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Kevin Durant Dominates as Warriors Take 3-0 Lead in NBA Finals

07 Jun 2018 12:11 #363550 by chairman
The NBA Finals are all but over after the defending champion Golden State Warriors once again overcame the Cleveland Cavaliers to take the best-of-seven series to 3-0. The Warriors earned a 110-102 victory Wednesday, led by Kevin Durant’s playoff-career high of 43 points, which helped to overcome a 13-point first-half deficit and close in on their third NBA title in four seasons. “That was amazing what [Durant] did out there tonight,” Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr told reporters. “Some of those shots, I don’t think anybody in the world can hit those but him. He was incredible.” The Cavs, who pushed the Warriors all the way with 33 points from LeBron James, now face the uphill task of becoming the first NBA team to come back from a 3-0 deficit to win a series.

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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08 Jun 2018 03:12 - 08 Jun 2018 03:21 #363557 by mapoui

LeBron is a pain in the arse.. I have watched Cavs possessions lots of them and Lebron is the killer of the participation of others in those possessions.

the guard brings up the ball..passes it, another pass..5 seconds..Lebron gets the ball..its another 15 seconds before he either drives to the basket or tries a 3. if he is blocked in all those options he passes the ball but only 3-4 more seconds remain in the possession

so the man who ends up with the ball has 3-4 seconds to do something with it. if it were me I passing the ball right back to Lebron. let him take the dam shot. what can I do with 3 seconds with the Warriors all over me

leBron effed around with the ball for at least 15 seconds trying to make something for himself..under the assumption that he has no help and must do it alone. he has effed the team.

Lebron won and NBA trophy with mostly that same team..Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love his own personal selection in a trade with Minnesota. that Smith guy was also there..the guard. James has a very big part of that old championship team right there with him.and the same coach. how in the hell all of a sudden those cant play?

he is not god..he tries and makes a mess..turn-over. Lebron dribbles around for 15 seconds with the ball because he is the only man on the team..the king, the best player in the world and there is no one else to plat with him. I don.t even know why the other guys even keep showing up.

were I Lue I would call plays with other players involved. I would bench Lebron if I had to to get the others involved. there is no team with LeBron there..only LeBron

I want to see what will happen wherever LeBron ends up next season. in Philly or LA he is going to have to play team ball

I am fed up with LeBron and this greatest player nonsense. if he is the best player in the world let him play all 5 positions by himself for 48 minutes..every game

the biggest part of the problem with this Cavs team is LeBron himself. if they played as a team and not with LeBron and 4 other guys on the court they would get better results
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