Eddy Grant says it’s time to demand reparations

11 Jun 2020 08:21 #382421 by chairman
Guyanese singing star, Eddy Grant, has added his voice to the ongoing protests over the killing of an African-American man by a cop in the United States but says that while black lives have always mattered, it has only become fashionable because white people can now hang their own personal grouses alongside black people who have genuine grouses.

Instead of protests Grant called for reparations which do not involve money, as no amount of money can repay for what took place. “We are partners, we did the work, so let us start there,” Grant said, adding that he has written a song about it but it has not been played as much as the many others he has written over the years.

“This world is less of a world because the white man who has engaged in African slavery refuses to deal with the matter fairly [and] equitably. We are not looking for your money we are looking for equity, fairness, what is our worked value, not money. The business of slavery included us…hand on heart we have become partners…you have refused to do the right thing to pay us for the work, for our culture, for our brains you have removed and all the children you have killed…” he argued.

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

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