..at latest end of season. and the Tampa cycle of shit rolls on

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28 Oct 2018 17:24 - 29 Oct 2018 07:16 #366236 by mapoui
then there is the Jax Jaguars..Googleys town..his home side

Jacksonvill's head coach Doug Marrone was hired by a black man Doug Whaley to coach the Buffalo Bills. Marrone is a decent coach but Whaley did not know that for sure that Marrone is so racist that he could barely work for Whaley himself

but its an NFL head coaching wuk and there are only 32 to go around..so Marrone took the Buffalo job.

But Whaley also gave Marrone his top draft pik, EJ Manuel - a black quarterback, and that was the straw that broke his coaching back in Buffalo.

Marrone ignored Manuel and went with an old washed up white QB. and at the end of that season resiged the Buffalo job leaving Whaley high and dry.

then the Wilson family sold the Buffalo Bills to the the Pegula family and that family fired Doug Whaley and began afresh... if one can call it fresh. the people who now run the Buffalo Bills on the field are close to Marrone...just as racist and foolish as he is.

and now Marrone..gone to Jacksonville..where there is a very decent team, in need only of a good quarterback to get over..super bowl time.

Jax for short...has one Blake Bortles as incumbent quarterback, but he is no good at all. and this fact has been known for at least 3 years. yet Bortles is the man Marrone insists, on despite the fact that Jax cannot win with Bortles. out of the question.

but everyone has been pointing that out, and that there are class QB's available but Marrone refuses to touch them.

"who are they...they are all black quarterbacks"... Robert Griffin, Tyrod Taylor, Teddy Bridgewater..who are all very good and capable of leading teams to the playoffs

so there we have a very good team that should be in the top levels of the NFL but for their racist head coach, who appears to hate Black quarterbacks.

allyuh tink it sorf
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28 Oct 2018 17:56 - 29 Oct 2018 07:24 #366237 by mapoui
then in Oakland..a team on the skids a few years ago.

the NFL whispered loudly into the ears of the son of Al Davis Jr., inheritor/owner of the Raiders from his father who had just died...."hire Reggie McKenzie, executive with the Green Bay Packers as GM" the whisper said, out in the open. and he did

Reggie McKenzie proceeded to put a solid Raider organization into place, as well as a winning team on the field. then Davis Jr began to meddle directly. as far as I know Davis Jr was responsible for Jack Del Rio as head coach, a serious mistake that lasted 3 wasted years

but the pieces of a super bowl team were in place. all should have been smooth..pick the right coach and proceed, go to a super bowl.

then it began with Khalil Mack whom Davis Jr refused to sign. then he hired Jon Gruden for 100 million, began to move the team to La Vegas..via the Rose Bowl in Los Angels

then the Gruden idiot began to smash the Raiders who were a team that was more than halfway to a super bowl. you had about 5 grade A players and you shop them all. you pile up draft picks but draft piks do not play on the field..at least not yet.

draft piks are only as valuable as the players available in any draft. if you have 5 players 25 and under who are top class you keep them. a bird in the hand....

I have never seen such lunacy ever in football.

an american public location to observe the utter insanity of america is in the NFL..that rough murderous activity they call a sport.

the NFL is a trillion dollar business activity. every franchise is worth over a billion dollars. and yet NFL management is a centre of the greatest open stupidity in the universe. just look at NFL management ad see a bunch of yahoo owners and mostly idiot management so ego-driven they cannot sit still for a minute for sensible and obvious thoughts to solidify in their heads
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28 Oct 2018 18:02 - 29 Oct 2018 07:28 #366238 by mapoui
Buffalo as well, under its new leadership as I said is the same as Marrone when it comes to race. Buffalo insists on Nathan Peterman as a QB.

big guy, very tall, Peterman is absolutely ordinary as a player. yet Buffalo got rid of Tyrod Taylor , capable quarterback but who is Black, and kept Peterman.

and Buffalo insists that they are a team, a business predicated upon winning. Interesting

how do you win with the quality of players Buffalo has collected under their new head coach?

there is little possibility of that in Buffalo anytime soon. OJ must be shaking in his jail cell
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29 Oct 2018 07:45 #366242 by mapoui
then there is Detroit!

Detriot hired Jim Caldwell old Indiana head coach, a Black man, who was way good enough to win. he had in the past with Indiana Colts.

Caldwell cut and patched whatever the front office gave him into a decent team that went to the playoffs.

Detroit needed/still needs a few pieces to win at the top levels, especially a sound, solid running game to complement very decent and consistently good quarterback, Mathew Stafford. but Detroit consistently beat up on Caldwell for supposed failures he as not responsible for

what happened in Detroit was similar to what happened in Buffalo. the family who owned the Detroit Lions suffered a loss..the Firestone Family..and the man in the family who kept an eye on the team...he had hired Caldwell. when his old wife took over she insisted for some reason that Caldwell be kept in his position. she had been told he was excellent at his job

but she did not, could not run the team and a process of undermining Caldwell was set in motion by the new management who wanted certain people in Charge..Matt Patricia who was part of the staff at the New England Patriots.

so the Lions management never gave Caldwell the players he needed to win yet he almost made the playoffs without a running game and the fired him because he did not.

Enter Matt Patricia this year and we see what he has on the field, what has been happening with the Detroit Lions. they are losing that whats..no improvement although all in that management are now on the same page. they got their man in Matt Patricia, and presumably gave him all he needed to win..and they still cant win.

the Revenge of Jim Caldwell?

No! Patricia simply cant head coach that's all. they had the right man in Jim Caldwell but they sabotaged him. good fuh them!

Seattle beat the hell out the Lions yesterday. the Seattle head coach Pete Carroll is a rale buffoon at times. but Carroll has proven time and again he knows what he is doing big time.

the Seahawks are in good coaching hands

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29 Oct 2018 08:09 - 29 Oct 2018 08:45 #366243 by mapoui
Cincinnati is a steady, consistently run team. it is owned by a family by the name of Brown who have run that team the same way for a very long time

Cincinnati is a small market team in Ohio, on a throughway you can cut through between those american states right there if you are in a mood to drive..New York, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky. you cant miss it on your way to and from Miami back to Toronto/Ontario

Recognizing that they are small market the Brown family does not try to compete with the big powerful teams. the Cincinnati Bengals accepts their place in the NFL scheme and functions as best it can.

I remember once Cincinnati did get to the Super bowl in which they were beaten by the Miami Dolphins with Bob Griese at quarterback with the star running back of that day Larry Csonka running all over them. but that was a long time ago and they have not been back since

today and for the past 12-13 years Marvin Leis a black man has been the Cincinnati head coach. Lewis took that team from the floor of the NFL and brought it into consistent playoff contention...but it never wins in the playoffs. the media is usually all over Lewis for failure to go further but not the Brown family. they wont fire him..for any reason at all

the Brown family accepts that Lewis is just about the best they can do and wont fire him. Lewis is a bird in the hand... the Brown Family know the Bengals will never be doormats of the NFL and without respect, once Lewis is in charge.

no other team can walk into Cincinnati and piss all over them as in the past with Lewis there. and often on the road Lewis will beat almost all teams in the NFL. he has done that.

the media makes a stink about how Lewis cant get past the first round of the playoffs. of course he cant, he does not ever have the players to do so.

there are no highly paid players on the Bengals. the Minnesota Vikings paid the white quarterback Cousins 90+ millions guaranteed for 3 years. there are no 3-4 players collectively on the Bengals who come close to that in salary..not even their best players

but Lewis has gotten the best out of the players he has had...has done so for 13 years now, consistently, in a very small market..no small achievement that. Marvin Lewis made the Cincinnati Bengals respectable in a very hard place and has kept them so for a very long time.

way to go Marvin. 'doan' worry man. you have achieved your 'super bowl' doan fret. "we all know the real and true quality of the job you have done for a long time now"
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29 Oct 2018 08:52 #366244 by mapoui
the Dallas Cowboys has also gone nuts!

the owner of the Cowboys insists on keeping Jason Garret as HC. Jarrett isnt the pits but he is questionable. surely better could be done.

then Jerry Jones the owner cuts Dz Bryan and goes after no replacement. so who is his QB going to throw the ball to?

then he has offensive line problems. so how is his QB, Dak Prescott, a mixed black and white man, going to have time to throw the ball?

how are his running backs going to run the ball..being stuffed all the time with no proper offensive line?

it seems that now that the Cowboys has Dak Prescott, Jerry Jones the owner has decided to strip the team of talent, and to let Prescott do it on his own and by himself>

interesting development

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29 Oct 2018 09:22 #366245 by mapoui
again in Oakland: where are the players who are going to trust Jon Gruden as a football head coach ever again?

is Gruden going to get such players in the draft, as innocent cherubs who are not going to know who he is, what he has done in the NFL and is likely to do in the future?

it is safe to sat that with the destruction of the raiders Jon Gruden has sealed his reputation as a complete arsehole in whom no player trust can be safely reposed. no player will give his best for ny team Gruden coaches so that is one reason why he will fail with Oakland again

Secondly..Jon Gruden is not smart at all..demonstrably so. it is long past the time when a leader comes in and imposes himself on the collection of anything he he has to lead. why?

always there is a whole set of differing personalities and skill who must find collective expression disciplined by the task at hand which is the 1..the one same thing they must all do. experience teaches that they must be allowed to flow, to find their way towards collectivization towards achieving the 1.

and that is the leaders job..to know by experience what he has to do and to allow it to happen not to impose. he may find that he has to impose at some point. experience would also teach him when to do so and when not to

assessment is also a crucial part of leadership..to understand and know what you have in the collection you are to lead and how to deploy them while allowing their innate natural movement to flow into the shape it takes to achieve the 1. there would be times when changes need to occur...to cut and drop some and bring in others
but it is crucial to know what you have to determine how close you are to the goal, the purpose for which you are there..to achieve the 1

and it is crucial not to piss on the work others did to make your current opportunity possible..those who built up the situation before you arrived. that is part of the reputation question that ultimately comes back to help you..or to harm you.

so Gruden has not assessed the raiders and how close they are now, brought there by those before you, those who made your opportunity possible...to achieving the goal, the 1. had Gruden done so he would have realized that Reggie McKenzie, the man he is disparaging had done a fantastic job in bad situation and that the Raiders were well on their way to achieving the 1

Jon Gruden pissed on all of that, pissed on all who preceded him, tossed like a salad, at least five world class players who formed what was a team almost ready to contend for super bowl..all on the spurious claim that he was compiling draft picks to rebuild the team.

rebuild what? the team was already almost all built! only completion was required, a few choice slots to be filled...most importantly head coaching..which is what he was brought into to provide..top class head coaching. instead he ripped the team apart an started what he calls rebuilding.

but it took Reggie McKenzie a quality executive 5 years to get the Raiders to the current level...how long again is it going to take the Raiders to get back up to speed now that McKenzie's job has been discarded?

and it all depends on the quality players in the draft ahead how Gruden's dream pans out. and it is a dream..nutten too solid about such nonsense. if the next 3 drafts do not have the quality of players the Raiders have tossed away to other teams nothing can be built of similar to what was torn down

I have been trying to make sense out of what Gruden has done..not as a life and death thing but by the simple interest of a football fan... and I cant find any sense to it at all.

oh well! they are all white, have all the brains and the power... so this must of course be way beyond my comprehension

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