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12 Dec 2018 11:35 #367476 by mapoui

I’d never paid much attention to Holocaust issues, but the supporters of my local Palo Alto Library operate a monthly book sale, and with serious nonfiction hardcovers often priced at just a quarter each, my personal library has grown by hundreds of volumes over the years, now including several of the thickest and most influential Holocaust texts. Aside from Hilberg’s classic volume, these include Nora Levin’s The Holocaust (1968), Lucy Dawidowicz’s The War Against the Jews, 1933-1945 (1975), Martin Gilbert’s The Holocaust (1985), and Daniel Goldhagen’s Hitler’s Willing Executioners (1996).

I claim absolutely no expertise in Holocaust issues, and analyzing the evidence and argumentation these voluminous works offer is entirely beyond my ability. But I decided to attempt to assess their overall credibility by exploring a few particular items, without actually bothering to read the thousands of pages of text they provided.

Consider the interesting case of Field Marshal Erhard Milch, Hermann Goering’s very powerful number-two in the German Luftwaffe. His father was certainly a Jew, and according to researchers Robert Wistrich and Louis Snyder, there is archival evidence that his mother was Jewish as well. Now is it certainly not impossible that a Third Reich supposedly dedicated with grim fanaticism to the extermination of each and every Jew might have spent the entire war with a full- or half-Jew near the absolute top of its military hierarchy, but surely that puzzling anomaly would warrant careful explanation, and Milch’s apparent Jewish background was certainly known during the Nuremberg Trials.

Yet when I carefully consulted the very comprehensive indexes of those five books, totaling over 3,500 pages, there is virtually no discussion of Milch, except a few very brief mentions of his name in connection with various military operations. Either the authors were unaware of Milch’s Jewish background, or perhaps they hoped to keep that fact away from their readers lest it cause “confusion.” Neither of these possibilities enhances the trust we should place in their research skills or their scholarly objectivity.

Indeed, the fascinating and widely-praised 2002 book Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers by Bryan Mark Rigg notes that aside from Milch, Hitler’s military contained over a dozen half-Jewish generals and admirals and another dozen quarter-Jews of that same high rank, plus a total of roughly 150,000 additional half- or quarter-Jewish soldiers, with a large fraction of these being officers. All of these individuals would have had some fully-Jewish parents or grand-parents, which seems decidedly odd behavior for a regime supposedly so focused on the total eradication of the Jewish race.

Another obvious matter casts further doubt upon the historical quality of those five immensely thick volumes of standard Holocaust narrative, which together occupy nearly a linear foot on my bookshelves. For prosecutors of any crime, establishing a plausible motive is certainly an important goal, and in the case of the Jewish Holocaust, these authors would seem to have an easy task at hand. Hitler and his German colleagues had always claimed that the Jews overwhelmingly dominated Bolshevik Communism, and much of their struggle against the former was in order to prevent further bloody deeds of the latter. So surely devoting an early chapter or so to describing this central Nazi doctrine would provide an airtight explanation of what drove the Nazis to their fiendish slaughters, rendering fully explicable the horrifying events that would occupy the remainder of their text.

Yet oddly enough, an examination of their indexes for “Bolsheviks,” “Communism,” and all variants reveals almost no discussion of this important issue. Goldhagen’s 1996 book provides just a couple of short sentences spread across his 600 pages, and the other works seem to contain virtually nothing at all. Since all of these Holocaust books almost totally avoid Hitler’s self-declared motive for his anti-Jewish actions, they are forced to desperately search for alternative explanations, seeking clues buried deep within the German past or turning to psychanalytical speculations or perhaps deciding that what they describe as the greatest massacre in all human history was undertaken out of sheer Nazi wickedness.

The obvious reason for this glaring omission is that the authors are constructing a morality-play in which the Jews must be portrayed as absolutely blameless victims, and even hinting at their role in the numerous Communist atrocities that long preceded the rise of the Third Reich might cause readers to consider both sides of the issue. When purported historians go to absurd lengths to hide such glaring facts, they unmask themselves as propagandists, and we must be very cautious about trusting their reliability and candor in all other matters, whether great or small.

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12 Dec 2018 11:36 #367477 by mapoui

oday 07:45 - Today 07:52 #367472

Indeed, the issue of Communism raises a far larger matter, one having rather touchy implications. Sometimes two simple compounds are separately inert, but when combined together may possess tremendous explosive force. From my introductory history classes and readings in high school, certain things had always seemed glaringly obvious to me even if the conclusions remained unmentionable, and I once assumed they were just as apparent to most others as well. But over the years I have begun to wonder whether perhaps this might not be correct.

Back in those late Cold War days, the death toll of innocent civilians from the Bolshevik Revolution and the first two decades of the Soviet Regime was generally reckoned at running well into the tens of millions when we include the casualties of the Russian Civil War, the government-induced famines, the Gulag, and the executions. I’ve heard that these numbers have been substantially revised downwards to perhaps as little as twenty million or so, but no matter. Although determined Soviet apologists may dispute such very large figures, they have always been part of the standard narrative history taught within the West.

Meanwhile, all historians know perfectly well that the Bolshevik leaders were overwhelmingly Jewish, with three of the five revolutionaries Lenin named as his plausible successors coming from that background. Although only around 4% of Russia’s population was Jewish, a few years ago Vladimir Putin stated that Jews constituted perhaps 80-85% of the early Soviet government, an estimate fully consistent with the contemporaneous claims of Winston Churchill, Times of London correspondent Robert Wilton, and the officers of American Military Intelligence. Recent books by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Yuri Slezkine, and others have all painted a very similar picture. And prior to World War II, Jews remained enormously over-represented in the Communist leadership, especially dominating the Gulag administration and the top ranks of the dreaded NKVD.

Both of these simple facts have been widely accepted in America throughout my entire lifetime. But combine them together with the relatively tiny size of worldwide Jewry, around 16 million prior to World War II, and the inescapable conclusion is that in per capita terms Jews were the greatest mass-murderers of the twentieth century, holding that unfortunate distinction by an enormous margin and with no other nationality coming even remotely close. And yet, by the astonishing alchemy of Hollywood, the greatest killers of the last one hundred years have somehow been transmuted into being seen as the greatest victims, a transformation so seemingly implausible that future generations will surely be left gasping in awe.

Today’s American Neocons are just as heavily Jewish as were the Bolsheviks of a hundred years ago, and they have greatly benefited from the political immunity provided by this totally bizarre inversion of historical reality. Partly as a consequence of their media-fabricated victimhood status, they have managed to seize control over much of our political system, especially our foreign policy, and have spent the last few years doing their utmost to foment an absolutely insane war with nuclear-armed Russia. If they do manage to achieve that unfortunate goal, they will surely outdo the very impressive human body-count racked up by their ethnic ancestors, perhaps even by an order-of-magnitude or more .

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12 Dec 2018 11:36 #367478 by mapoui
I have highlighted those portions because I think the Jewish attitude captured their is crucial for the world to understand..even more so as Ebola is emerging as a major killer in Africa at the moment

there are many diseases engineered and held in arsenals controlled by western military all of which are under Jewish control. these diseases/germ warfare were created for one purpose and one only ..massive population reduction on a global scale

why would the Neo Cons foment a war that might consume the entire planet and all of humanity?

one must consider the equation fully. the Jews dominate the world by stealth of hand and absolute criminality developed over centuries. as is becoming clearer by the day every human catastrophe over the longest while have been manufacture by the Jewish money men in the history of humanity...

all the major wars were conceived of and manipulated into being so that the Bankers could finance both sides, secure major destruction and to rebuild on debt financing held by these same Bankers

then from the printing press which was stolen from its inventor and used for Jewish purposes we have had the major falsification of history for for almost a thousand years.

Just about everything we have been taught, the total content of the major foundation books of western society are totally false starting with the bible. the bible begins with Abraham and Moses etc none of whom ever existed.

historically there were no Jews in what is now referred to as Palestine during the time of these alleged events. no Jew existed in any form either as white europeans or Black/Mixed Africans...

all of his is to indicate the huge, vast, total blood-thirsty criminality of Jews over the centuries. the people we know as Jews currently have existed seemingly from day one in 100% attack mode on the rest of humanity..in such attack mode apparently, on Nature itself

given their history on planet earth the Jews cannot afford to love their power over humanity. the Jews must be called to account for their crimes.

there is no precedent in all of human history for Jewish behavior save Jewish behavior itself. no other human group is even nearly comparable to what the Jews have done, continue to do and in seeking at this moment the utter destruction of humanity in a war between Russian and the USA.

Capitalism..debt based capitalism is the means by which the Jews have captured control of the world at this point. they have bribed and corrupted systematically the world. there is not a politician anywhere in the world who does not answer to Jewish command by the briber and by fear of assassination if they refuses..or USA military invasion of their country to ensure they obey the economic dictates of the Jews.

but capitalism is in trouble currently..from which it may not escape this time. and if Capitalism dies so does Jewish global power..hence Jewish urgency in the world..their unrelenting and total, all out effort to cause a third world war. they must achieve at all cost global catastrophe of a magnitude never before achieved, that they must remain basically unscathed by that event, so that they may control whatever remains..to rebuild it then totally in their own image and likeness, never ever again to revolt and be a threat to their control and exploitation

that is what is afoot currently, has been afoot all along, gaining in its urgency as the Jews get more and more desperate as capitalism fails, as western military power to dictate to the world dies. the Jews must get their war before that happens, they must get chaos and massive population reduction.

and they will likely let the diseases go if they do not get their hot destructive war. and as we see Ebola increasing in incidence bursting former limits and margins spreading vigorously we can take it that they are getting serious, even more neurotic, degenerate and insane

the world ahead will be full of Jewish inspired danger for humanity. and such danger and global tribulation will not end until all Jewish power on planet earth evaporates. the Jewish people must have no power at all to affect the evolution of human life beyond normal existence making a living as ordinary people in life, developing along the lines humans discover as we go is the best way to live and to ensure continued existence

human society however organized must be focused for as long as it takes on the utter, complete and comprehensive neutralization of the horrific Jewish potential to rise up and control humanity to drive humanity to extinction.

that is where humanity is as we speak..at a point of Jewish derived extinction we can avoid only by eliminating Jewish power, resolving human divisions peacefully and proceeding into a positive future

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12 Dec 2018 14:25 #367479 by mapoui

Senior Israeli Lawmaker Calls for Killing All Palestinians, “Because they are just Nazis Anyhow”

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12 Dec 2018 16:03 #367485 by mapoui

Experts still have no idea what's causing children across the country to lose the ability to move their arms, legs, face, heck, or back - around a week after patients are diagnosed with a fever and respiratory illness. The rare disease which starts off like the common cold affects the nervous system, "specifically the area of the spinal cord called gray matter, which causes the muscles and reflexes in the body to become weak," according to the CDC.

Around half of the children diagnosed were admitted to hospital intensive care units - with many requiring breathing machines. Officials also have no idea why some children recover from the illness, while others are left paralized

Traced back to 2012, the mystery illness known as Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) has struck 158 people across 36 states this year, while 311 reports are still being evaluated. Texas has had the most cases at 21, while Colorado came in second at 15.

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12 Dec 2018 16:53 #367494 by ketchim

mapoui wrote: Senior Israeli Lawmaker Calls for Killing All Palestinians, “Because they are just Nazis Anyhow”

AND you practice APARTHEID and Murder of Palestinians
am sure the body count is roughly same after all these decades of ruin !

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