West Indies Cricket..Lovely Caribbean Cricket!

West Indies Cricket Forum, operating as Cricketwindies.com, is the website of Windies Cricket Fans, a forum community  which has served the West indian and Caribbean community in the world wide diaspora since march 4, 2008.

WICF  was founded by cricket fanatic, Krishna , who came to USA from his native Berbice in 1972 and began his forum career as a member of  Guyana News and Information in 1998. He was also one of the first members of caribbeancricket forum as an avid poster and still finding time to study political science in New York and left that forum  in 2008 to start  cricketwindies.com.

Over the years, WICF has grown to become one of the world's largest and most influential cricket forums and by far the largest one serving the West indian and Caribbean community globally.

Unlike most cricket forums, the focus of our community  is primarily to provide objective news and opinions about cricket west indies and to give our readers valuable information and stories they normally would not get in the mainstream media. Cricketwindies is no different. Most of the stories we covered in WICF do not appear anywhere else, including other community forums most of which focus on back-home (Caribbean) news. That is why there is always such a demand by readers for cricketwindies.

Cricketwindies mandate has been to encourage, support, represent positively and to defend the west indies team players vigorously while appauding them  and sharing information. It has done so without fear or favour for going on 10 years.

As a result, cricketwindies has earned enormous respect within both the community and the wider society.

WICF, through its website, cricketwindies.com, continues this tradition. With its content coming from the pages of cricketwindies.com viewers can enjoy their favourite read online, including opinions from their favourite posters together with The Pitch and jukebox, the conversation tree and other features and articles.


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