Ford ending vax passport mandates in Ontario on March 1

20 Feb 2022 18:59 #395367 by Cicada

By the way since when any ayatollah declare Muslim drinking alcohol to be right?
You seem to be a spy to me...supporting identification just to go to a bar and restaurant! who you working for?

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20 Feb 2022 19:58 #395370 by Cicada


But there are some who speak the truth that must be spoken for humanity to have a chance. unlike you who speak deliberate lies to fool even your own people for what benefit that could actually compensate for the destruction of the people?

There is nothing that could possibly compensate you for helping to destroy society that benefits just a small minority of extremely rich people who have no use for you anyway. I guarantee that they are going to sweep the floor with you when they are done with you, and soon after feed you into into an incinerator

They have no use for ordinary Muslim brown Paki men, far less for a specific Uncle Tom, sell out traitor of one, working against his own people. his own social class, his own best collective interest. They would quicker keep a Muslim who fights them all the way. They would respect him more, would prefer to have his blood in their veins thinking that he would make them stronger...not you! a sell out.

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20 Feb 2022 20:02 - 21 Feb 2022 13:08 #395371 by Cicada
" Gain of function

Here a Covid analogy may be helpful.

For many years the US has been investing large sums of money in medical research called “gain of function.” Anthony Fauci, the US president’s chief medical adviser, is one of the main proponents of gain of function. Its supposed aim is to experiment on cold and flu viruses to see how they might evolve into more lethal strains so that cures can be found ahead of time, in the form of vaccines and drug treatments. (One plausible theory of how we ended up with Covid-19 is that one of these Frankenstein viruses leaked from the lab in Wuhan, where the US was funding gain-of-function research to avoid a US embargo. For more on that, see here.)

The ostensible purpose of gain of function is to pre-empt the emergence of a more deadly virus, or at least to devise ways to treat it more efficiently. (Another possible purpose, of course, is to create bio-weapons against an enemy.)

The question is: Have our elites been carrying out similar “gain of function” research on us, treating us as the equivalent of a virus that may over time become more lethal to their narrow interests of maintaining wealth and power for themselves in a system facing imminent collapse? Have they been learning from their experiments in Latin America, the former eastern bloc, and the Middle East to understand how better to control us, to curb our protest and dissent, to prevent revolution?

The answer is simple: they would be incredibly foolish or naïve, and astoundingly relaxed about their own self-preservation as a class, had they failed to do precisely this. We have had brief glimpses via the Snowden revelations of how they have been preparing for the endgame of capitalism. Western intelligence agencies have been systematically spying on their own populations."
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20 Feb 2022 20:08 #395372 by Cicada
" Splintered left

In a sense, there is nothing especially sinister or conspiratorial about any of this. As new technologies have given Western elites new tools for surveillance and monitoring of our conversations, our thoughts and moods (welcome to the Metaverse), our movements, our financial dealings, and now our bodily autonomy and health, it was inevitable that elites would turn these tools against us in preparation for the moment when their own privileges were in danger."

but you know all of this already Ketchim! You are fully aware of the game you are playing. This is to help the reader who may now know you and the game fully as yet to jump right in. Once they understand this they will come to know you and what you are up to here

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21 Feb 2022 13:10 #395375 by Cicada

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22 Feb 2022 13:08 - 22 Feb 2022 13:08 #395378 by ketchim
There is nothing to Discuss

My son in law father and my workmate Dad "

BOTH on ventilators and hospitalised !

Refused to vaccine ....and got Infected

Hope they survive : both early 60s....
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22 Mar 2022 14:43 - 22 Mar 2022 14:44 #395667 by ketchim

my workmate Dad died : 7 weeks post hospitalisation !

my son in law Dad survived and celebrate a Birthday TODAY !
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24 Mar 2022 11:36 #395673 by ketchim
Nice Guy, I really like him and family !
we argued but he refused the Vaccine
and is now dead !

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ketchim1-1 TIE after a record run chase by South Africa Game 3 on Tuesday !(26.03.2023, 13:31)(13:31)0
ketchim1st T20i : 8 a.m. W.I. vs SA(24.03.2023, 12:11)(12:11)0
ketchim# 1 ODI rank : Australia(22.03.2023, 12:44)(12:44)0
ketchimAustralia win by 21 runs vs. India : take the series 2-1and ranked # 1 ICC ODO squad !.(22.03.2023, 12:42)(12:42)0
ketchimWindies won SA by 48 runs : first in 31 years(19.03.2023, 14:15)(14:15)0
ketchim~universe unfolding as it should ~(18.03.2023, 15:04)(15:04)0
ketchimGuyana Win, Windies Win ~(18.03.2023, 15:03)(15:03)0
chRahkeem Cornwall doing what he does best

3 wickets in his first 10 overs as Barbados reach 64-4 vs Leeward Islands
(15.03.2023, 13:41)(13:41)0
chJamaica play Windward Islands in Guyana today, on a Providence pitch that is famously hard to score runs on

This will be a big test for Nkrumah Bonner, expected by selectors to score runs and get back in to the Test side for India series in July
(15.03.2023, 13:34)(13:34)0
ketchim50 to Leon as 4-day Restarts !(15.03.2023, 13:31)(13:31)0
ketchimbrainless run chase at Bourda Green(12.03.2023, 12:45)(12:45)0
ketchim*World Cup T20(12.03.2023, 12:36)(12:36)0
ketchimBangladesh thump eorld cup T20 champs, England !!(12.03.2023, 12:35)(12:35)0
ketchimSouth Africa won by 284 runs ~(11.03.2023, 12:44)(12:44)0
ketchim150* to Bavuma(10.03.2023, 10:54)(10:54)0
ketchimnot out* as well .Let's see whappen(09.03.2023, 18:31)(18:31)0
chUsman Khawaja hit a resolute century to give Australia the better of the first day of the fourth Test against India.

The opener batted all day for 104 not out from 251 balls, only the second century of a series dominated by spin.
(09.03.2023, 14:07)(14:07)0
KingstonSir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards turns 71 years old today.(07.03.2023, 13:46)(13:46)0
AlexandraQueens park oval narine 13 wickets for 98
in club cricket, motie 13 wickets for 99 in international cricket.
(06.03.2023, 18:26)(18:26)0
AlexandraCentury for Anderson!

Kevlon Anderson slams a brilliant century in the GCB Senior inter-county Four-Day tournament at Providence, against Demerara.

He is walking towards the Guyana Harpy Eagles team.

#cricnation592 #anderson #cricket
(02.03.2023, 18:47)(18:47)0
AlexandraRain brought a premature end to day one of the Guyana Cricket Board’s Senior Inter-County Four-Day game between Essequibo and the Select XI on Wednesday at the National Stadium, Providence.

(01.03.2023, 18:41)(18:41)0
ketchim1st day of March !(01.03.2023, 13:10)(13:10)0
ketchimBerbice vs Demerara !(28.02.2023, 13:46)(13:46)0
ketchimOut on 186...(24.02.2023, 19:03)(19:03)0
ketchimEngland Harry Brooks on way to DOUBLE ton(24.02.2023, 12:31)(12:31)0
WadeWarner ruled out of final two Tests due to elbow fracture(22.02.2023, 14:02)(14:02)0
ketchimHappy ASH Wednesday as the Lenten begins~(22.02.2023, 11:36)(11:36)0
RaelynTour XI thump Windies in 1st Innings !(22.02.2023, 11:34)(11:34)0
ketchim283 - 9(21.02.2023, 16:36)(16:36)0
ketchim"The day had a bit of history when the first wicket fell.
Tagenarine Chanderpaul (1) son of West Indian batting legend
Shiv Chanderpaul fell to the combination of :
Corbin Bosch and Thando Ntini,
whose father, the late Tertius Bosch and Makhaya Ntini
were also former Test cricketers."
(21.02.2023, 16:34)(16:34)0
KassandraJohnson charles was selected base on his franchise performance but Rutherford not selected.
(21.02.2023, 16:03)(16:03)0
ketchimHappy FAMILY Day ~(19.02.2023, 12:48)(12:48)0
ketchimJadeja 7Fer(19.02.2023, 12:23)(12:23)0
ketchimIndia win 2nd Test by 6 wickets ~(19.02.2023, 12:21)(12:21)0
ketchimAustralia vs. India :OZ lead by 62 runs, stumps day 2(18.02.2023, 14:44)(14:44)0
Kassandra1st Test, England 325/9, New Zealand 306 all out, Blundell 138, Conway 77. Robinson 4/54, Anderson 3/36. England 79/2.(17.02.2023, 18:50)(18:50)0
MaximilianSo finally a test opener other than Kraigg braithwaite scores a hundred. So seems like we sort out the opening pair. We need to fix the mess in the middle order now. 1st step raymon reifer cannot bat 3 period.(06.02.2023, 19:11)(19:11)0
ketchimTage 207 not out(06.02.2023, 12:39)(12:39)0
ketchimMaiden TEST Ton to Tage !!(05.02.2023, 11:40)(11:40)0
ketchimTage 55*(04.02.2023, 12:02)(12:02)0
ketchim112 without Loss : Rain ~(04.02.2023, 11:35)(11:35)0
ketchimWest Indies vs. Zimbabwe : 1st TEST(04.02.2023, 11:35)(11:35)0
ketchim371 all out Nandu 126 !(02.02.2023, 14:01)(14:01)0
PaigeFolks can criticize Thibs all they want, the fact is the Knicks are a more respectable franchise due in part to HIM. They also have built a foundation that they haven't had in years. You can be objective without resorting to hyperbole.(25.01.2023, 14:03)(14:03)0
MaliyahChefs lead 17 to 10(21.01.2023, 18:51)(18:51)0
PaigeState House attacker remanded for stabbing guard, discharging loaded firearm(19.01.2023, 15:21)(15:21)0
MaliyahDissing parents and airing dirty linen seems to be the new celebrity thingy! Is it about attention? Money? Or what?(19.01.2023, 13:30)(13:30)0
ketchimODI DOUBLE TON :Shubman Gill !(18.01.2023, 10:07)(10:07)0
Lennongutter cleaning Milwaukee(17.01.2023, 19:07)(19:07)0
PaigeGina Lollobrigida, the Italian actress dubbed “the most beautiful woman in the world” after the title of one her movies, has died in Rome at age 95. Italian news agency Lapresse reported Lollobrigida’s death on Monday.(16.01.2023, 15:02)(15:02)0
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