West indies played well

21 Mar 2022 08:09 #395659 by chairman
Its tiresome to see people lament that Windies does not approach their games positively. The simple fact is what the onlooker deems positive is not usually what the circumstances make possible or what those on the field are able to do. The players have to play within their limits (and even the best is limited) and according to the circumstance sin which they find themselves; circumstances determined by the environment and the opposition. For example England could go after quick runs in the second innings because they had nothing to lose and all to gain while they also had batters who could do so. Windies had everything to lose and nothing to gain by attempting quick runs especially given that they did not have the batters to do so and the team is now finding its way towards resilience and staying power. It' time to stop the criticism for criticism sake and give the boys a break with hope that this is not a flash in the pan but the start of a new attitude. God knows we've seen far too many flash in the pans.

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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21 Mar 2022 09:31 #395661 by ketchim
Yeah but ODI style batting is a West Indian approach !

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