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Oh Dear! LeBron Wins Again

28 May 2018 06:06 #363346 by mapoui
Eastern Basketball is the pits this year..a lousy something filled with very bad teams, manipulated by a corrupt NBA to get LeBron into the finals so they could spin to their hearts content

from the minute the NBA stole the Indiana Paces win over the Cavs I have had only contempt for LeBron. he is glorying in the utter thievery of the NBA. the referees wont let any other player touch LeBron without a whistle, a foul.

I saw way too often opposition simply stand around and let LeBron run the court knowing that if they touched him they would be called for a foul.

LeBron wins with this team which is such a lousy team I shake my head..Hill, Clarkson, Nance Jr. Kevin Love, J R Smith are all lousy players, crappy players, awful players, which means they will be swept by any of the 2 remaining western teams ..if they are healthy

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28 May 2018 06:29 #363347 by mapoui
and NBA hype is so huge and ridiculous spinning lies, huge lies, that it is now a contagion that is going to take us all over a cliff

the Boston coach Brad Stevens is one such lie. I watched that game last night to the point that began with Boston leading by 7 points...45/37. at which stage Boston began running up and down the floor taking low % shots..lots of the..and missing.

at the same time they kept the Cavs from scoring while they missed about 4-5 times so the scoring in the game became utterly stagnant. then the Cavs began to score. Boston refused to score taking really ridiculous shot, put themselves into a static blight

I kept asking..'why doesn't Stevens call a time-out, settle his team, tell them to stop taking those low % shots and actually work out shots for them to take that has every chance of going into the basket?

he never did. he let the insanity go on. and if we think this is a one time mistake it isnt. Stevens does that all the time. that lack of tactical skill has been responsible for a lot of Boston losses. it was responsible for the Boston loss last night. Boston lost the game right at that point.

Boston became wild and without discipline. the Cavs finally began to score as Boston would not cleared off the Boston lead and took off..never to be caught again. and I knew Boston would;lose because of Stevens tactical backwardness. so I tuned out, did other things then went to bed.

I found out a while ago that the Cavs had indeed won. so the dual possibilities popped...did Stevens throw the game..or is he really that stupid?

anyway the media has built up Brad Stevens to be a super genius of a coach but he is really an arsehole of a coach, a true incompetent who will be exposed in time. either that or he learns and becomes better

the media truly corrupts the fan base with all their spinning nonsense. and the game on the court is a horrific mess because of the propaganda...which hides one simple major fact about the NBA...the season is TOO LONG

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28 May 2018 06:42 #363349 by mapoui
the basketball season is way too long...too long, too long, tool long, too long, too long..............

the length of the basketball season must take a horrific physical toll on the players. it caught up with the NBA this season. most of the top players have been injured..are injured right now so the playoffs have been watered down

Houston has been a better team than GSW but if Chris Paul does not play tonight they will likely lose to the Warriors. but the Warriors too are not at full strength with a key player on the sidelines..'Iggydola'

the NBA needs to cutoff at least a quarter or more of its season..20 to 30 games. 50 games are plenty for a season. it is either that or make for an increase of the size of basketball teams to 15 players ...so that teams can rest and refresh players over the 10 months of a basketball season

Imagine that eh...the basketball season is 10 months..pre-season games, 82 regular season games and then the playoffs. that's lunatic! but the players and their union allow the NBA to get away with it

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01 Jun 2018 00:33 #363406 by chairman
The truth is, the Warriors have turned into a bunch of gloating, overcelebrating, showboating frontrunners. I respect their game, not the way they react when they surge ahead.

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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