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11 Nov 2018 14:57 #366620 by mapoui
Auld Lang Syne......

Doug Marrone in Jaxsonville.....A really Stupid head coach
this man Marrone is really something else. how in the hell can he stick with Bortles when absolutely no one else in football sees a quality player in Bortles.

that is one of the most stunning things I have ever seen in football: a head coach builds a very strong team and keeps as his QB the weakest of all potentials when he had any number of chances to bring in a quality player

there is ONE WEAL LINK on the Jaguars and it is the QB. and it is because the HC insists on that players who is just ordinary at best

[color=]what an incredible state of affairs.[/color]

Todd Bowles in New York with the Jets....

I don't know about Bowles but I thought when he let Teddy Bridgewater go and gave the Job to the rookie Darnold, he was buying trouble for himself. so said so done..is happening exactly.

the Rookie is not able with the job. its too early for him. I thought he would go through the season with Bridgewater, let the kid season on the bench and with spot play and give him the job next year if he developed and won it in the pre-season

now the Jets cant even score on Buffalo with the kid at QB

I really thought Bowles was smarter than the way things turned out this year with the Jets. maybe he is following his GM..doing what the GM directs him to do. but this Jets team is the shits. what they do makes little sense

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11 Nov 2018 15:24 #366621 by mapoui
Auld Lang Syne

Doug Koetter in Tampa bay

Tampa bay is a totally incompetent team...INCOMPETENT! THE LESS SAID ABOUT THAT SIDE THE BETTER

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11 Nov 2018 15:26 - 11 Nov 2018 16:48 #366622 by mapoui
At this point the team that looks unbeatable is the New Orleans Saints.

then Pittsburgh.

I don't see that the Rams are better than those 2 teams..nor Minnesota or the Chargers
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11 Nov 2018 16:52 #366623 by mapoui
I don't believe it.....is this the same Los Angeles Chargers that has been beating up on teams all season..and today cant do anything but 3 and out with Oakland?????

I mean Phillip Rivers was throwing the ball all over the place finding men in all kinds of holes and spaces. today he can find an ocean if you pointed out the directions

these teams are impse...if you can call a collection of men impse accurately

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11 Nov 2018 17:03 #366624 by mapoui
so we know things about teams

Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a very poorly coached team that cannot capitalize on anything when playing decent teams

Today they got into the Redskins red zone many times and could not score: by poor play-calling, interceptions, dropped catches

today Fitzpatrick took off running the ball in the Redskins red zone and he is a foot away from a first down...on Tampa second down and ten,

all Fitzpopatrick had to do was go down and he had the first down. instead he turned to the right and backwards to get more yards and ended up down feet away from the fist down.

( and they say Fitzpatrick as a Harvard graduate is very smart. watch Fitzpatrick play football and be immediately disabused of any such impression. )..which they missed if I remember accurately

the Buccaneers got stuffed the next play on third down and had had to try for the field goal

the Buccaneers are a wretchedly coached team. serves them right for firing Lovie Smith too soon and replacing him with this guy..Koetter

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11 Nov 2018 17:17 #366625 by mapoui
another stupid decision is playing out as it should..in Detroit with the Lions. the Lions should not be beat by the Chicago Bears....

the bears were down in the dumps, beaten up and a sour team while Detroit was up under Jim Caldwell. last year Detroit missed the playoffs by percentage points after making it the year before

the reason Detroit did not make the playoffs easy is because the front office refuses to get the Lions the completion players they need..a quality running back, a top receiver or two etc. not more than thee holes to plug.

but for some absolutely inexplicable reason the Lions never ever get a good running back. year after year that lack is pointed out but Detroit never solves it

these are the things that stun about a league that is the biggest in the USA a trillion dollar league..in which every team comes in over a billion dollars in value. the owners, bathing in money put a salary cap on themselves and don't care how it affects team construction and performance

so you have a team like Detroit never able to solve its personnel problems. and yet there are these general managers who when they get hired come in to clean house and build a team that will go down in history as the team that they built.

this is what the new manager in Detroit did..fired Caldwell when all he had to do was get him a few players to have a great chance of going to the super bowl. so he brought in his own man who has taken a winning team into the region of a 50% winner at best

but that's the team he has built the newish GM and his new coach..a team twice as bad as the team he was given

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11 Nov 2018 19:31 #366626 by mapoui
Seattle is losing this game for one reason..Pete Carroll's inability to to block out the Rams pass rush.

Donald and Suh consistently tore through the Seattle Offensive line when Wilson set back to pass..and sacked Wilson repeatedly.

why set Wilson back to pass when you cant stop the pass rush..or wont do something to disrupt those two Ram pass rushers

this is on Pete Carroll

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